Many progressives wagged their fingers at football fans who welcomed the Super Bowl in Florida in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic only a handful of weeks after the same progressives had taken to the streets to revel in Joe Biden’s presidential win.

On Sunday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers earned their second Super Bowl victory in the team’s history, giving the Kansas City Chiefs a 31-9 thrashing. The victory marked the only time a team has ever won a Super Bowl contest at their home stadium, as Super Bowl locations are chosen years in advance.

But while many leftists held nothing back when it came to lauding pro-Biden public gatherings, they did not have the same love and tolerance for Bucs football fans celebrating in the time of COVID.

The Daily Caller pointed out the leftist hypocrisy in a series of posts on Twitter. The news outlet’s first tweet commented “too predictable” while drawing attention to Vice magazine claiming COVID-19 could be called the “real winner” of Super Bowl LV. Yet Vice didn’t flinch after Biden backers ignited a street celebration after the election in November.

Next on the Caller’s list of hypocrites was the Washington Post, which proclaimed Tampa Bay Buccaneer fans “celebrated the Super Bowl win while risking a superspreader event.” Earlier the outlet idolised the “sights and sounds” of Biden victory celebrations. “Do they have any shame?” the Daily Caller wondered in a post.

The Los Angeles Times also joined the party, as the California newspaper emphasized that health experts advised Americans to enjoy the game while following COVID protocol, which was in contrast to when the paper reported “No barrier could block” Biden voters from celebrating all day.

The New York Times came next on the Daily Caller’s hit list. The far-left publication disapproved of Super Bowl fans who gathered without face coverings and snubbed social distancing guidelines. The Grey Lady’s reporting was a sharp contrast to when the paper declared victory for Biden, with the Times applauding “dancing in the streets” after the election.

Bothered by Bucs fans basking in maskless pre-game festivities, double-mask-sporting CNN reporter Randi Kaye told viewers she had questioned the Tampa police about how they could handle the situation and said police were “very disappointed.” 

The Daily Caller noted that CNN had no problem turning a blind eye when Biden voters “erupt in celebration.”

“They think you’re stupid,” the Daily Caller pointed out while citing more doublespeak from The Independent.

The Caller then turned their attention to the loyal audience members of the hypocritical news outlets, as it also sorted out people with verified accounts who forgot their past tweets.

The Daily Caller also spotted that Business Insider criticized Super Bowl fans but cheered anyone who danced in the streets after Biden’s victory was announced.

Lefty blog HuffPo, which called Super Bowl parties “super spreader” events but referred to photos from Biden celebrations as “amazing,” was next on the chopping block.  

“It’s only a super spreader event if it doesn’t fit the narrative,” the Daily Caller remarked.

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