Dear Censored,

These guys are starting a made in the USA only website. It is a work in progress but spread this around to struggling small businesses, friends, family as an alternative to Amazon and foreign made products or products that say they are made in the USA but with global/ imported ingredients/materials.

Here is a video where he explains the site and their vetting:

Here is the site:

– Jamie

Dear Censored,

The video of 2 women by-law cops trying to take down a teenage skater at an open public rink that the city had just cleared that day.

Please sign the petition to help get these overzealous want-to-bo cops fired, or at least help the teenager get some justice. this to as many like minded people as possible!

– Kevin

Dear Censored,

Hey vatos,
Check out this cringey PSA from Hip Hop Public Health; a non-profit that has Chuck D and DMC on it’s board.
Looks like a B grade highschool project, but they brag about the “predominantly black” team of professional artists that collaborated to make this pile of shit logs. It even features DMC on vocals.


Dear Censored,

take a look at what is called “NEWS” in 2021.  Joe Biden playing a video game against his grand daughter.  I swear to god I died somewhere at the end of 2019 and was forced into an alternative timeline.  What the fuck is going on anymore?


Dear Censored,

I’ve returned from the rabbit hole that was sparked by your discussion of that b polar chink-chic that drowned in the water tower. In terms of mental illness, there appears to be a pattern with manic depression or bipolar type disorders that are linked obviously to addiction and dis fiction in society but more interestingly to odd situations of suicide or accidental deaths. Also, as someone who has suffered with mental illness, thoughts of suicide, and also an artist(fag zone art), what I find notable about this topic is the link with these “dis orders” and the brilliant artist, writers, actors, & filmmakers that too have experienced and succumbed to their illness by overdose, alcohol, and in some cases suicide/accident.But Drowning?… I don’t get it. Is there something about water?For instance Jeff Buckley. Buckley made one album (Grace) that is such a beautiful and haunting group of songs. He then drowned shortly after in the MS river. His body found near Beal st. in Memphis, the home of the Blues(SPOOKY…). On top of that his father Tim Buckley, also as talented, died of heroine use around the same age.(very spooky). The list of artists is too long to add, 27 club etc. you get the point.


Dear Censored,

I saw this commercial on TV the other day and I think the mask nazi’s might have finally jumped the shark. Even the lefties at my job thought it was creepy and weird.


Dear Censored,

I broke up with my girlfriend, and her coworker found out about it. They go to lunch regularly, and help each other at work, but she has told him on multiple occasions that she wouldn’t be interested in him. It turns out that he had been in the “friend zone” for about a year and a half. Returning from lunch one day recently, he put his hand on her leg and said “This might ruin our friendship, but would you want to give me head?” My ex awkwardly declined and left work as soon as they were back at the office. The guy then sent the attached texts.


Dear Censored

Power tie on youtube still the only channel o can see showing Joe for the true retard he is 

Much respect from Ireland 


Dear Censored

a guy from a local city in the north of England would have been a perfect image at your bi-polar zoo, the poor sod.The unfortunate guy hung upside down for 12 hours,  only dying about 15 minutes before his body was eventually rescued – having scaled the tower at about 4am off his meds.I think he’d tried to jump off but his trouser leg got caught and he just dangled there, fucking brutal.\

– half decent shots at 3:33


Dear Censored

anti-maskers flash mob a trader joes in california


Dear Censored

This dude makes mini investigative documentary series on YouTube. The context for this clip is that he’s gone back to his home state of Vermont to investigate the BLM matter movement in one of the whitest states in the country. He drives passed a load of tents and BLM signs and decides to park up and see if he can do some mini interviews with the people protesting there. He first needs to get passed the Karen gate keeper and what she says to him is absolutely crazy.

The time stamp is 7:25

Nice one


Dear Censored,

Spinster journalist doesn’t realize she missed her childbearing years.

Holy shit I laughed so fucking hard. Sorry if this is ancient chinese news but this belongs on the show.

You could have an aneurysm with your heels on,


Dear Censored,

You recently asked what comes up when you google Ryan and this is the first result after his twitter:

The Curious Case of Multi-Racial Nazis

The Curious Case of Multi-Racial NazisDouglas K.On February 22 CNN’s Ryan Young reported that “in a private meeting with fellow cast members of the Fox show Emp…

Yep. Just another fucking multi-racial Nazi.

Love you more than a friend,


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

Check out this video of babies throwing up in peoples’ mouths:


Dear Censored,

Just wanted to share this vid with you, I feel like this is Johnny Rotten at his best in a film/doc the Pistols made in 2009.

The film is itself is nothing special but the Johnny section at the end had me laughing really hard. You get to see John become more and more disgruntled at the clip continues.

01:02:25: Johnny’s section begins
01:30:40: Fun begins
01:31:40: Full Rotten Mode


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