Ann Coulter: Voter Fraud Never Happens! (Except in These 10,000 Cases)

The media have been lying about voter fraud for 20 years.

17 states tell Supreme Court they support Texas bid to reverse Biden win

Seventeen states told the Supreme Court that they support an effort by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to sue to effectively reverse President-elect Joe Biden’s projected win in the Electoral College.

Security camera footage from Atlanta, GA allegedly shows ballots being counted overnight

It is surveillance video that shows suitcases of ballots being pulled from underneath a table, covered by a tablecloth, after the poll workers were told to go home for the night.

Elena Parent with Sen. Jennifer Jordan counting ballots in Dekalb County, Georgia?

Is this Elena Parent with Sen. Jennifer Jordan counting ballots??

CNN Report on Stop the Steal

Ali Alexander attacked by CNN for raising money. Alex Jones is only in it to sell supplements. Uh, nobody will advertise on his site and he's banned from everything. What are they supposed to do?

Illegal Money-For-Votes Raffles Conducted in Several States in 2020 Election

LaCarrie McCloud announces the names of five winners of a $50 raffle “that the Nevada Native Vote Project did today for all those voters who walked in and voted today.”

Dr. Shiva Presents Data at Arizona Hearing That Completely Obliterates Biden Victory Narrative (VIDEO)

Dr. Shiva presented his data at the Arizona hearing, showing the only way for Joe Biden to have statistically caught up with President Trump was if Democrat votes came in at 130% for Biden and -30% for Trump.

Cruz Offering to Argue Pa. Election Lawsuit Before US Supreme Court

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz says he is available and willing to give the oral argument before the U.S. Supreme Court if the court agrees to hear an election lawsuit out of Pennsylvania challenging the constitutionality of lawmakers' dramatic expansion of absentee voting.

Kraken lawyer Sidney Powell election fraud cases are thrown out in Michigan and Georgia

Detroit federal judge slams her for trying to undermine democracy and 'ignore the will of millions'

Founding Director of Democracy Institute Tells Mark Levin a Biden Victory is Statistically Implausible

Patrick Basham, who was the founding director of an organization called the Democracy Institute, explained to the show’s host Mark Levin that there are “a dozen or more of these metrics that have a 100% accuracy rate in terms of predicting the winner of the presidential election.”

Gwinnett Co. [GA] Admits Dominion Employee Took Data From Election Management System and Filtered it on Laptop — Which Is Against the Rules

He downloads data from the Election Management Server onto a USB, inserts it into the external laptop, manipulates ballot scans in the file explorer, ejects the usb, palms it, distracts the people nearby, then suspiciously walks out of the room.

US Supreme Court asked to block Biden win in Pennsylvania

Republicans attempting to undo President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania asked the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday to take up their lawsuit, three days after it was thrown out by the highest court in the battleground state.

Legitimacy of Biden Win Buried by Objective Data

Emerging information from the states render his victory less and less plausible.

Michigan Poll Watcher Says He Saw It Go Down

"I actually witnessed when 61 cases of mystery ballots showed up in the dead of night in a city elections van" in Detroit at 3:30am Election Night. "No chain of custody, 7 1/2 hours of ballots in limbo...public will be shocked at the fraud." - Shane Trejo, Michigan poll watcher

USPS Whistleblower says he did not recant

James O'Keefe: "@washingtonpost ‘s @shawnboburg and @jacobbogage have been played by the same federal agents that are on the audio coercing the whistleblower to recant. AUDIO TAPES OF COERCION TO BE RELEASED IMMINENTLY..."

Federal agents coerce USPS whistleblower Hopkins to water down story

Hopkins: “I am scaring you here...” we have Senators involved...DOJ involved...reason they called me is to try to harness.”

Georgia ballots where people ONLY voted for president lean suspiciously toward Biden

Sarah Huckabee breaks down the numbers.

Analysis of Election Night Data from All States Shows MILLIONS OF VOTES Either Switched from President Trump to Biden or Were Lost

In the post last night we also identified issues we’ve reported on in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia where similar ‘glitches’ occurred.

Six states “decided to stop counting” votes as Donald Trump was “headed for a win” on election night.

PolitiFact rates this allegation as "false," and here's why.

Reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling

"I am a pollster and I find this election to be deeply puzzling. I also think that the Trump campaign is still well within its rights to contest the tabulations."

The ’Smartest Man In The Room’ Just Joined Sidney Powell’s Team

In her Georgia complaint, Sidney Powell included the declaration of Navid Keshavarz-Nia, an expert witness who stated under oath that there was massive computer fraud in the 2020 election, all of it intended to secure a victory for Joe Biden.

The “Dominion” of Election Fraud?

…Exposing the Dominion Voting Machines.

The Definitive Case Proving Donald Trump Won the Election

Joe Biden’s Victory Was Not Legitimate. And Now We Can Prove it.

WaPo: MI GOP Official May Delay Certification Vote

Wayne County, Michigan Board of Canvassers, Monica Palmer and William C. Hartmann, discuss their terrible, harsh treatment after disputing state election protocol.

Breakdown of House Control by Party after 2020 Election

If the presidential election were to have gone to the House due to neither candidate reaching 270 electoral votes, Trump could count on 27 state delegations voting in his favor while Biden would be able to count on 20.

Michigan Mayor Left Dominion to Get Heavily Involved in Michigan Politics

Mykale Garrett, former Dominion project manager, now goes by Kelly Garrett and is the Mayor of Lathrup Village, Michigan. Conveniently left Dominion in 2019 to become involved heavily in Michigan politics having a full understanding of the machines in a swing state?

Tucker Carlson Doubles Down

On Friday night Tucker Carlson doubled down and denied there was any proof of vote switching during the 2020 presidential election.

Nick Fuentes Is Not Impressed

Calls Tucker Carlson a sellout.

Tucker Does Not Like Sidney Powell

He says he doubts she has anything but vows to show fraud if it appears.

Sidney Powell Vows to Unleash the Kraken

“You have no idea, but you will find out soon!”

2018 NY Times Video: Professor Shows Students How Easy It Is to Hack a Dominion Voting Machine

The video shows Homer Simpson using a touch screen to vote for Barack Obama, but it instantly turns into a vote for John McCain.

Recount in Georgia Shows One County Was Off by 2,500 Votes

All of Florida during Bush/Gore only differed by about 1,000 votes, and that decided the election.

White People Will Believe Anything Except Facts

Black people calls white people stupid for believing in election fraud.

Dominion Voting Machines Owned by Soros Pal

Mark Malloch Brown is Soros’s best friend.

Dominion Voting Chief is Antifa Ally

“Eric Coomer had a long history of posting on websites for skinheads.”

The Extremist at Dominion Voting Systems

The Spectator makes the case that the Dominion chief has publicly expressed sympathy for Antifa.

Dead People Cast Ballots in Michigan, Data Researcher Alleges

Did dead people put the near-dead Biden over the top?

Michigan, Wisconsin Elections Officials Refuse To Explain Sudden Biden Vote Influx

“Elections officials in Michigan and Wisconsin refused to explain Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s sudden and dramatic vote tally increase that occurred in both states…”

What’s Happening to Dominion Employees?

Kevin Jackson of The Blacksphere gives the lowdown

Intelligence update: The Great Reset vs. the Great Awakening – the grand battle taking place right now for the future of America and the free world

Someone at Natural News needs to write shorter headlines

Rudy Giuliani: The Case for Election Fraud Being Made by American Patriots in Both Parties

"That takes us to Michigan, where there was an honest Democrat who said they were cheating." Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lead attorney, said to reporters at the press conference.

Statistical Anomalies in Biden Votes

Analyses Indicate Something’s rotten in Delaware

Every Legal Vote

State-by-state interactive map of election fraud

Giuliani Transcript

Text version of November 19 Rudy Giuliani press conference

The Stolen Election

“Many things about the 2020 election render it illegitimate.”

Supreme Court Filling

Republican Party of Pennsylvania v. Pennsylvania Secretary of State

George Soros

linked to Mark Malloch Brown of Dominion Voting Systems

Tariq Nasheed

claims “Democrats finessed this election”

U.S. Election Fraud is Real—And It Is Being Ignored

Why are journalists seemingly conspiring to hide the existence of real voter fraud if it goes “against the narrative”?

Voter Fraud Cases

Heritage Foundation’s sampling of election fraud cases from across the country

Voter Fraud

A Sampling of Recent Election Fraud Cases from Across the United States

Stop the Steal

Official website for the “Stop the Steal” movement