Dear Censored,

#MeToo Medusa Fail

Dear Censored,

I find myself (once libertarian; until it was “cool” to be one) seem to be taking a lashing brought on by the left of being a, “flop.”
 I.e.— Liberal says to me: “How can you call yourself a Libertarian and want MORE government? Isn’t that what you despise?”
I simply respond: “The Corporations now have more power than the government. Corpo, (Big Tech, Big Pharm, Academia and SJWs) are the new, “establishment.” They don’t seem to understand that a, “movement” fails to become, when the establishment is the one  backing it. The left is the sole establishment. When will folks on the left realize that the side they once despised; is the side they sit on? Like you have always said, “…just let them eat themselves.” 
The left is fighting nature and nature always wins. 
Tell Ryan to stop using shampoo.


Dear Censored,

You were talking about young boys being abused by older females, which is a situation I can relate to.  I know its a cliche for a guy to talk about how great it is to be a “victim” of paedophilia in certain situations e.g. where an older female babysitter is the perpetrator. Cliches become cliches because they’re true and in my case, it was a great experiment to be abused.

I was a big burly kid growing up and the girls in my class thought I was a freak.  At age 13 I was the only guy in my class that had not French kissed a girl.  Then one summer evening we were chilling at a friends house watching porn, this was in 91 during the era where you watched porn on VHS.  My friend’s 18-year-old sister came in after a night on the town and she was pretty drunk.  She watched the porn with us for a few minutes and then she turned around and French kissed me, grabbed my dick and I felt her tits.  I floated on a pink cloud for months after that, so proud of myself and my self-esteem was through the roof. 

Now I’m 42 and have 4 children including two girls.  My older girl is 13 and if an 18-year-old guy would make out with her I would at least give him a horrible beating.  For some reason, I would not be as mad if it happened to my sons. 

You guys have awesome chemistry, best duo since Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole.  Keep on rocking in the free world.  After this China virus is gone you should tour Europe with your legion of right-wing misfits, Biggs, Milo, Jakob…

Warm wishes from Iceland 


Dear Censored,

Two days before the George Floyd incident, I was in my own fatal encounter with an armed violent felon who had robbed 4 people at gunpoint and pistol whipped one, requiring care at a local hospital.
I’ve since been cleared of any wrong doing, but the violence, riots, and misinformation has caused so many problems in my city. A small group being encouraged and enabled by our mayor and elected officials. The city has allowed them to paint a mural of him and others on city property in an attempt to appease the mob.
There have been death threats, which I know you get many, too. My kids have not slept in their rooms since early, June, when I was named and cleared. They had to flee with my wife without justification, or reason, because the threats on my life were verified through informants embedded in theses groups. They had to stay in a hotel for 2 weeks and my  house had 24/7 security provided by coworkers. I refused to leave and armed myself accordingly. 
They (the kids) still sleep on our bedroom floor as it’s not safe for them to be in their rooms which are closer to the front of our house. I’ve been on plenty of scenes where .30 caliber rifle rounds have penetrated the intended target and the houses behind and next to it. A house is not going to save you, no matter where your room is. But, they are better off not being where people think they might be.
I came here following AIU (Kangaroo Boy) and listened to you, and the other people on this site for the first time. I have been very impressed by what I’ve watched, and look forward to your weekly shows. I’ve also enjoyed the other people.
I just want to say, I appreciate your content and what you have to offer. I am still not back to work full-time, so I don’t have much of a schedule. It’s nice being able to listen to your shows and AIU’s throughout the week.
I enjoy your longer shows. From going back and listening to some of the earlier episodes, I know this was a question of yours. I love starting a show and seeing it at 1:45- or longer- Even if it’s mostly just banter, and not planned to be so long.

Thank you for pushing through and not giving up, so people like me can still find a place where comedy and reality hasn’t been cancelled.


Dear Censored,

While digging through some classic Joe Biden footage, I came across a clip from 60 minutes that I thought you might appreciate. Time 6:17 – 7:50. 
It includes a little gem at 7:46
As for his royal smugness Obama, I suspect he thinks his farts are completely devoid of guff. 


Dear Censored,

Diana Death’s new song would be a great opener for an episode..
She’s MAGA and a legit “10” check her out on Instagram: Dianadeathofficial
Especially this pic: me she’s not a 10?
Also, she’s a smoke show at 1:38 in this video:


Dear Censored,

So the end of this will mos def be a great video/sound drop.
I have to warn you, it’s probably the the funniest thing a 14 year old you will see so that means it’s retarded. 
Ryan- make sure you can hear it from the start.


Dear Censored,

Another cuckmercial to add to the pile.This time it’s Marks Work Warehouse in Canada who’s entire customer base are rugged tradesmen. 


Dear Censored,

So my black girlfriend was moaning about how nice it would be if American blacks could start their own country and how wonderful it would be. You know like Wakanda 
I told her there was already a nation like that and it’s total shit and everyone over there eats each other.



Dear Censored,

You’ll love this, a teacher in France was teaching a class about free speech by showing them pictures of Prophet Muhammed.. Well, obviously, someone in the class believed in the ‘religion of peace’ and saw to it later to tell another terrorist who cut the teachers head off.

The schools in Europe are infected with these terror cells, I hope scotland stays sane but Glasgow seems to be gone too. Homeschooling my kids, I think.

Loves and kisses, spread diseases. Wear a mask. 


Dear Censored,

JRE episode #1550 at 11:15 mark Joe brings up Breonna Taylor incident in the context of the need for police reform. It lasts for a few minutes but I had to turn it off after about 20 seconds. It’s embarrassing how wrong his facts are and the so called conservative black congressional candidate from TX goes along with it. I would love to hear Gavin rip this apart.

Like you more than a friend,


Dear Censored,

Have you heard of Vagrant Holiday? He is a guy who they think did Surveilance Camera Guy, he was some dude who would shove a camera in random peoples faces to start the discussion on how many surveilance cameras there are around. Your on film anyway so what do you care if someone shoves a camera in your face. Anyway, so Vagrant Holiday is a YouTube channel of a guy who explores that which many people dont know about. So his video Roit Holiday is him infiltrating the riots in either Portland or Seattle. He goes in depth, walking into stores that are busted and everything. He doesnt do anything illegal in this video, he just explores. In other video’s it appears that he might be MAGA.

Anyway check it out. His YouTube channel is very worth it, he also does a video on train hopping and one where he goes to a forbidden Island that functions as a prison for rapists.

This is the video on Riots:

Met vriendelijke groet,


Dear Censored,

You gotta watch Five Finger Death Punch’s new music video ‘Living The Dream’. Best part is when the chick on the bench is holding back her cuck boyfriend from getting involved.
Love you like a friend I want to fuck with my heels on.


Dear Censored,

Isn’t this the cuck from CPAC harrassing Jack Posobeic.
You can tell it’s him based off the feminine voice and the ghoulish complexion.

Compare the footage to 4:55 “Banned from CPAC – The footage” on 
Seems pretty obvious it’s the same guy!


Dear Censored,

The only response your veteran mailman listener should be using on his route is “Don’t thank me, the real heroes are at the border!”


Dear Censored,

Looks like a bunch more Youtubers I follow got purged.
One in particular who makes UH-MAZING content is Mouthy Buddha.
He’s got the conspiracy theory edge but doesn’t take it too far!
You may have heard of him, but his production quality is top notch.
Love you guys more than a friend.
Link to Mouthy Buddha:


Dear Censored,

Hey Gavin My workplace, a meat distribution center, decided to hold a diversity workshop today. It was almost as if they were accusing all whites of racism. I pointed out that my ancestors were Polish and not exactly the model of oppression. This got my manager in a fuss and he started on a rant about “visible whiteness”. What the fuck is going on with this critical race theory invading our workplace? Attached below is some of the literature we were given. By the way my boss is a homosexual man and got all offended when I asked my straight coworkers if they had kids. Fucking clown world.


Dear Censored,

unter Biden Ukraine article gets released by NY Post. Then FB/Twitter censored it and blocked it. Then this:

Maybe they irked the people who actually care about free speech and free sharing of information…Guess who? Just a theory, maybe a conspiracy one, but interesting…



Dear Censored,

Besides the out right lying, the entire thing is just awful and the last line is especially chilling.
I’m an old lady and this made my blood boil !

Really appreciate you guys ! Love you with my heels on 😊


Dear Censored,

 I can’t believe I’m citing fucking worldstar hip-hop again, but this is the shit being published. In just the first minute or two alone he’s clearly trying not to smirk or smile. I can’t fucking believe that even with all the evidence to prove otherwise, CBS would bring this piece of shit on to lie through his fucking teeth. Anyway, I’m really fed up with this shit. I’ve removed myself from social media to try and escape bullshit like this, but I can’t even hop on WSHH to see some bleep on bleep crime without seeing this bullshit.


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