Don’t catch AIDS and die

Dear Censored,

Angela Stanton King is a no BS, ex con, black conservative who ran for congress for Atlanta’s 5th district and lost, of course, but she has always spoken out about anti LGBT people and the effect they have on the children. She was on Dr. Phil talking about how she will never accept her trans son as a woman. Minute 1 made me LOL

love you guys more than a friend! 


Dear Censored,

So a little while back, under Trump. We got a 15 year old Mexican kid in custody for doing a burglary battery (2nd degree felony). When we get back to the office I was asking about his parents and how I can contact them. Long story short he said he recently crossed the boarder with his dad. He’s here illegally and his mom is still in Mexico. So fuck it I called boarder patrol. Let them deal with this shit. After border patrol gets there we find out the kid and his dad were stopped at the boarder a few month prior. Boarder patrol documented them and because it was a dad traveling with a “child”. They took their pictures, gave them a court date and let them go.

When Boarder patrol runs the dad’s name they find out dad is a violent felon with multiple warrants. So we get dad’s phone number and I call him. I told him his son was in some minor trouble and since he is only 15 we need you to come pick him up. When dad got there my sergeant, two boarder patrol guys and I were waiting for him. We take dad into custody and bring him to a holding cell. Turns out the guy who showed up did not look like the guy in the photo that was taken at the boarder a few months ago. The guy in custody was his real dad. The guy at the boarder paid mom to use him as his “son” so he could get across more easily. The kid ended up telling us that his mom had sold him four other times, to random people, that wanted to get across. Don’t worry though, the kid and the real dad were both deported. I also filed the burglary battery case with the state, so if the kid ever tries crossing again he will have a warrant for his arrest. Only problem is real dad wasn’t the violent felon. Who knows where that guy is. The kid didn’t even know his real name. Anyway this shit happens and that was under trump, so imagine what’s going on now.

Ryan get your shit together. I like your new sunglasses.

-Don’t say my name

Dear Censored,

Here’s a song that’ll wet your glands.  It has and always will have relevance.


Dear Censored,

I watched this video last week showing a Texas hearing about a bill that prevents discrimination against people that do not want to get vaccinated. I think this is a great and important step in preventing government overreach. First 7-8 minutes where Mr. Hall speaks is very good:
As the CDC advises that vaccinated people do not have to wear masks, it’s causing some businesses to ostracize employees that don’t want to get the vaccine. Walmart is offering $75 to employees that get the vaccine. Other more professional companies are singling out unvaccinated people also. Now why would companies push a non FDA approved, emergency vaccine on people? Why should vaccinated people care if someone else gets vaccinated if they can’t get sick? These companies would not be liable if someone develops an adverse reaction from the vaccine because they tell employees it’s their choice but at the same time, single them out from activities, threaten quarantine if they travel, etc.
These company and societal actions are giving more reason for people to try and prevent this discrimination. A number of states are introducing a bill for this. My state, California, is one of the states that has introduced a bill. I hope it passes:

– Heather

Dear Censored,

Long time fan.But honestly I’m at this point in my life were i think science should have never progressed after the 1950s (sometimes I think we should have stopped at electricity honestly.)But here is this video that makes me not only repulsed but bloodthirsty.1.01

Love your new sunglasses.


Dear Censored,

So get this! I look up from a nearly finished watercolour portrait of Trinidad and Barnes and “we have a winner!” Already? How embarrassing.You win this time Dave; but next time I’m tracing photo outlines and using charcoal to save time. Your Photoshop and Google images will be no match. Muuahhahahahahahahahahahah 


Dear Censored,

 In the episode where you showed that ridiculous woke Army commercial I’m calling BS. The girl claims to be a college graduate yet she went in  enlisted. That makes no sense. Once you have a four-year degree you can become an officer and make at least twice as much money. Why would anybody go enlisted if they have a degree?
Also the Army is full of foreigners and retards. Every time I ever dealt with the Army (as US Marine) I was dealing with someone who barely spoke English. You can join the military and speed up your citizenship which brings in a large number of foreign military members to the Army and Navy. 
As a veteran of war movies I’m sure you already knew all of these facts.


Dear Censored,

 few episodes back you brought up a joke regarding how your Italian boxing buddy isn’t white, that reminded me of a book I read years ago discussing how it took many many many years for the American people and the government to consider Daygos as white people (see attached for book)

Very interesting read. Italians were the second most lynched people in the US behind African Americans and it was during the early 60s they got the call to the white team. The icon scene from True Romance pays tribute to these sentiments.

Basically the moral is, every culture throughout history has been treated like shit at one point or another and perhaps we should all move on. Think that will ever happen?

Anyways, thanks for the great show.


Dear Censored,

watched this stupid BBC documentary whether British unis are racist, but a pretty funny “racist” incident is described at 19 minutes and 47 seconds into the video, and I wondered your take on it. 

P.s. 12 minutes 4 seconds is also kind of funny but that too would be interesting to see your view on it. 


Dear Censored,

He believes that you have to be crazy to think the presidential election was stolen. During his interview with Gad Saad, I included the link scrub to 10:40 
He was basically in a drug induced coma during the whole election and Trump presidency. Being that you both interview people who are on the “untouchable” list I would love to see you go on and eviscerat………I mean educate him on this subject. I also think you two would agree on quite a bit. 


Dear Censored,

Sup Gav and Ryan, jimmy here.
I came across this trailer for a Netflix movie and I was wondering how they continue to churn these out when they know that the reviews from any critic who isn’t a red wine gurgling lonely cat mom with dried up ovaries are going to absolutely trash it?
Do they have some kind of quota that says they have to push X-amount of woke bullshit on their service? How is it financially viable to make this hot garbage?

Badass fat black chick? Check.Obligatory evil white male antagonist? Check Coma inducing cringe jokes? CheckFlop at the box office? Check-idy check check.


Dear Censored,

Gavin, your always telling us how Australia is the last bastion of masculinity (which is true) part of the problem here may be that you fucking yanks have no idea how to do a burnout. Linked below is a brief video tutorial on how real men burn rubber.


Dear Censored,

Think this is the look at every gate across the country.. Also, this is the “special assistance” first group on the plane. I always thought this was reserved for handicapped people, but apparently anyone can just jump the line and get the first pick of their seats… Southwest.. never again..
Suck you with sunglasses,


Dear Censored,

he new shows have been very good I’m actually watching more of them now because they are so good.this site has the best verity of entertainment The Schpiel is a good new show and adding another Jim Goad show was a great move the Gavin and Josh show is great as well very funny.Wrong Opinion another good show honestly Gavin the network has never been better my boy you are the man thanks Gdog.


Dear Censored,

You are Donald Sutherland


Dear Censored,

Have you seen this PB sing?


Dear Censored,

Ammo to send your daughters way for cool dad points +1000


Dear Censored,

 Hope you are feeling groovy, love your show and all of your varied opening song selections. I thought I might suggest an artist that is rather obscure but absolutely incredible. Her name is Ionna Lee and her project is called Iamamiwhoami.

 She’s Swedish and her and her collective have made several audio visual albums over the years with money raised from touring and crowd funding. She hasn’t been signed (created her own label), she’s entirely self made and she hasn’t sold her soul to the music industry. For this reason doesn’t get nearly the amount of attention that she should. I know she’s a little skinny for your taste, but give her a chance. 😉

 I think this track will be dope as an opener, hope you enjoy regardless and take great care. <333


P.S. – For a demographic reference I’m a 30 year old chick living in Russia (am American)

Dear Censored,

Today I got censored from BabyCenter, a message board/social media site for pregnant women and mothers. I thought you’d find it funny as well as bolster many of your fine points on the frailty and emotional responsiveness of women. I’ve attached a screenshot of the post that got me banned. My screen name was “borntobemother,” and my response to the attached idiotic statement was, “also known as clown world.” And wa-la! Banned from BabyCenter. 
I’ve wanted to email you for some time to introduce my family to you as you like to learn about your viewers. 
I am a 32 year old stay at home mom, my husband is 38 and works in corporate America, we have an 18 month old son and I’m currently 12 weeks pregnant with baby #2. My husband first saw you on Red Eye and then via a subscription to CRTV. We watch regularly and love the show. Keep up the good fight – we need you and others like you. We’re out here!!! 
I like you more than a friend,


Dear Censored,

I just read your vice do’s and don’t book and its brilliant. You need to bring this level of deviance to the modern political tribal Shiz show and piss more pathetic losers off. I was trying to think like you and had an idea. You should apply your genius brain to stuff like “a muscle bound joe biden ripping off his shirt with one hand to reveal an operation warp speed chest tattoo while giving thumbs up to trump smoking a blunt in the distance.” Its time to stop pretending that these politicians everyone treats like God’s aren’t gay. How about a campaign to vaccinate animals. Trump was awesome to me because they hated him. They hated him as an old white man so much they elected the oldest whitest man ever. They are closet gays for trump style freedom and we should make fun of them. AOC and Melania looking hot in bikinis smirking at Pelosi with saggy boobs. I’m an idiot here gavin but we need your wisdom. I don’t care about rightwing leaders, I just like making fun of theirs (the trans globo-homo types). I think we should all be ironic fans of biden like you with your brilliant “my pet biden”. I love them because they are openly worthless and I’m pretty sure government is too big and worthless whether it is left or right in charge. Let’s pretend that we care about pansexuals and front holes because of all the “bulleying”. If this is clown world, then its time to take your rightful place as king!  
 Give me something to buy please! 


Dear Censored,

Gavin when you mentioned you have more money now Milo is gone…. Ryan started to sing this song. Does Ryan have a secret crush on Milo? 



Dear Censored,

I want to fuck you with my heals On.

Whilst my Son’s year 11 boys class celebrated a indoor soccer win here in Perth Western Australia they had a irate female teacher explode into the male toilets (locker room) whilst they where in various states of undress. She told them to shut up and broke into a screaming Woke Tirade about Misogyny over the celebration in a locker room.

At the same secondary school my 16yo boy has to address a mentally ill lesbian teacher “MIX”.
And listen to this stupid fucking cunt discuss transisitioning into a man in class.

My son was suspended last year without any due process for saying you’d be gang bashed if you walked around our shady (ghetto/aboriginal) suburbs late at night alone.

As a annual subscriber, I want to say thank you for and the ability to download episodes on my phone.


Dear Censored,

Here’s proof that you’re losing the war against flip-flops.
Coming soon to your neighbourhood, the flipflop-shoe! (Actually, Ryan probably already has a pair):

Or are the running-flipflops worse?

Either way, they’re disgusting.


Dear Censored,

Long time listener and only recent subscriber because I’m cheap. But this is well worth the money so congrats sir.

Check out the song “Hunting For Witches” by Bloc Party”. It takes about 35 seconds to “drop” but it’s right up your street. They’re washed up now, they burst onto the local scene in 2011-2013. Their only other decent song is Banquet. No need to jump into a rabbit hole of their discography…bit of a one hit wonder.

You need to start reviewing more UK media clown shit as your fan base here is growing. You won’t be short of material as we are a complete apologetic leftist carcrash.

I think Britain is a great example of where America could be if you guys continue to pander to these woke clowns. If our Conservative party was compared to America it would probably be left of centre…


PS – Canelo broke Billy Joe’s Saunders’ orbital bone in 4 separate places with that uppercut

Dear Censored,

I don’t know if Gavins ever heard of Australian comedian Chris Lilley, but all of his series are hilarious. Of course, dumb Aussies have tried to cancel him. His show Ja’mie: Private School Girl is the best. Here’s a YouTube clip of the best moments from the show: 


Dear Censored,

Apple employee is fired after coworkers petition to get rid of him.

“Specifically, employees expressed concerns about Garcia Martinez’s views about women and people of color. One passage from “Chaos Monkeys,” which was circulated on Twitter, called women in the Bay Area “soft and weak, cosseted and naive despite their claims of worldliness, and generally full of shit.”

Here’s his book:


Dear Censored,

I’ve been a loyal customer for over a year and have never emailed you before. But enough is enough…
You dropped MILO for this garbage? 
I watched your Censored Compound episode with the two of them. Gavin Wax is alright but Isabella Riley made me cringe 100% of the time. 
Terrible choice buying this show. Jeez man. I loved the addition of LOTUS—she actually brings something unique to the table. 
Very disappointed. 


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