Dear Censored,

a “man” kills 18 women in care homes. can you imagine if the races were reversed?


Dear Censored,

Firstly, excuse any typos, I am on my 5th double jack and coke. However, I found it imperative to email you on this subject immediately. While drinking with friends we began discussing the topic of slavery, and of course the group sentiment was white people are garbage scumbags that deserve to die. Feeling courageous I began talking about the obvious fact that many cultures and races have been enslaved throughout history, and whites are no exception. I even brought up the point that you make about the word “Slav” and it’s translational meaning of slave, denoting that people from these ethnic backgrounds were historically known for being slaves. I also brought up Irish slavery as a more contemporary example. Just when I thought I was winning the argument someone in the group googled “Irish slavery”. Literally every result was about how Irish slavery was a myth, and since almighty google said this was myth, my winning argument turned to shit and I was defeated. Not knowing enough about the subject I could not counter. If you know anything on the topic, would you please elaborate on “Irish slavery” and how it is historically accurate ? If you google the subject, every result is some argument about how it has been “debunked”. 



Dear Censored,

I have to thank you Gavin for the impact you’ve made on me. In August of 2019 I left home for college. I always hated school, but everything always told me college is something you need to succeed in our world today. Nothing changed once I got there, still hating every minute in class. So instead of paying attention I’d throw my air pod in one ear and load up your podcasts. Listening to them I heard you say many times how college is bullshit and a waste. Like the dumbass I am I trusted you a little much and gave up on school. I dropped out after only one semester, and took your advice of going into the workforce and busting my ass. I started at a car dealership in February of 2020 in the lowest position in the dealership (shop bitch basically). I’ve always had a good work ethic and worked my tail off for 8 months following your rule of always saying yes. In November my boss came up to me and asked me to apply for a position as Warranty Administrator (make sure the car company pays us for our warranty work). I got the job, and while the pay now still isn’t anything to write home about I’m in line for another promotion in about a year to Service Advisor (the people who write you up when you go in for service) which base pay is significantly higher than any job I would be getting after a 4 year business degree. I’m writing this not to just fondle your balls, but so that if this letter is read on the show others in my situation can get a real proof that college is a lie. Also hearing you talk about cars on your show is torture to any car guy listeners. 
Let me fuck you with my heels on,


Dear Censored,

Gavin, Your a Genius on so many levels. Please except my heartfelt thank you for everything awesome you have done for culture media fashion music comedy and politics. Also please pass on my best wishes to the fag zone Czar.

My question to you is Do you know who Tom MacDonald is? He is a white rapper originally from Canada. He raps clean no swearing no talking about money no hoes no drugs no guns no pimping etc
 Search Tom MacDonald songs on YouTube and you will easily find his music. His newest single, believe it or not is called “Clown World”; i wonder where he came up with that? I think he watches Censored.TV.  He has other songs called “fake woke”, “Straight White Male” and “Cancelled”. “Fake Woke” is a great song and it has an awesome music video so if your going to play one of his songs now play “fake woke” Almost all of Tom’s songs have great music videos. He is very popular right now and he is rapping about things that no other mainstream person would touch.
Also I absolutely Love watching Lotus on CensoredTV. Give lotus a raise she is awesome Obviously you are #1 on Censored.TV #2 is the Ambassador of the white race, Atheism is Unstoppable. Just when I thought it was all over for you and nobody would ever see or hear from or about you ever again, you go and totally redeem yourself by starting a brand new  channel from scratch and you absolutely have the best “cancelled” creators out there. You can really spot talent and you are good at it if you will.

Love u more than a friend

Link below is for “clown world” by Tom Macdonald

Dear Censored,

Gavin checkout this clip from 1,000lb sisters. It’s exactly like the “congratulations” from Withnail and I. Clip starts at 00:55.


Dear Censored,

Love the show and realize Gavin is done with music… but I think he is wrong as he has not yet addressed Scottish Pirate Metal… specifically the band Alestorm and song “Fucked With an Anchor” I think there is significant meaning behind this song, especially for our modern time, and it would do well as part of a bumper for your excellent show. Cheers!


Dear Censored,

30,000??? No!

It was blocks and blocks and blocks and blocks and blocks of people as far as the eye could see from the steps of the Capitol out towards the White House. I have pictures. 500,000+. I’ve never seen a crowd that huge. It was overwhelming. 99.99999% of people didn’t go in the Capitol, which is the story. I was waiting to hear in the news the astonishment of support that showed up. But 100+ faggots paint half of the country as InSuRrEcTiOnIsTs.

Same thing with flags. A sea of American and Gadsden flags. 1 Confederate flag. Which one makes the news?

There was unprecedented support in person on Jan 6th and it was hi-jacked and downplayed.


Dear Censored,

 I saw this photnof Biden looking like my sad Grandpa with Alzheimer’s disease larping as president on presidents day. Thought I would share.


Dear Censored,

Check out the new video from Saturday. Black guy gets convicted even though the prosecutor knows he’s innocent. It’s about five minutes long so it may be too long for the mailbag. Hot shit.


Dear Censored,

Holy shit, please go through this list aloud. It’s… eye-opening. BrianMen Are Sharing Examples Of Toxic Masculinity They’ve Faced Personally And It’s Eye-Opening
Why in the hell are men taught these things?

Read in BuzzFeed:


Dear Censored,

If not, he should know it’s reached amazing new heights. A few months ago things were kind of stale, and out of nowhere Perry announced to Tom Brennan he wanted to start an OnlyFans account. Perry’s thinking was going forward he would only interact with “only fans” of his, no haters. I think he had ulterior motives since his “green light” indicating he was online never turned off and so he was probably just there watching camgirls all day because he rarely posted. 
However, since then he’s started streaming on Twitch and YouTube and it is consuming my life and finances. The first stream I remember trying to get to my computer to stop the stream with tears streaming down my face, muscles cramping and pain in my system as though I could die from laughing at this terrible, terrible human, and it’s only gotten better.

He thinks everyone that changes their profile name to that of a celebrity is a movie star or vixen, or family member, is that person, talking to him. While those can be good, it’s also just a few classic things that make him the most angry like insulting his mom’s credenza or ordering him McD’s fish fillet with pickles (which, he always is delighted to get after 30 seconds of raging about how he hates McD’s and pickles).  
This man and his angry outbursts and ego should be studied in academia. It’s glorious.  


Dear Censored,

Greetings from London, England. I just wanted to share this video with you about how great it is to have female coppers on the beat in London….oh wait….
Best regards 


Dear Censored,

For most guys, cold turkey no fap fails miserably. One of the worst parts of the masturbation pandemic is also the intense, hardcore shit most guys watch these days.

To lessen the dopamine damage and wean off, the occasional times I do rub one out now (once a week at most, I try for less), I go to Victoria’s Secret and bikini runway shows and shit.

At least with something like this, you can maintain the platonic, physical ideals of women and not the completely degenerate and decayed version that porn offers. Reeling things back a generation (e.g. Playboy Magazine type stuff) feels like a step in the right direction (example below).

I really think the unprecedented uptick in faggotry and trannies is from on demand porn (now imagine layering daddy issues in parallel to this outlet). If you jerk off daily or even a few times a week, you’re seeing hard cocks and *watching another dude fuck* a ton. Do we even take a minute to think about that? When else has anything like that happened throughout history at this scale and on immediate demand? Queue the mental illness and decaying relationships…

Anyway, thanks guys, keep up the great work!


Dear Censored,

The thief gets stuck in the snow, the Canadians offer him a shovel while calling the cops on him.


Dear Censored,

Dear Sexual Haggisment and Simpy Soimurai,
I somehow came across this video on YouTube. I have attached the link below. Talk about a human colostomy bag recruiting video.
Remember to try to be less white today,Thank you for my service. 


Dear Censored,

Interesting training film for US solders from 1943. Thought the pub part at the beginning (3:38) was cool; a bit slow paced but picks up around 6:24. Thought it was cool that they have a little “lets talk about racism” part at 25:25. Nice Bob Hope cameo at 30:03. Any ways if you don’t watch it on air totally worth a watch at some point! have fun and take care.


Dear Censored,

This video is from Hamburg, Germany. The cops chased after a 17 year old for violating social distancing rules by hugging a friend and damaged their shitty police station-wagon in the process.
Eventually they caught the kid who will now most likely face a misdemeanor charge and a 150 EUR fine.

Germany sucks
Ich mag dich mehr als einen Freund(I like you more than a friend)


Dear Censored,

We have same taste in women, in Jim Goad fashion, tell us what she smells like.

Thank you for being our Moral Officer of Movie War Veterans.  I want to fuck you with your comfortable shoes on.


Dear Censored,

The Gavin Newsom recall effort has been very successful so far.  There are enough signatures, but we need a little more to act as a buffer for all the signatures that will inevitably be thrown out.
Today I stopped in front of a local store to chat with a signature collector.  All it took was 10 seconds before some kid pulls his Mercedes over, rolls his window down, and screams through his mask, “Hey everyone look! It’s a couple of fuckin Proud Boy Trump idiots over here!” 
That gave us a real good laugh. I call out, “Know where I can sign up for that too?!”
The signature collector described how this kind if thing had been happening all day long.  Strangers coming up to him screaming, cursing, and treating him as a second class person.This was in a conservative area of California too.
The pendulum has to swing back on this eventually.  The liberals go against everything they think they stand for while they attack us.  Hypocrisy has a shelf life!
GOML rocks!


Dear Censored,

Thought you’d enjoy this clip. Maybe it’s an old japrican secret. The clips only 30 seconds but you can skip to 25 seconds for the meat. I would like to suck you and fuck you with your heals on. 


Dear Censored,

Imus in the Morning – Dagen & Carly perving on Gavin McInnes


Dear Censored,

This is being discussed on Real Time with Bill Maher. Are people finally waking up?



Dear Censored,

You shared a couple funny stories that got animated. Maybe you’ve seen this one from Louis CK when he was on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee?
It kills me!


Dear Censored,

This may be ancient chinese secret but maybe other viewers haven’t seen this. Link below.


Dear Censored,

 I just rewatched the hilarious lecture where you share the origins story of the Proud Boys. Maybe I’m too autistic, but I noticed your surprise at the popularity it’s achieved and I take things at face value.

To understand the effects of feminism and liberalism/why you are very important, you need only look at the literal nation of liberals.

Here’s a few numbers you might find interesting:
– 78% of Swedes would vote for Joe Biden.
– 40% of households in this country are single households.
– When asked “Do you feel free to share your opinion on political issues in public even if most people disagree?” – 45% said never. Compare that to Russia, which is 26%. China is 50%.
– Women typically have several good friendships, men typically have none. Key factor.
– Sweden has 10 million inhabitants. 1,7 of those are married. 3 million of the people are immigrants.
– Suicide is more common as cause of death than traffic accidents.- 50% of the country is middle-class. Meaning spoiled by wealth and comfort mechanisms. Working class is frowned upon.

It’s easy to look at my country and think that the problem is politics. But what enabled those politics is the fact that men live alone, don’t socialize with friends, naturally become socially awkward, and are punished with jail time even when they fight in self-defense. (If a woman pepparsprays a rapist here she can be convicted for battery)
What that means is nobody has a natural “safety net” where you’re allowed to be yourself, which is what incentivizes a human to speak with honesty and confidence. All that happens when you do that here is all social contacts abandon you, and you develop a “bad” reputation that follows you around the entire country, as it’s as small as an island. And operates the same in mindset. It’s like having a bad reputation in a village, only national, and everyones a gossipy catty twat. Even men.

Because Sweden has made guys socially illegal. Politics doesn’t necessarily matter. The social is more powerful, and for a lot of people the political is social. If you make sure that men have men’s clubs, they will not turn into liberals. You’ve noticed people don’t respond to arguments with politics, typically, as their values are tied to other needs. Needs the left has weaponized through their big government infrastructure, and its social venues.

That’s why you’re more important than you realize. You have essentially banged out millions of unwanted children, on impulse, and it has planted a conservative seed for the future that will save civilization when everyone else’s world crumbles. Allowing liberals to live like liberals long-term leads to them dying out. What thus remains?


-Angry Foreigner

Dear Censored,

Was Alex Jones right when he talked about interdimensional aliens? I doubt you guys have heard of the declassified CIA document “The Gateway Process”. It goes on to explain in painful detail about out of body experiences, the science behind it, and how to get there. The document ends with the writers conclusion to his commander about the plausibility of its essential objectives. (remote viewing, time/space travel, meetings with inter-dimensional beings) The summarized final bullet points are pretty interesting to read. Scroll to page 26, point “38. Conclusion” and read the steps to achieve this. And for Gavin, how are we so sure God and aliens are mutually exclusive?


2 thoughts on “Dear Censored : Gavin Is H.o.t.

  1. Dear Grabin MyGuinness and Rain Ketchup Aloe Vera,

    I’m a Marine combat veteran and college graduate who has found myself out of a profession.
    With over a decade of experience working within the DoD intelligence community, for the first time in my career, I feel that there is no place for me within my profession. Recently, the Special Warfare Center has begun teaching Special Forces students that I, and people like me, are terrorists ( Therefore, I cannot perceive a scenario where I can honorably serve my country any longer while staying true to my oath to the Constitution, which I hold in the highest regard.

    Instead, I would like to have the opportunity to work with in some capacity. I hold a Business degree from a respectable university and am an analyst/researcher by trade.

    I have reached out via the mailbag without any response, so I thought that I would post here in hopes that the subscribers and community would assist in lifting this message.

    Imagine, instead of yelling at Ryan every show for sucking, I could assist in research and show prep. I’ve never worked a “9-to-5” job, thus I’m used to working long and irregular hours, to include working months straight without a day off.

    Sharing my experience and insight regarding the military, politics, and economics, is a passion of mine and I would love to have the opportunity to be a contributor to and GOML.


    – BP

  2. The first thing I thought when Don Imus called Gavin “dumb” was, “I thought Don Imus has been dead since the early 2000s.”

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