This article originally appeared on June 24, 2020

Parler is squarely on the rise as an alternative to mainstream social-media platforms. Since no conservative or dissenting voices are safe on the likes of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Parler has stepped up to be the true, uncensored sounding board of the silent majority tired of Twitter hall monitors and swarms of Antifa targeted harassment campaigns flagging their posts.

The popularity of the “new kid in town” has social media moguls in full panic mode, yet the attractive promises of free speech and an open exchange of ideas from Parler have their numbers skyrocketing as people leave old platforms such as Twitter as if it were a sinking ship.

If you, too, want to join the online sensation that is Parler but don’t know where to start, we are here to help.

Here are all your favorites on Parler! You won’t find this list anywhere else. Please ECHO to spread the word to all #Patriots!

Team Trump: @TeamTrump

Eric Trump: @EricTrump

Lara Trump: @LaraleaTrump

Censored.TV: @CensoredTV

Gavin McInnes: @GavinMcInnes

Milo Yiannopoulos: @Milo

Katie Hopkins: @KTHopkins

Chadwick Moore: @Chadwick

Joe Biggs: @JoeBiggs

The Proud Boys: @TheProudBoys

Enrique Tarrio @NobleLead

Laura Loomer: @LauraLoomer

Jacob Wohl: @jacobawohl

Dan Bongino: @Dbongino

Paul Joseph Watson: @PJW

Breitbart: @BreitbartNews

Info Wars: @InfoWars

Alex Jones: @AlexJones

Roger Stone: @rogerstone

General Flynn: @GenFlynn

Michael Flynn Jr: @mflynnJR

J. Flynn: @Jflynn064

Scott Adams: @ScottAdamsSays

Carl Benjamin: @sargon


Antoine Tucker: @Montaga

Matt Gaetz: @MattGaetz2

The Hodge Twins: @Hodgetwins

Women for Trump: @womenfortrump

Dinesh D’Souza: @DineshDSouza

Jesse Kelly: @JesseKellyDC

Mchooyah: @Mchooyah

Buck Sexton: @Bucksexton

John W. Huber: @JohnWHuber

Tommy Robinson: @TommyRobinson

Kurt Schlichter: @KurtSchlichter

Rita Panahi: @RitaPanahi

Joel Fisher: @JoelFischer

Cassandra Fairbanks: @Cassandra

IntheMatrix: @IntheMatrixxx

Tim Young: @TimRunsHisMouth

Adam Baldwin: @AdamBaldwin

Sean Parnell: @SeanParnellUSA

Sean M. Day: @seanmdav

Jenna Jameson: @JennaJameson

Raheem Kassam: @Raheem

Juanita Broaddrick: @Atensnut

Curt Schilling: @gehrig38

Garbage Human: @GarbageHumanParler

Ian Miles Cheong: @stillgray

Owen Benjamin: @OwenBenjamin

Travis Tritt: @TravisTritt

Aubrey Huff: @AubreyHuff

Hub Life: @HubLife

Jordan Rachel: @jordanrachel


Rudolph Giuliani: @RudyG

Rand Paul: @Randpaul

Dan Scavino: @DanScavino45

Devin Nunes: @Devinnunes

Dana Loesch: @DanaLoesch

Mike Cernovich: @Cernovich

James O’Keefe: @JamesOKeefeIII

Project Veritas: @projectveritas

Daily Caller: @dailycaller

Sara Carter: @SaraCarterOfficial

Jenna Ellis: @JennaEllisEsq

Mark Levin: @Marklevinshow

Mark Lutchman: @Marklutchman

Candace Owens: @Candace

David Harris Jr.: @David


Matt Schlapp: @Mschlapp

Charlie Kirk: @Charlie

Katrina Pierson: @Katrina

Mad Liberals: @MadLiberals

Carpe Donktum: @carpedonktum

Solmemes: @Solmemes

David Clarke: @SheriffClarke

Jack Posobiec: @Posobiec

Brad Parscale: @parscale

Matt Wolking: @MattWolking

GrrrGraphics Cartoons: @GrrrGraphics

A.F. Branco: @afbranco

Mike Huckabee: @MikeHuckabee


Kristy Swanson: @KristySwanson

Judicial Watch: @JudicialWatch

Tom Fitton: @TomFitton

Ashley St. Clair: @Ashleystclair

Tomi Lahren: @tomiIahren

Peter Sweden: @PeterSweden

Dave Hayes: @DaveHayes

Students for Trump @StudentsForTrump

Eric Bolling: @EricBolling

Liz Wheeler: @LizWheeler

Oliver McGee: @OliverMcGee

Brandon Straka: @BrandonStraka

Pam Geller: @gellerreport

Liberty Hangout: @LibertyHangout

Dean Cain: @Deancain

CJ Pearson: @thecjpearson

Sidney Powell: @SidneyPowell

Kaya Jones: @KayaJones

Greg Gutfeld: @greggutfeld

CC: @ChatByCC


WWG1WGA: @qanonymous

Ryan Fournier: @RyanAFournier

Scott Presler: @scottpresler

Scott Baio: @ScottBaio

DC Draino: @Dcdraino

…Mysteriously absent from this list is President
Donald J. Trump.


9 thoughts on “A Complete Guide On How To Find Your Favorite People On Parler

  1. I’m new to parler and I clicked on follow on a few people on my windows 10 pc.. My problem is I can’t find them from the home page. It’s driving me crazy. I’m 75 years old and have never had a twitter or facebook account.

    Is this something with which you can help?

    Thanks in advance for your time, Mike McCardle

  2. If you can locate their name, you can click on it, then “follow” on their page, my problem is locating some of them. I am going to check on Ehow, and see how to include people I can’t find.

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