Dear Censored,

Joe Biden’s EMBARRASSING Pennsylvania Speech – Democrats Are PANICKING!


Dear Censored,

I went to the Trump rally earlier this month in Greenville, North Carolina, and got tweeted by CNN wearing the invade Greenland shirt.  In the metal detection area entering the rally, I took off my watch and it fell into the trashcan.  When I finally got it out it was very sticky so I asked the press people for hand sanitizer.  Someone from CNN came up to me and started interviewing me about the shirt.  I went along with it and said that Greenland is abundant in natural resources like Alaska and would be extremely easy to invade.  This is when I realized that this robot with Asperger’s was devoid of humor like the rest of the left.  She seriously did not get the joke even after I told her.  


Dear Censored,

Lord, your employee AIU killed that black myth a while back….enjoy

And fuk the homo…


Dear Censored,

Saw the bit about newsom’s insane thanksgiving policy. These fucking retards think they can dictate how I celebrate my holiday!? Well I looked into it a bit more and it’s maximum 6 people, family only for thanksgiving but in California you can have up to 30 for a funeral.

So I’m planning a funeral for my pet turkey on the last Thursday of November. We will be eating him with all the best sides and fixings as that was what he would have wanted.

Thanks for never giving up g man.
I like you more than a friend.


Dear Censored,

I’ve got some juicy deats on the black sheep of the Biden family. My dad’s friend’s mother is a Texas house rep. He told my dad that Hunter Biden is currently hospitalized in “bad condition”, possibly suicidal. This may be an opportunity for the elites to off him. Definitely keep an eye out for some wild shit to pop off.

Nuff respect,


Dear Censored,

I now know why you get steamed at Ryan after he faded my call last week. You owe me one… Check this Brooklyn guy’s AntiFa road rage today:”Autistic Weatherman” and YouTuber Frankie MacDonald predicts major earthquake in Chile soon. He’s been right before… TTY wednesday…

-Lighthouse Tom

Dear Censored,

Hey Arnold Budsdrinker and Incelvester Stallone, have you guys seen Joe “should’ve used rogaine” Rogan’s outrageous claims about Chris Cuomo’s 100 pound dumbbell video that has gotten all the fitness experts and bodybuilders fired up?
You got the link here: 
Your’s truly,


Dear Censored,

Here are a few of the moronic, platitude filled signs that the lefty’s put in their yards. I tried not to include duplicates, but these things are EVERYWHERE. I bet you can guess which demographic has them displayed. I also included this feminazi I found on Tinder. Man, is she something. I bet she would be an absolute hoot to hang out with.



Dear Censored,

Hey Bodach and Coolie (look up the definitions if you don’t know)
The link is below if you want to read it. If not, it’s about a local Christian-private-school that said fuck off we’re not wearing masks or social distancing. They were given “warnings” after some Karens complained. Low and behold, just last week the local health department came and and shut them down. Of course they did it on the weekend like typical cowards! How in the hell does a small town health department have the right to shut a PRIVATE school down??? Fuck this state and our governor.
Also you are correct, it was the FBI agent who conned those tards into plotting the kidnapping.
I like you more than my new sunglasses.
– Jake

Dear Censored,

m a senior in high school and I’ve been following you since 7th grade. You have shaped my beliefs and inspired me as a person ever since. In and effort to meme the establishment. Me and my buddy linned our high school with trump signs. 45 to be exact. I was inspired by GOML to stop being a pussy and become apart of the non-silent majority. I’ve been so energized that we actually started a club, named, CLUB RED. This is our first act of defiance. Get in trouble, be brave and never stop fighting! You know, the thing! 


Dear Censored,

My relationship to academic writing is a tumultuous one. I don’t even know where to begin, let alone how to officially start. For me, I don’t utilize rough drafts and my thoughts come out in a disorganized fashion. It’s difficult to find coherency with my inner dialogue when I’m working on articulating what I need—or more importantly, want— to say.  I am lead to believe that my writing style is an idiosyncratic one—one that does not bode well in a formal context or assignment; whatever that is—or most realizing, the one I’m relegated to demonstrating here. There are challenges because I never quite learnt the ‘proper’ way to go about deciphering texts and investigate into the depths of the literal English language. There are many things that I need to work on; however, I am also blind sighted because I don’t know where to point and seek advice on. Perhaps my stream of consciousness as I present here will foretell those who possess more mastery of such discipline who can not only identify, but guide, lead, and enlighten me in my aware but limited ways. With such disclaimer said, the most challenging part of all-things academic writing and reading related can be the organized, logical, coherent fashion that language is structured. As a contrasting example, I had a short-lived stint in taking a foreign language in college preparatory school—Latin—where I vividly remember that the word order differed entirely from English. It offered more flexibility. Contrary to this, English from my understanding requires meticulous syntax; subject must come first, before the verb, then the object. Both languages, nonetheless, require exquisite detail and adherence to their respective grammar and proper conjugation. However, what bothered me the most is that English as a whole, is the stringent necessity of having strict syntax; it is very rule-oriented and for someone that is naturally disorganized; rules and organization for writing puts added pressure onto me as a writer. Sometimes I ask, “Am I following the rules? “ Another challenge to writing/reading of the academe is the necessity to quickly identify the thesis –the point—of whatever text is assigned to me. I am a person of wanderlust, yet only that lust is not travel but in my imagination. Focus is something that I woefully lack in academic reading.  I have many more questions that arise, and in turn, obfuscate my understanding of the topic at hand. I begin to deviate my focus from the subject/assignment and delve into variant topics. I am a thinker of limited capacity to response thoughtfully to what I’m reading. To reference Anne Lamott’s The Crummy First Draft is a pain and nuisance, if I let alone remember to do so. I often time feel I must deliberately pick superficial passages to find a sentence or two as “examples” to “support my statement.” Perhaps as Ms. Lamott says, “Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts.” proves that my ‘first effort’ here is just that—terrible. I suppose I don’t have any direct knowhow of explaining things coherently, in an organized fashion, so perhaps my style has in attempts to pursue this writing Sample for Niteo Writing Seminar of the Fall 2015 semester resulted in satire about my inadequacies in commanding the English language. I hope to determine if my writing here can salvaged, let alone learn if it’s worth being salvaged. Perhaps my efforts can be revitalized and reinvigorated into something more tangible and practical that is acceptable for the academe. Perhaps I’ll be able to do this by the end of the class, or at least provide as a foundation and steppingstone to some pathway towards there. Perhaps not. What I do know is that I have a long ways to go in my writing from the point of leaving “prep school” and my academic writing/reading today.


Dear Censored,

I am an alumnus of the Virginia Military Institute. It is one of the six Senior Military Colleges in the country. It also happens to be the Alma Mater of the one and only Gov Ralph “Coonman” Northam, class of ‘81. Recently, an article from the Washington Post described the life of black cadets as being oppressed by “relentless racism”. Northam has decided to carry out an “independent investigation” into these claims of “clear racism” that is present at VMI. As of today, the current superintendent, Gen J. H. Binford Peay III (retired US Army) stepped down from his position after 17 years at the helm. As a recent graduate that played NCAA sports and lived with basketball players for 4 years; the issue is not around color. The issue is with black NCAA players who come in on scholarships that did not make it on any decent normal sports schools. They come in voluntarily to an incredibly strict environment that they resist every second of the day to integrate into. They relentlessly pull the race card for getting boned for not following the rules. It is a shame that SJW culture is trying to bring about the demise of a school that has produced great military leaders and civilian graduates who have served their country selflessly since 1839. 
Stand back and stand by for the culture war. There are not enough new sunglasses to go around now.


Dear Censored,

I’ve stumble across possibly the gayest short film I’ve ever seen. The comments on it are ridiculous too. It’s like rich white women have a fetish for feminizing men. I could barely watch 2 minutes before I finally realized the only way I can watch this is if my favorite tdoads comment on it.
I know there’s a lot going on right now so you can gladly throw this in the suggestion box and light it on fire.
Love you both and look forward to hearing from you.
Scotty Unverzagt (Un-ver-zot)


Dear Censored,

I was reminded of all the times you bring up the copious amounts of men homos have during orgies when I watched this. Had a good laugh during parts of it, but overall, strangest fucking interview I’ve ever seen. 


Timestamp 38:00 

Dear Censored,

lib punches trump supporter, eats ground


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