Get out gestapo!

Dear Censored

  You mention and sometimes complain about the FBI listening in to ya’ll. You have to think positively. I heard you say that there are around twenty thousand subscribers. Well…. at least half of them have to be FBI agents. So, yes they are looking for the smallest little scrap coming out of your mouth that they can strap you into the electric chair for, but half the money coming into your ‘not bank’ is coming from the feds:)         Arguably they are better fans of you than we are. I sometimes eat while I enjoy listening to your show. FBI agents….. they jack each other off while listening to your shows. I watch your shows once, and occasionally I will rewatch a good clip. FBI agents, they listen to each episode fourteen hundred and eighty eight times. And, that is before they start slowing it down, speeding it up, and listening to it backwards.       GAV, let me tell you… Your show is so fucking awesome that the government takes law enforcement off terrorist cases so they can watch your show. There has to be liberals out there somewhere that pay taxes…. And to think that their tax dollars are spent so the government can fanboy all of your media. If you just look at things from a different angle, you will see that life is really awesome.


Dear Censored

John 15:19 

“If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.”


Dear Censored

A knee on the neck doesn’t asphyxiate.

(It’s a miracle this is still up.)


Dear Censored

 heres that awkward video yall was looking for.

Dear Censored

Crimes against humanity. Truth savage truth needs to come to light.


Dear Censored

Dear Censored

Amazing read and dive into the stupidest  law in history. 
National Socialism In The Birthplace Of The Enlightenment


Dear Censored

Bad Education” (2019) that is based on an education system embezzlement scheme? Have a trailer below if you guys want to check it out.


Dear Censored

I stumbled across this fascinating WW2 training film, educating US troops on how to behave in England during the build up to D-Day (not mentioned of course).
It gives a great insight into how British culture and people were viewed by Americans, and also reveals a lot about the attitudes of troops at the time.
A few useful timestamps for you:
3:47: How to behave in an English pub (and also watch out for the Scots! They’re fierce!)13:32: How to behave when invited into a home to eat with locals (don’t stuff your face because they are rationing)25:21: How to react when the British are friendly to the negroes, basically saying, don’t be too shocked when the British treat them like actual people…
WW2 Training Film for US Soldiers | How to Behave in Britain | 1943 – YouTube

Thanks guys and keep up the good work


Dear Censored

Everybody wants to be a gangster until it’s time to do gangster shit. Gavin here are some real family men who’s job faggots like biden took away.

Dear Censored

Dear Censored

This video brought joy to my heart.  It is of a Canadian pastor chasing out several police officers and a health inspector trying to shut down their Passover service.  I find it revealing that the pastor is not originally Canadian but understands that liberty and freedom, especially religious freedom, must be defended.  He epitomizes your mantra…
Get fired, get in trouble, BE BRAVE, and never stop fighting!
All the best!


Dear Censored

Wondered if you’ve seen the footage of the recent german aircraft disaster?

PS. Have you tried going to bars and drinking? It can be fun, I reckon you’d like it
Hang in there bud,


Dear Censored,

came across this old Onion video the other day and I was amazed at how far they were allowed to push the boundaries just 10 years ago. It makes your “10 things I hate about the Jews” video look very tame by comparison. Your video despite being clear satire has been used to attack you constantly while I’m pretty sure the Onion didn’t see any pushback at all when this came out, it even has a 50:1 like to dislike ratio. Also Ryan should get an adult’s haircut he’s fucking 30.


Dear Censored,

 I apologize if you’ve already covered this, I try to keep up but do miss an episode from time to time. anyway just wondering if you could briefly talk about dick masterson and get your take on what happened. I seen a video of his saying that you were going to work together but had a falling out over him not replying to you fast enough? would like to get your take on this. I like both of your shows but lean towards yours, -sorry to jerk you off about it- so it was shitty to hear him bitch about you. sorry if this is old news. (it is)
thanks gangster.
PS: ryan as funny as you can be, your newish open complacency in the fact that you’re stupid and lazy, and that you seem to make no attempts to improve yourself or your JOB performance is incredibly frustrating. you are completely okay with and even happy to be the retard, which to me is one of the most pathetic things I can think of. gavin has had many successes on his own, and as close as you are, consider that there may be a boiling point and consider what exactly you would do if he fired you. I don’t know anyone who would tolerate your shit like that, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a fucking brain-anuerism live on the show from being so pissed at your incompetence. 
something to think on. and I’m not anti-ryan, I just want to see you transition into adulthood and not have an expiration date.
dick vid: (4:35)


Dear Censored,

This video popped up on my YouTube and thought it shows the mentality of Asians being easy victims.All the best,


Dear Censored,

Check out these boys from London. Think you’d enjoy their English pub vibe.
Palma Violets – English Tongue



Dear Censored,

Anyway, check out this Les Stroud documentary series he made a little while after he ended Suvivor Man. Apologies if you’ve seen this and it’s an ancient chinese secret. 

I’ve only watched the first 4 episodes, but they all seem to be relatively the same: Les Stroud going around with these indigenous losers who do weird things like sit on top of branches they wedged into the sand in he water to fish, or doing nightly “demon dances” to get all the evil spirits out of you. 

Anyway, the way it’s filmed seems pretty condescending by today’s standards. At least watch the intro they play before every episode. I sent you the link to the playlist, any episode will do. 


Dear Censored,

I came across this weird pandemic scenario project that took place at Johns Hopkins in 2017.
The Spars Pandemic “A Futuristic Scenario For Public Health Risk Communicators”

 Just replace “Spars” with “Covid” and change the dates from 2025-2028 to 2020-2023. When you scroll through the pdf it gives examples of tweets from the CDC, celebs, anti-vaxxers etc. The tweets are identical to what we have seen over the past year. Read the last page about the aftermath on page 66 and tell me that is not the narrative right now.
Keep on keepin on! Yeeyee!


Dear Censored,

please share this lost american tradition.
thank you.


Dear Censored,

10 Things I Hate About GOML (to be read in angry Scottish voice)

  1. Ryan – His fucking incompetence, and unrivaled idiocy was amusing for about 10 minutes, and is now infuriating.
  2. Book of day – who the fuck reads a book everyday. In theory for someone to keep up with your fucking book of the day list, they would basically be taking a GOML college course. Also doing one everyday trivializes each one. 
  3. Call your Dad more – I can listen to that man describe paint drying and be entertained. He is at least twice as funny as Gavin, and Gavin is a supremely funny guy.
  4. Final video lyrics – What the actual fuck is being said after “But Gavin told.” I have listened to hundreds of shows, and have not once been able to interpret those fucking lyrics.
  5. Gavins pronunciation of certain words – Particularly Dr. Zeus.
  6. Constant talk about Proud Boys and ANTIFA – We get it Proud Boys aren’t Nazis, and ANTIFA are blundering idiots….move on. It’s fucking redundant! 
  7. First 20 mins of show is usually a snooze – Noticing a pattern here that the beginning of shows are either really captivating right away, or the most boring fucking shit in existence.
  8. Gavin is a clinical retard when it comes to the Bible. For Example, you can’t believe the Bible and think the Earth is millions of years old. More like almost 7000 years. Also you can’t believe in the Bible and evolution of humans.
  9. Sometimes Gavin talks so fucking much during video clips, that I forget what the actual fucking clip is supposed to be about. We know it’s your show but Jesus Christ! Take a fucking water break for a second.
  10. Fucking incompetent Faggy McFag Fag Ryan.

Good day to you both.


P.S. – I love the show, keep up the good work fags. 

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