Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Dear Censored,

 believe I have information that may crack open Detective Shittys Case of the Pizza Underground.

Its not a website where they all eat pizza, its Macauley Culkins Velvet Underground cover band. They change all the lyrics, to pizza lyrics. Ryan obviously doesn’t recognize comedy genius when he sees it or he would not have forgotten songs like “Take a bite of the wild slice”. The pizza eating video on the website was a parody of Andy Warhols hamburger eating art film, which was garbage like everything Warhol did.The Warhol video was part of how he’s always blowing everyones minds by making mundane things art, but at least when he did it there was some underlying layer of meaning surrounding the wasting of film on total garbage. You can’t waste digital video so its a bit of a dead meme.  I think Warhols real art was in wasting everyones time and getting paid for it.


Have you guys played Amish Sex pistols on the show yet?

Dear Censored,

Imma be honest; this one is ancient Chinese medicine. But like all good ancient Chinese medicines, this one will actually make you CRY hard. 
No time stamp needed. 

Keep up the great shows! I like you more than uh you know the thing! 


PS: Also Ryan needs a gender affirming haircut; or else he’s going to start looking like a trans-man from Tiktok . You can’t allow this to happen. Poor thing is bolologically gay, had a hairdresser for a dad and is employed by the one of the best groomed men in New York city and still manages to look like a 16 year old non-binary weeaboo.

Dear Censored,

I was married to a woman who one day decided that she wanted to be a cop. I worked extra hours, sacrificed school, and cut expenses in order for her to not work so that she could “train” for months to prepare for the academy. She was no doubt an affirmative action hire, because she was 21 with no experience or education, while all the other cadets were male, and typically transferring from different departments and a wide variety of experience. 
She always felt like she had something to prove and got very defensive about anything regarding her gender and new career choice. Always had to be tough enough and on par with all the men, which turned into her beginning to look down on me, and being so tough and independent that I just became an obstacle in the way of her glory as a cop.
On her academy graduation day, she told me she was done, didn’t want kids, and never believed in the religious aspects of our marriage, and just wanted to focus on her new life as a super badass cop. 
So divorce sucks, it does destroy men, and everything you say about women cops is true.


Dear Censored,

Fuck Gavins Millionaire Fucking BS Attitude

This little fucking asshole needs his ass handed to him because the way he thinks he can talk to anyone he wants to. Fuck him….pussy ass motherfucker needs to give his company to someone whose actually wants to continue the fight against the left and the anti-Christian. He sure in hell ain’t doing it anymore.


Dear Censored,

You may be aware of this guy but ive never heard you speak about him and he seems to be right up your street. 

No time code just anywhere. If it is ancient chinese secret i apologise to absolutely no one. 
All the best 


Dear Censored,

this video somehow popped up in my Instagram feed and I can’t stop thinking about how meaningless Christianity would be, if Jesus looked like the guy at the 02:08 min mark.
In this video, the buzzfeed-ish YouTube channel “cut” asks men of different ages what it means to “be a man”
If you start at 01:52, the dude at 02:08 really kind of jumps out of the screen.Have you ever seen a head shape like this?Isn’t he embarrassed?
Why do humans look like this?
Anyway, greetings from Germany.
Mir gefällt deine neue Sonnenbrille.


Dear Censored,

I remember Gavin saying something like, “It is a good idea to change your mind on something big each year.”  After painstakingly watching the entire trial because of a long commute, I’ve changed my mind. Every officer testified that having Floyd on his stomach, handcuffed, was a dangerous position. They are trained to put a suspect into the recovery position after initial restraint. You can hear the officer, who is on Floyd’s back, ask Chauvin, “Should we move him?” and Chavin says, “No.” George Floyd died of positional asphyxiation. I can see the jury giving a “guilty“ verdict for 3rd degree manslaughter, but “not guilty” to the 2nd degree murder charge.


Dear Censored,

Why is it so hard?


Dear Censored,

Your threat to fire Ryan yesterday reminded me of this. Just watch the first 30 seconds. I mean the whole clip is pretty good.



Dear Censored,

The other day someone donated to Tim Pool to ask about turning you down last weekend (he denies it) – it goes for about 30 seconds: 

If he’s open to having you on, I’d love to see you do it.  Tim is constantly talking about fighting the culture war by featuring badass influential guests to draw people in who are put off by the left.  You’ve red-pilled a generation, and this would be a great way to keep that going.
Ryan, you’re doing a great job.


Dear Censored,

his is old but gold and in reference to your show a few weeks back. 
Watch this total prick get schooled by Jacob Reece-Mogg. 
Please observe…. A petulant cunt gets a lesson he deserves as said vile prick’s BS strategy gets exposed by a supreme intellectual orator who deploys reductive reasoning and rational facts to demonstrate he is indeed a cunt. Rather beautifully I’d say  👨🏿‍🦰🧉

Note how this dickhead agrees with him as a faux put down but actually agrees with him…. Nauseating gimp. 
Enjoy Gents


Dear Censored,

great video here on symbolic and materialistic worldviews,

this will help you understand the problem of the age of the universe, for example.

Dear Censored,

If you want to avoid the stupid quarantine hotels upon your return to Canada, simply say “no, thanks”. Watch this video for further explanation. Cheers!


Dear Censored,

You blew it on the best episode in awhile. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is about your base needs (food shelter etc), and works up as you satisfy those base requirements. At the top is self-actualization, which means it’s the least important for life for most of the population, and people should focus on the lower levels before even thinking about airy fairy stuff.

C’mon guys. Its fine not to like academia these days, but some of it is valuable. Do a bit of research.


Dear Censored,

I thought he was going to get hit by a car showing off, but no, he lived.  Dance in your own driveway.


Dear Censored,

What did Obama do to the reporter that wrote about his ears being big?  As far as I can tell it is scrubbed from the internet

I hate the current state of our fagstopian country and can’t wait for the revival.

Great show.  You are part of what saves my psyche. 


Dear Censored,

Hello so I have a belief that the issue with ideology is not where you are on the spectrum per say, but in making sure that its being used to drive the evoulationary arms race.

And i say this believe it or not from the perspective of an individual with far left beliefs. I view the far right as the husband who is the check for stability which exists for the wife who in response acts as the evoultinary vanguard and is subserviant to her husband.

I would love to talk more about this if your interested and I would enjoy contributing to the creation of a world in which the poor such as me are, able to legally have their individual rights kept to the minimum in exchange for the communal rights we desire and need.

It would be a world where instead of fighting to overthrow the natural patriachy, we would in fact enable it and be seen as the communal property of the right.

I say this as a gay man as well who hates the modern concept of gay rights. I believe we were happier when slavery was legal and we were emasculated and sort of like the past equvialant of what are now called pets.

We would be often loved unlike the slaves who were not fixed and who would consist of poor straight men who were more or less cattle and so i think the historical bashing of slavery is an injustice to gays like me who desire a traditional lifestyle.

There have also been studies that have shown the brains of gay men are symmetrical like those of woman, so we are more like intersex and we should be treated like females and given their concept of rights in a normal patrichal society.

And if we are young enough i believe, it makes sense for us to become female, although the older gays like me should be emasculated and enslaved like we were in the past.

This is because the value of any woman is always with regards to how she can support her husband and so being a gay male past puberty means that its in the interest of the landlord to have me emasculated and sent to serve wealthy families instead.


Dear Censored,

I don’t know what the liberal fucks think about it but, here’s what my take on Malsow’s Hierarchy of Needs:

As you go up the pyramid, the needs become less important; not more. You can’t worry about self-actualization, such as “gender identify,” if you’re starving or being hunted by a warring tribe. It’s only because of the incredible security afforded to modern Western Civilization that we’re even able to consider any of this liberal mumbo jumbo. Hence the mantra:

  • Hard times create strong men
  • Strong men create good times
  • Good times create weak men
  • Weak men create hard times

Keep up the Good Fight!


Dear Censored,

On the show on April 15th, you guys brought up Ken Marino and how naturally gifted and funny he happens to be. Coincidentally, I was watching Eastbound and Down outtakes the other day, and there was a particularly funny improv moment with him and Danny McBride. Danny stumbles on a line during one of the scenes and it makes Ken laugh. Ken, being the comedic genius that he is, decided to use it and it ended up making the episode. I have provided the link. 

4:07 – 4:31 
This is like the 5th email I have written to you. For the love of God, read the fuckin’ thing. You read the emails of inverted inbreds all god damn show. 
Anyway, I wanna suck your fat dick with my clogs on


Dear Censored,

Sorry for rambling like a mad woman. 
But. What kind of scum bag says at 49 years old.  “It’s about time I think about myself”. Midst argument. 
Last year, I used to ask. “Just tell me the truth. I know where the door is”. And he was so offended.  We broke up 6 months. I wanted to come back and try again.  What a mistake. 
We haven’t talked in 8 weeks. I text vented but was advised to stop. But being in love with someone. And then having your dreams of family shattered. It makes you craZzy !! Why don’t I just talk to him? No, in the ost I used to and he’d be half watching tv and PlayStation. I’d get so rallied up. And then he’s get annoyed and explosive. It was a toxics formula. 
But 8 weeks over text, he’ll argue. 
That said. 
In the fact that I loved him. And came back with forgiveness. Knowing his past( before me he cheated on his wife 5 years. Got caught and wife served him a divorce ). Then I came around in between thT not knowing. But madly in love with him.  And 2017 I moved in.   We argued a lot but got along. 
When I left. It was due to the same factors as now. He just blamed me for everything and took no responsibility for our relationship. Whenever I defended or spoke up for myself. I’m an annoyance. If I wasn’t a good little doggie. Like when I was more naïve… 
The two times in 5 years. His son. From his ex. I don’t bother the kid. I love him. I live and let live. The ONLY thing I ask, common respect; Good morning , “hello” when we come home and “have a good day”. If he’s an ass I addressed it to the father. But sometimes I took the rings. Because the father would ask me “what did you do?” … I got super offended. Because i don’t understand? Am I a child to be questioned as soo ? I’m an adult. So I’d lose my shit. Especially when he told his son who completely ignored me whEn I came home and said hi. “Jordan when someone says hi you say hi back.” … so I am someone. I am not even your gf… that was 2019.
 I left. Coming back. The mofo, whom I loved still and forgave. We wanted to wanted pregnant. But , later on I began to see who dictated our home and how come we were fighting. The ex wife. She would threaten ziggy that she’d take Jordan away because zIggy and me argued. In the past 2019- and before we were hostile. But leaving 6 months and this time around we bickered like a couple. I lost my shit again, “who rules the house and our relationship? Your ex? You had three years to grandfather your divorce. “… and I was just livid. 
Then when I calmed down. He burns me again by telling the cow I was pregnant, which HE KNEW I wanted to tell Jordan. No his ex wife got to tel the son the good news. And I lost it again. That was my joy for the pregnancy. And you know. Not once he said “sorry I fuked up” or just a simple sorry. In his mind, he isn’t. He compared his ex wife to my telling my mother. My only surviving parent. “Well you didn’t ask me how I felt telling your mom and brother “. 
That situation I forced him a couples therapist. But I think he saw how bad this situation was. And tried to advise “you both need to focus on the child”… the third burn. It was discussed in therapy. But ziggy just tried to ask an apology for three years proir. “You owe me an apology for the three years that of what you put me through “ —— the narcissist mother fuker !! The couples therapist said there’s nothing he can help as he sees that ziggy doesn’t want to meet half way. And that’s him being polite. But reality : what kind of selfish fuk is he to do this to me. Despite what I have I can take the truth with a shovel and then make my best move. Which would be to leave. No he wanted my support for his house then. Or a background accessory. I had an ex where I could have had a home from his parents rent free, beck and call. But I said no. I’m depressed (before I knew about BPD. ) and I wanted him to find himself and be happy. I’d never dream of taking any more time from his life. We tried. I’m messed up. I fell out of love. But looking back I know he would have went to therapy with me and supported me. Sadly it hurt. But I wanted him to be happy. He has two kids and is married. Isn’t that  better than being a greedy selfish fuk? 
These arguments. The fuker takes my money that I contributed to the home. Tells me it pays shit.  Tells me I’m a. Leach. Tells me if I’m as a dog he’d put me down. The baby room is not ready as all but these 8 weeks he’s put more time in the garage than the 4 years more or less that I’ve been here. When I left 2019 the jerk told me “I have a house and you have nothing “… “I regret getting you pregnant”“Get lost”
I asked Ziggy “just tell me the truth. I know where the door is”  
This selfish ass couldn’t even come talk and say “look I know we haven’t physically talked in 7 weeks but what I think is best is we end this. And you find your own place “ he can’t be a man and say it. And I refuse to! Why? BecUse he’ll kick me out and take my stuff hostage and tel me “only when I’m home can you come into my house. When I say”… like 2019. He talks to me like I’m a thief!!!! It’s fuking mad. Why would I steal? I paid what you asked. I contributed to the home. Like for fuk sakes let me get my stuff ! 
When we got back together. He can’t play stupid that he didn’t know I had a light form of BPD. As they said. The shitty childhood fuked me up. But I don’t cut or break things. But I ramble. If I took proper English maybe I’d be better at it. 
What a fool I am to forgive his asshole. I truly loved him. And got burned. With a blessing of a child. But being 35-36 this year. I am praying no autism.  I expect he may get a genetic factor of BPD. Which I saw in my nephew. But with my nephew ever negative remark. I told him no he’s fine and he just need to be stronger and that I love him. I’d never ever repeat the abuse my mom did to me or dads neglect.  When he died he left me nothing. And I never went chasing for it. Because at the end my father was kind and was there for me. And even if they favour my brother the asshole. I was okay with getting nothing. Because love the little in whatever form it was. Meant more to me than any $$. 
But Christ does it end?  I just wanted a family. I didn’t expect to be used so stupidly. Especially but a selfish 49 year old. With an unfinished home 15 years. And knowing this now. It’s time to go. 
Now…The fact that he argued 8 weeks. Only now he is silent. And ignores me completely. 8 months pregnant. For me that says he has someone else. He can’t keep it dry. And my getting pregnant turned him off. I have no clue. I don’t want to stay to find out 
I make less than 1k every 2 weeks. No savings.  The apartment prices in montreal are skyrocketing to half a mortgage $ 810- $1000 for a 4 1/2.  The plateau $700 for a 1 1/2 – 2 1/2.  How am I to provide for the child?  I am definitely not saying in this house. This is how I became moms vent. She went nuts. I think i repeated and found similar to my dad. Just wanted a compliant person with no problems. Just east shit. His sons attitude and clean the house. Fuk like a devil in bed. I feel so cheated out of life. But right now. The focus is to get an apartment before the birth. And just get this kid into boys scouts and games with male influences and not the father who is 49 and plays PlayStation 5 and shoved his first son the iPad at 2. His son is 12 and it’s mornings with an iPad, after school , he plus a bit but returns to the iPad. And at night he games now like his father on the pc. I used to say if he took a sport I’d drive him. I’d encourage his kid. But I guess ziggy and his cow ex wife are just lazy Fuks also. And I just happen to be the background accessory until I became an annoyance. 
Why does my life suck so hard. Even choice I thought it would be good. Turns out to be a shitty choice. I’m growing over weight as I’m drained. I don’t excercise like before. It could be living in ziggys junk yard palace that took the life out of me.  When I left 2019 I lost 10lbs in two months. So perhaps. I’m better independent. But seriously, I’m done with relationships. I don’t know what mental damage this situation caused to me. But I know last time I left I had a nervous break down. This time with the child coming may 15. I can’t afford this.  I don’t self harm. Just hyperventilating and crying. Ziggy has been told he isn’t permitted there for the birth. Those remarks “if you were a dog I’d put you down”… “ya I regret getting you pregnant”. 

My mom insults me for being stupid. Like. It doesn’t fuking end. 
Let me shut up here. 
Rambling like a fool. 
I guess I’m trying to not vent to ziggy has 8 weeks not. Ignoring me. Not asking how I feel or having  his hand in my belly to feel the baby move. I got the message. It’s just apartments are so dam expensive.  I’m forced to find a 3 1/2 so I can have money for day care and then Put him in sport.  And try to raise a happy kid. 
Ok take care 

Dear Censored,

Dear Gavin and Thee Most Exalted Potentate of The Fag Zone   If you want a good explanation of how WWI got started. Look no further than Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World, is a book by Patrick J. Buchanan,   In order to set up his premise of how unnecessary WW2 was , he gives a pretty good explanation of WWI. It’s a great read. 


Dear Censored,

Big bitch falling backwards while running forward


Dear Censored,

I got pulled over in my work truck with 2 Co workers of the cloudy persuasion. I ended up saying something snarky to the officer (Nothing insulting, just a lame remark about the DOT).
After receiving my warning, for a tail light, my cloudy cohorts began saying “if you were black he would have pulled you out and Beat your ass”.
This conversation quickly turned into me being grilled on the existence of white privilege. 
I tried to explain the difference between their perceived notion of white privilege and good old fashioned racism but they were having none of it and continued to bounce their ignorant incoherent ramblings off of each other.
Is there any point in trying to get any kind of opposing view into these fuckers brains or am I trying to drink whisky from a bottle of wine?

By the way for fucks sake, we all know it says “Gavin’s Alt Right and his pussy is pretty tight”, give it a rest already.

Fuck Me sideways,
– Rusty 

Dear Censored,

‘m sure your hipster asses have heard of this band. They are originally from Kalamazoo, MI but moved to Seattle in the early 2000s. Thought they would be up your alley. 

Love the show,

Dear Censored,

I am a huge advocate of Gavin’s theory that all animals are losers, so when my wife wanted to go to the zoo this weekend, I set out to purchase a t-shirt with “Animals are Losers” written on it. Lo and behold my Google pulled up this article written in 1994, and while it kind of has a meandering prose, he fleshed out a few of the same points you did (though not as comedically or succinctly)
It was only after I read the article that I thought I recognized the authors name and looked him up, and guess who it fucking is?? Same motherfucker who wrote “Marley and Me”, that sappy Owen Wilson movie about how much he loves his stupid dog. Journos are hippocritical trash, always have been.
Anyway, to end this shitty letter is a “Would you Rather” :
Have a dick the size of a nipple, or have nipples the size of dicks?
I like your new sunglasses,

-A Friend

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