The NYT's Colin Moynihan is Everything Wrong With Journalism

Colin Moynihan calls himself a journalist but he behaves like an activist and he looks like an asshole - yet another one of these "hate watch" types that focuses 100% of his time ferretting out mythical Nazis while turning a blind eye to hatred from Islam, feminists, or non-white males. It's all a big affectation to these people, a silly game based on fashion. 

He's written about the Proud Boys A LOT and it's hard to imagine how he himself can't see how positively dripping with bias his writing is. Proud Boys love Trump but they are also against the drug war and are quite open about their drug use. The club includes gays and Jews and every race and tend to be totally socially liberal when it comes to things such as gay marriage. Is that "far right"? Is the person who started this club a "hatemonger"? Of course not but modern journalism is about carrying water for the alt-left. When those who don't agree with Colin Moynihan fight back they are "engaging" in a "political street fight." When antifa attacks us, they simply "countered" a "threat" with "physical force." Colin calls antifa: "black clad protestors," "self-described anti-fascists," "masked protestors," "hooded figures," everything but antifa. When he finally does get to the far left violent gang who are well known domestic terrorists, he calls them, "a loose affiliation of left-leaning activists." When antifa throws a glass bottle of urine, Moynihan converts it to a "plastic bottle." What a cunt.

However, you don't have to read his thinly veiled manifestos to know what a shithead he is. Just look at him. Look at his turn-of-the-century denim and his work boots. He may be a high-falutin' journalist but deep down, he's a workingman. Like Jack Nicholson's character in Five Easy Pieces Colin is just as comfortable hobnobbing with the elites as he is breaking his back on an oilrig. It's so obvious he's going for a "this machine kills fascists" Woody Guthrie thing, that it's comical. What a tired and blatantly obvious outfit. He honestly looks like a very funny person dressed like a socialist for Halloween. Oh good! He rides a bike. That's good for the environment. And it's not some fancy bike, either. It's just a regular old bicycle that you might see ride up to a factory and park before a long shift swinging a hammer.

The New York Times is filled with dickheads like this. They saw All the President's Men as a kid and decided that would be their calling. They will "Speak truth to power" while reporting the news. Of course, when you run out of Nixons and Jim Crows and separate drinking fountains, you need to expand your definition of injustice and that means turning violent extremists into "black clad protestors" and Trump supporters into "far right" "hatemongers."

The irony is, Moynihan wouldn't last ten minutes with real working class people. His writing can't hide his disdain for blue collar America. Max Hare works (sorry, "worked") on the railroads. He wore denim, not as an affectation but because work required it. He didn't wear boots to sit and sip coffee with the Sunday Times. He wore boots to swing a sledgehammer and build the tracks cunts like Moynihan use to get to their office jobs. John Kinsman is (was?) an ironworker. He built the buildings these phonies work in, tapping away at their computers and warning others of "fascism." John wore overalls and boots to work because he had to. It wasn't part of a "look."

That's why, when I see this picture, I can't help but say to myself, "Look at this cunt."



Posted 4 months ago by Gavin McInnes