Two brazen customers recently entered a Denny’s restaurant without face coverings on, citing that to wear one went against their religious freedoms. As seen in a now viral video, the waitress then told the two men to put on a mask because it is mandatory for the COVID-19 pandemic guidelines.

When the men declined, citing religious exemptions, the waitress then took off her own mask and left the restaurant while shouting, “What is wrong with you people?”

During the heated exchange the lyrics,

…And we can build this dream together / Standing strong forever / Nothing’s gonna stop us now from the song “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by the band Starship are heard playing on the overhead speakers in the background. 

In the Denny’s video posted by the Scoop, after one of the two men is asked to wear a mask, he calmly responds by saying, “We both have religious exemption,” before adding “we just don’t want to wear a mask.”

They are then told again by the waitress that they are required to wear a mask, before the man begins explaining the 1964 Civil Rights Act as the waitress walks off in frustration. She then does an abrupt about-face and quickly marches toward the entrance and rips off her own COVID-19 required face covering in a blatant disregard to the rules she’s been charged to enforce while declaring “I quit! I fucking quit!”

She berates the customers as they politely remind her “Ma’am, we’re not sick.”

The waitress continues her tirade by letting the customers and other off-camera employees know “I’m not working for this shit anymore! These guys won’t put their masks on. I’m sick of feeling like this!”

The man filming calmly asks,“Why are you discriminating against us, ma’am?” 

“I’m not discriminating against you!” the waitress shouts back. 

“Yes you are,” the customer tells her. 

The waitress then begins telling someone named Roger, who appears to be a manager, that she just can’t do this anymore. 

The man calmly approaches the customers and explains “the governor has said you can’t come in without a mask. No mask, no service.”

The man once again reiterates that the Civil Rights Act says they can claim religious exemption for not wearing a mask, and Roger takes it in for a beat before bluntly saying, “Not here.”

The man behind the camera then says, “Okay, then you’ve lost our business and we’ll go somewhere else.”

Roger says “Okay,” before adding, “Thank you. I’m sorry.”

The waitress then returns and shouts, “He’s filming, also, by the way. He’s filming this! This is some sort of fun act for these people! I’ve had it!”

One of the maskless men turns his head over his right shoulder on the way out the door and softly advises the staff of the Denny’s “Don’t believe everything the media tells you, OK?”

The less-than-curious Denny’s waitress then tells them, “Go fuck yourself!” 

One of the men then suggests to her: “You’re going to want to clean your language up, ma’am” before they both exit the establishment, presumably in search of a more accommodating restaurant. 

A similar situation happened between a maskless shopper and another customer at an Arizona Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago.

According to the Scoop, a woman at the Hobby Lobby in Arizona began filming a confrontation with a man who was bothering her because she was not wearing a mask. He aggressively stalked her throughout the store and ordered her to put on a mask. Other onlookers in the store had to intervene on her behalf to make sure the situation ended safely.

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