Dear Censored,

I live in Canada, the hell that the USA will become if Biden gets into office.  You guys have that dumb fuck Fauci, but have you seen the hideous gargoyle that is our version of Fauci?

Her name is Dr Theresa Tam.  She looks like she was patient zero for covid.  She looks and talks like she died of covid 2 years ago.  She looks like the first dude who had covid fucked her, shot half of his corona load inside her wrinkly pussy and half into her face.  She looks like she used a corona infected bat to fuck her own asshole, then ate it after.  What a cunt.


Dear Censored,

Let me apologize first thing, because I’m almost drunk and so my grammar and spelling may be off. Gavin, I just wanted to make a quick addition to your Mugabe theory, with my own theory. You keep saying the Dems lied badly because their numbers were/are so far off. (e.g. 98% of every fraudulent ballot was for Biden, etc.) The reason they lied so badly was because of Trump’s landslide win, which they didn’t expect and couldn’t compete with on the sly. They had to act quickly and they didn’t know how much of a win he would generate so they had to generate a huge amount of fake ballots for Biden, in order to stem the tide and secure the election. Later, they banked on correcting anything that looked overtly suspicious, which they’ve been working on since the 3rd.  It was Trump’s landslide victory, though, that tipped their hand. Which is why we are seeing such obvious fraud, now. They simply can’t cover all of their tracks. That’s my theory, anyway, just thought I’d share. Like you more than a friend, buddy. Keep up the good work. Okay, bye, (quietly to self) I love you…


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

Superman is to Clark Kent as Lady Gaga is to who?Answer- your new host Katie Hopkins. 
When you were going through picture of Lady Gaga today it hit me that she and Katie Hopkins are the same person. But one has better make up.  Compare the two links. 


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

Gavin I must begin by sincerely thanking you. I am certain I speak on behalf of many sensible and open minded people when I say that you have altered a generations thought process in a very positive and life changing way with style and humour.It is difficult to express the level of gratitude that is deserved to you.
As an Australian with deep ties to Scotland and a love of the caledonian culture (which I beleive we share) along with a good read. I wanted to bring up the work of Irvine Welsh who I am yet to hear you speak of.
His ability to transport the reader into the depths of Scottish culture and make you crave an Edinburgh pub is addictive as fuck. 
Every character in his books are somebody you know, have met, or even more troubling, someone you see in the mirror everyday.
Also the audible versions read by Tam Dean Burn are masterpieces and critical for the full accent experience.  
Such a fag for you mate! keep fighting the good fight and dealing those red pills.


Dear Censored,

Hi Gavin and Ryan, just wanted to share a song I thought you may want to use in some capacity. It’s Hank Williams and the song is called “Ain’t I Right.” Interesting side note: they have all of Hank’s songs on ITunes to purchase except this one. 


Dear Censored,

I tried to call in tonight, to no avail. No problem, but I think I see a big opportunity for you.
I called in about two weeks back about a person in my class who called Laura Loomer a “white supremacist.”
 I received a call today from someone I know who is traditionally a Trump-supporter, and we were talking about the Presidential debate from Tuesday night.
“Yes, Trump did very well,” he’s telling me. But he says that Trump made one big mistake, and that’s that he did not explicitly disavow white supremacists like the Proud Boys, but instead told them to “stand by” (we of course know what Trump meant by this!)
So then I basically had to explain to him it’s a multi-racial, multi-ethnic group, whose slogan is “We are Proud Western Chauvinists who refuse to apologize for creating the Modern World,” How the media has LIED AGAIN, We cannot cowtow to these people, ETC., et cetera.
Most of which he knows. But the point is this: Even many Not-Lefts seem to not fully understand Proud Boys, and may think them “racist.” The media and others and general ignorance have successfully conflagrated the idea of White Supremacy and Racism, and Proud Boys, together as ONE CONCEPT.
Couple this thought with Proud Boys being the hottest news story this week…
Couple this with the fact that Pres. Trump is getting heat over it, and even he says, “I don’t know [Proud Boys].”
The media has stuffed you, Gavin, into a little house with no windows and no doors via Deplatforming you, but they have now left you a small window from which you can drive everything you have through; directly in advance of the 2020 Presidential Elections.
Should you sue NYT and the rest, like Kyle Rittenhouse is now doing to the Biden campaign, for the lying and misrepresentation and slander? Perhaps.
But I think in many ways, you’re barking up the WRONG tree.

Regular ole’ American Not-Lefts, and blue collar workers, don’t read New York Times. Many of them actively avoid outlets like CNN. 
You need to get on Television. Primetime Television. Think, “The Nightly News.” Think Tucker Carlson or Hannity (Which Trump probably sees BTW).
Regular Americans watch TV. They watch Fox! They watch OAN. They might watch like Lester Holt, nightly News.
Didn’t you used to work at Fox? Couldn’t you contact an old buddy and get on there, especially now that everyone is talking about a group you created?
And if you wonder what the benefits are, they are chiefly two-fold:
1. You will inform Middle America, and all those who don’t know that Proud Boys are not “white supremacists,” but US Patriots! This would represent a great service to our Country.
2. Secondly, you would increase your exposure, and if you plug Censored.TV, you could perhaps DOUBLE your subscribers in a short period of time. This means monetary reward to yourself, as well as doing the great service of informing as many people as possible.
Some food for thought. PB won’t be trending forever. If you must act, act quickly.”If we don’t act now, history will never forgive us” –Lenin


CONTINUED/ Email #2:…People do read articles. But you can’t leave out the power of the visual: clips and things shared on different social media platforms. So Fox News PrimeTime, OAN; as well as, maybe you could look into getting interviewed by Charlie Kirk at Turning Point USA; The Ben Shapiro Show; Crowder, etc. I think now represents a huge “marketing” opportunity for you, so to speak,– because of PB’s Debate Moment– to get the word out about what Gavin McInnes and the Proud Boys are really about; and that Pres. Trump is correct in identifying, not “white supremacists” as a threat, but Antifa and the Alt-Left.

Dear Censored,

 Do you happen to remember back in early onset COVID that the hospitals around the countries started canceling elective surgeries? They started hemp rhino money and informed their employees that they would have to take a pay cut or forced unpaid time off all around the country..
     Come to find out they ended up coming out on top (money wise) considering all the money the government gave the hospitals for positive COVID cases / incubation equipment and things of that nature from the COVID stimulus.
     At this point though, the hospitals are barely taking in elective surgeries and saving all of the beds for COVID patients that may or may not show up with the impending second wave leaving people that need their cancer screenings and various other important medical procedures to the way side.. my long winded question is this; is COVID giving us a glimpse into a single payer/socialized system of government ?
   You both are assholes

Dear Censored,

 just was browsing the site and you currently have 996 episodes available. About to bust 1000!!!

I love the network so much.
You guys help me stay sane in this bullshit.
Keep it up. From sunny mile high

Dear Censored,

Please consider bringing Sleazy P Martini to contribute content for your network.He is based, experienced and funny.
Proud of your sunglasses.


Dear Censored,

Here is a clip from Project Runway (season 17 ep.3) that aired on March 28, 2019. One of the contestants, Kovid Kapoor, designed an outfit with a mask. There was no mask theme and no other contestants made a mask, just the guy named Kovid.

My mind doesn’t know what to do with this.


Dear Censored,

Tommy appeared in court today accused of assaulting a man who sexually abused his daughter.  The beast got a bloody nose as Tommy apprehended him . Anyway , Tommy has just left the courts and surprisingly didn’t get jailed . .. he got 300 hours community service and ordered to pay court costs .The beast is appearing at court next year .
Love you more than a fat kid loves cake.

-Big Stevie 

Dear Censored,

I was watching Yellowstone on Paramount this weekend and every commercial break they showed a preview for this made-for-TV Christmas movie called “Dashing in December”. Title sounds pretty gay right? Well watch the preview and tell me what you think.
Big Fan,
ps I wanna fuck you with my flip flops on


Dear Censored,

Chinese Sociologist Dr. Li Yi: We Are Driving America To Its Death; COVID-19 Has Been Beneficial For China, North Korea;


Dear Censored,

Check out his recent short Tik Tok video. Like you more than a friend.

…thoughts on CopperCabs “logic”


DISCLAIMER: my sister and I have NOT been “together”. I’m just saying if we had it wouldn’t be THAT weird. Thoughts? #fyp #foryoupage #sister

♬ original sound – CopperCab

Dear Censored,

Why does Nova Scotia send a Christmas Tree to Boston every year around December 6th?
(A thread about why the West is the best)

Love you more than a friend.


Dear Censored,

I’m in Phoenix, AZ and noticed a few black guys wearing BLM and #IMWITHKAEP shirts. One was a kid with a white mother? Another was a guy my age (30) in a very white neighborhood. AZ in general has a minute percentage of blacks. Many black people here tend to be in one area with Mexicans and the others are in white neighborhoods. They assimilate pretty well and are what some would say “white-washed”. Why are these young kids shitting on Whites? I consider wearing a BLM shirt a clear message that you are against police, the white system and the average white American. 
I am noticing more of this race and equality narrative bs in the shows, most movies and TV commercials. It’s almost unbearable to watch TV. 
I just can’t understand how people are gobbling it up and thinking this is progress. Thanks to your show, I’ve become more aware of all the bullshit around us and can make fun of it even if others don’t get it.  Thanks for reading this (if you do). 


Dear Censored,

First and foremost, thank you for your service.

Start at 14:26.

I know you’ve probably seen this but I hope you’ll give it another watch.

See how long you can make it without dying from laughter.

I’ve never experienced as great a disconnect between my wife and I as I did when watching this video.

I suspect women are afraid of queefing and farts remind them of queefs, which prevents them from relaxing and enjoying.

Have a good one,


Dear Censored,

It’s interesting how for months and months before the election there were riots and violence everywhere.   Since the election, I have not heard a peep about riots.

Before the election we would here a story from the MSM once a week about another black man being beaten or shot by police, but I have not heard one story since the election.

It is so glaringly obvious that it was highly organized and deliberately orchestrated to present the appearance of chaos and turmoil within the country.   The people behind it (BLM, Antifa) should be imprisoned for this.

What a bunch of pieces of shit.  Smelly, slimy, corn infused shit.


Dear Censored,

This has to be the most incompetent police officer I’ve ever seen. Surprise, she’s a woman.


Dear Censored,

This might be an ancient chinee secret, but Youtube Originals has put out a twelve-part “RESIST” mini-doc series detailing the BLM organization. It is filled with criminals, low-lives, fat feminists, and beta-males justifying their degenerate culture and poor life choices by blaming the LAPD and Prison system. The serious tone of the series makes it all the more hilarious. Check it out: 


Dear Censored,



Dear Censored,

  Must see this vid!  How i want to live my life!


Dear Censored,

I remembered that you mentioned you liked Jim Gafagan because his comedy is clean and it can be put on around the kids. I recently found this app called drybar comedy and to my knowledge it’s all clean comedy. It’s free, and there’s tons of video to watch! I bet it’s run by Mormons, the club is out there in Provo,UT.

Anyways I want to fuck your heels with your new sunglasses on



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