Gavin and Isabella dropped by the studio to discuss their new show. We also talked about…

Opening song “La Croix Boy”by Big Dipper11 have very low standards for quality. This is why Electroclash died. Larry T let the homos do whatever they wanted. Gay Pimp was particularly bad12
Cool fag13
Trans-friendly “penis” pump. 14
Trans prosthetic dick n balls. (Gav Edition)15
ISRAELApril: We’re funding PalestineMay: Palestine got some rockets. 26
I don’t feel like “Fuck you both”I feel like “Fuck Palestine”27’re not the sameThey’re animals28 is NYC. Not BETHLEHEM30
Jew VS. Nazi. His scarf is a hate crime31 need more shit like this. 
pretty good sketch – Muslim calls Israeli about protest32

COVIDIt can’t be transmitted outside – OOPS!33
My Pet BIDENWhat the fuck is he talking about? “Docs in a pickup truck?”34

I know you mentioned in the show that 5% of cops are genuine assholes and of those there are legit malicious people and as an example you gave Justin Volpe. My grandfather served in the NYPD with and was a close friend of Volpe’s father, so I wanted to give you the full story, the part that never got covered.
Abner Louima was a deranged psychopath from haiti who was arrested for rioting (and I believe attempting to burn down a building but don’t remember). He then proceeded to resist arrest and continued to fight (even after he was handcuffed) the entire time to the station. The usual biting spitting kicking that no one cares about because it is directed at cops.
Once brought into the station, after a little while he calmed down and when he asked to go to the bathroom he was allowed. After taking a shit he told the officers he is ready to go back to his cell. Once they approached he immediately reached into the toilet and started throwing his poop back at the officers and attacking them once again(now with hands free and feces covered). The officers tired and exhausted from dealing with this “mostly peaceful citizen” all night, lost it and started fighting him back much more aggressively culminating in Volpe losing it and shoving his baton up Louima’s ass.
I am not trying to defend Volpe, what he did was unacceptable and he should have been fired and maybe gone to jail for a little bit. Instead he was lynched by the media, Louima was made a hero and a rich man, and Volpe was sent to prison for 30 years with NO chance of parole. Actual rapists don’t get it that bad. Most murderers get out in 20 years. 
To top off the story, Volpe’s father a strong principled man who had devoted his life to serving the city that lynched his son, so heart-broken from having to visit his boy in prison had a heart-attack and died alone on the highway in the car on the way back from the federal supermax.
P.S. When i was a kid I used to have a temper and my dad used to tell me this story to remind me that you can never lose your cool. Little intense for a 8 year old no?


  1. I apologize for simping on Ms. Riley. She is a lovely young lady with strong opinions.
    Please send nudes. Dammit I feel terrible asking.

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