Art is over and so is reverse rape

Dear Censored,

This is a serious post, from a world famous art institution 😂 Clown Pill 1000 mg

Dear Censored,

Here’s an evergreen of a song, Rancid did it better.

Also, a great idea for the live show would be a lightning round.
Callers could ask Ryan to perform impressions using topical subject matter.

For instance, “Ryan, do Jesse Ventura promoting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.”


Dear Censored,

Milo apologies to Gavin 10:39


Dear Censored,

The best advice I took from you was to get married. I partied and whored around for almost a decade. I found a woman I Arizona, dated her for six months, and asked her to marry me. Now, we’re married, and have a baby on the way. My wife never wanted kids until she met me, but she is the happiest I’ve ever seen her with a full belly. I’ve convinced my friends to do the same. A buddy of mine dated a woman for five years, I told him to grow some balls and marry her, and he finally has. This is the best advice I can pass on to any men out there. Thanks a bunch.


Dear Censored,

I have a very simply explanation why so many people, including myself, watch Dave Portnoy’s pizza reviews, it’s because Portnoy has the sprinkles. If it was just some random person reviewing pizza it would be totally uninteresting, but because some who has the sprinkles does it, they are normally pretty entertaining. Also, even though this wasn’t on your list, I know you also don’t understand how car tires spin “without being reset”, so here is an animated gif of a crankshaft that should help you understand.

Thanks,I like you more than a friend


Dear Censored,

A few years ago you presented the argument the idea of heads or tails being binary code and how the flip of coin at infinitam would inevitably result in the existence of everything. I am paraphrasing, but that the idea that science presents is the universe is infinite and you make the case that the physically impossible planets that have characteristics that we can’t comprehend is a calling card that there is something bigger at play. People like Jordan Peterson make the case that science does not make the case for understanding our mind or consciousness as well as philosophy seems to and the Bible operates in the same way, evidence shows that if you were to destroy the Bible that you would have to destroy every book that references it because those books combined recreate the Bible in its entirety. In closing my question is, is this concept in your opinion present more qualifying factors as to God’s calling card.. that science can only work on earth and everything else is a matter of consciousness and in line with the holy spirit?


PS. Sorry the last few emails have been crap.

Dear Censored,

Jim Goad said last week’s events prove that Milo is still gay. Hopefully not, but maybe…
He looks like a gay Leisure Suit Larry… A Leisure Suit Gary?


Dear Censored,

I’m the girl that showed you the video yesterday.But you missed what i was trying to show you when i put the timemark to what i was trying to show you.I was more talking about the humanzee, which is apparently the hybrid of human and chimpanzee.The reason I said science should   have never progressed is because even though it could never exist, THERE WERE ATTEMPTS MADE TO MAKE IT EXIST.That means two things that are a affront to god.Cloning (science should have stopped at this alone) or (literally god forbid) the horizontal tango between man and animal.  Making me question in both cases, who was the human test subject and who do we kill first, them or the freaks that clearly went back in time to get away from Epstein allegations. Just ew.Screenshot in email.Love your show


Dear Censored,

Does a ton of great impersonations, his Biden/Trump are my favorites.
May be on Dunnigan level.
I think he’s mostly just on TikTok. Enjoy.

Thanks for calling,


Dear Censored,

We are constantly talking about comedians and whether or not they have the sprinkles. However, I never hear much about the old school comics… the founding fathers of comedy. I think they deserve more attention and further analysis. Were they under appreciated? Or were they actually shitty?
Anyway, here’s a 2 minute clip of Buddy Hackkett and his duck joke on Carson. I wanna say 1970’s? I enjoyed it. I hope you do as well.


Dear Censored,

Jesus your viewers that write in are dull/cringe.
How many times must we parse through shitty letters with horrible suggestions, on air?

I’m hoping this letter isn’t considered to be part of that exact problem, but the Mail Bag segment is the downfall of every episode.

If Ryan was smarter, and devoted more time to the show, perhaps he could sift through the bullshit off air. But he’s too busy playing 90’s mom hits on Instagram Live.

I accept the Job. Look forward to hearing from you about the Position of “Mail Bag Consolidation Consultant / Gender Inclusion Officer”


Dear Censored,

his should be evidence enough to not have lady cops. Could you imagine if the genders were reversed? Yeah, that would be a porno.


Dear Censored,

How CNN looks reporting on BLM/antifa riots:


Dear Censored,

I was surprised to see the video you played of that British teacher harassing Fleccas on campus and later getting owned by Michael Knowles. I worked with her in the past, she now works in the animation industry and is really well connected in the entertainment arts. I didn’t have a lot of interaction with her at work but I was in a lot of meetings with her best friends who run shows and are lead writers and let me tell you these people are sick!! I’ve been in numerous meetings where they are purposely putting gay and transexual content in Childrens programming, pre school to elementary school specifically. These are a bunch of perverted adults who are trying to get their perverted voices heard through indoctrinating children, and mind you none of these sickos have kids of their own, they’re a bunch of educated dimwits who think they are “saving the world” with their stupid cartoons. SO keep your kids away from anything being done on all the major animation networks, they are no good and their only goal now is to indoctrinate. Thanks for your time, just thought I’d pass this info down the pipeline. Love the show, you guys are the best duo on the underground networks. Please Gavin tell Ryan to get a haircut!!! Haha


Dear Censored,

One-on-one Soldier have Tug of War, Canada vs USA

Skip around and watch



-Justin D.

Dear Censored,

Please report this on the show. As many people as possible need to know what these quislings are doing.

AOC, dozens of House Dems cite ‘racial reckoning’ to OPPOSE targeting gang members for deportation | Fox News


Dear Censored,

Hang-Glider puke-fest?


Dear Censored,

I saw today’s (yesterday’s) episode about how you guys think you could beat up a kangaroo and I have to interject. An adult male kangaroo would potentially kill you in a fight. 
My uncle was in the military and back in the day the carnies would come to town. Sometimes you could pay a few bucks and box a kangaroo. You’d essentially be making a bet that you could beat the kangaroo in a boxing fight. Yes, boxing! 
Kangaroos are really good boxers and can take a punch (see the viral video of the guy punching the kangaroo and the kangaroo takes it like a champ.)
The catch back then was that the handler would put protective pads on the kangaroos back feet.  Kangaroos have a tendency to use their tails for balance and double kick their opponents. The worse part is kangaroos have sharp nails/hooves which have been known to disembowel animals including men!
Anyways, I love you guys so please don’t fight a kangaroo. It would be like fighting a young Mike Tyson who could kick you like Chuck Norris with razor blades on his shoes.Now if it was a baby kangaroo, yeah, you could probably donkey punch it into oblivion.
I like you more than a friend,

– Will

PS – Your  Cameo was super cool. My wife got one for me back in the fall before you were canceled.

Dear Censored,

Steven Sandison confesses to murdering child molester in prison

Here’s a 3 minute video of an inmate explaining why he killed his cell mate. Prison needs more criminal like Steven.



Dear Censored,

Coke bottle body or na?

This is one of the final 3 contestants on American Idol this year. Mama got them birthing hips.

Dear Censored,

I was wondering your thoughts on all of the recent Government confirmations of Extra terrestrial life. Do you think it is just to prepare us for a big information drop, OR is this going to be used as the new “War on an enemy only Big Gov can handle” ?

In the thousands of documented interactions, “ETs” have never responded with violence.  They have dodged all attacks from Us directed at them and other stoped humans from hurting humans.  I could see faked attacks. Either way, this clown world doesn’t disappoint.  Everyday is like backwards-amnesia, because you have to forget everything you ever learned to survive.

Also have you watched the movie “Ol Boy”?   Part of me wants to tell you, do not watch it.  It IS a life ruining movie.  Part of me wants to ruin someone else’s life, just to have a companion in my misery. 

On a serious note, I pray your family finds a home that reflects the effort you have put in to this country.  Where you all have good friends and feel safe.

I like you more than a friend
(that’s an understatement)


Dear Censored,


Dear Censored,

My Pet Biden – 1 Million Shots

Dear Censored,

 A video drop for when women are ordering others around. Timestamp is 1:36


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  1. Gonna be honest,

    Utterly couldn’t concentrate, or give a shit, after~> “Dear Censored,
    Here’s an Evergreen… song, Rancid did it better.”
    Is this an instant forum, or an article of things we’re not supposed to email?

    Disregard. Both are bad.

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