Police in Berlin stormed a sex party Saturday evening, dispersing some 600 attendees for their failure to comply with mask and social distancing guidelines still in place over the coronavirus pandemic.

Berlin police along with federal officers shut down the fetish party at the Alte Münze citing lockdown regulations, according to EN24.

“There were just too many for too little space,” police told reporters. According to the Berlin Infection Protection Ordinance, events in closed rooms are permitted with up to 1,000 people in compliance with the hygiene rules and bans on dancing. EN24 reports the organizer of the sex party can expect to appear in court and face proceedings.

Germany has fared well compared to other densely populated European nations hit by the coronavirus, but Sunday marked the fourth day in a row that Germany registered more than 10,000 new cases.

Frankfurt, Berlin, Düsseldorf, and Cologne also announced they will cancel or scale back Christmas markets. Germany has 2,500 Christmas markets normally, and Frankfurt usually attracts more than two million visitors.

Unrest over draconian mask mandates is rising across Europe and the United Kingdom. Also in Germany over the weekend, the Robert Koch Institute for disease control was attacked on Saturday night when “incendiary devices” and bottles were thrown at the building, causing a small fire and broken windows, according to the BBC.

This weekend protests erupted across London, with marchers chanting “shove your New World Order up your ass!” and decrying the “tyranny” of coronavirus lockdown regulations and mask mandates, reports Breitbart News.

Billed as the “Stop The New Normal March,” those demonstrations over the weekend resulted from new lockdown regulations being enforced by the British government. It was one of the largest anti-lockdown demonstrations since the nation went under the rules in March.

The new rules primarily affect Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, and also introduced a “tier system” by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in England. That system requires local regions and cities to be placed under lockdown if spikes in coronavirus cases are recorded.

At around 4 p.m., the police in London began using tactics to split the protest into separate groups and made at least 18 arrests in Trafalgar Square and on Westminster Bridge, reports Breitbart News.

“I’m so angry, all these police that are storming in, they’re going to lose their pensions. They’re supposed to be protecting us, they’re not, this is tyranny,” one demonstrator told Breitbart News.

“I cannot believe in this day and age, in this time now, more than ever we need to stand together, and if people can’t get together and get united for the cause, for their freedom, for everybody, then we’ve lost already,” she said.

“I don’t understand, if your children are not the motivation to fight for your freedom…my grandfather and my grandad did not fight in the First World War and the Second World War as snipers to not be under a fucking dictatorship, for it to happen now in 2020,” she added.

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