Everything is trans, Everything is racist.

Dear Censored,

I don’t care if this gets my fired this is retarded Just another average “Annual job training”


Dear Censored,

There’s a really good quote at the end to sample: “For once in my life I happen to become that sucker.”


Dear Censored,

Bring on the Trump button friends, because Donny is coming back hard.
He’s gonna cum.  “Don’t cum, don’t cum”, said Kamala.

I’m putting all my faith into the AZ audit and Mike Lindell.
Check out Donald’s latest message brought to us by the Remix Bros (WTFBrahh).

Also, Ryan shut up and bring Gary back.


Dear Censored,

Good video based on the Kamala “don’t come” clips.
You may have already seen it, but since you guys use this Trump drop, this video is hilarious.

Thanks for calling,

Dear Censored,

A weird course given by Oxfam says white women calling the police is an attack on minorities. Of course written by a gender studies professor with a probable rape fantasy. 


P.s. add this to everything is racist: 

Dear Censored,

Here’s an example of two state police both unloading their guns into a little woman who they claim had a hammer. Why couldn’t two grown men over 200lbs handle a little woman using pepper spray and tasers? Both of these guys are still working. Officer Brooks had been fired from several towns before getting a job as a state trooper thanks to his father being county commissioner.


Dear Censored,

The Barbican- one of the most famous cultural institutions in my hometown of London- recently released a pamphlet containing all the stories about ‘experiences of institutional racism at the Barbican’ they could gather:
Its an EXCELLENT document- because it at last gets around all the bullshit and down to the specifics of what these people are talking about. And as expected, every single example in this entire collection is laughable nonsense.
The fact they cannot even come up with one example of actual racism despite a gargantuan effort- demonstrates yet again quite conclusively how remarkably non racist the western world actually is.


Dear Censored,

I’ve grown seriously concerned with Gavin’s ratings of both women & men out of /10 since subscribing to Censored.TV.

His ratings have always been concerningly high but recently having caught up on shows from the past 12 months I’ve reached a crisis point.

Gavin consistently overshoots a full 1.5 to 2 points high on everybody and I’m losing all respect for him.

It is not just me who feels this way, your comment section on here and on YouTube (Rebel videos) are littered with men distraught over how you could rate some of these grotesque skid marks so high.

It calls into question all your Vice days ploughing women till your dick looked like Freddy as any man can rack up a body count on trolls.

Please produce a segment addressing/explaining specific ratings with examples of 1-10 and perhaps allow some input from the nip or your dad.

Love from England

Suck My Boner


PS. – Watch ‘Four Lions’. It is a brilliant comedy about 4 wannabe Jihadis from Sheffield. I’m sure Tommy R has seen and would recommend. It’s a bit of a cult classic over here.


Dear Censored,

Investors don’t like their business because of her race, not because they can’t work out how to buy a damn A/C unit to keep the joint cold.


Dear Censored,

That dumb bitch that was talking about the American flag being politicized but the right is an idiot. The American flag is a symbol of the USA and since the left decided they want to destroy America and shit all over the flag it pushed the right to defend our way of life and the symbol that encompasses that. So if anybody politicized it was the left. Love you more than a friend,


Dear Censored,

Did you guys notice the beavers in the BIG PARADE had their TITS REMOVED??


Dear Censored,

PLEASE cover the clip of Quentin acting black. 3 video drops from this would be great:

  • 2:59 – “Oh, interesting question actually”
  • 4:29 – “So I put this thing in mah cute-yoota”
  • 4:25 – “I’m not too computer savvy”

This is non-negotiable. Cover it live right now.
Love you,


Dear Censored,

 came across this old bag in Twitter bragging about all the things she accomplished late in life, principally getting her dream job, starting her non profit and having her son at 42. Come to find out, her son is autistic and her non profit benefits those with autism. I can’t quite put my fingers on it, but there is something seriously messed up about waiting so long to have kids that they come out with autism, and then basing your entire public persona about all the wonderful work you do for autism. Here’s an idea: end autism by having some kids before 40 you old bag.


Dear Censored,

What’s up gavin godley and ryan pussy…there is a new show on peacock app it’s a NBC app and they have a new show about muslims being in a punk band…you should check it out, it’s called we are lady parts..might be good material for a green screen one day.


Dear Censored,

This is pure gold and it’s only 3 minutes long. I promise it won’t disappoint!

Are you wearing a new shirt or old one? Us in the chat have been arguing about it. Thanks.

I wanna shop you with my coupon!


Dear Censored,

Hi, It’s known who killed Ashli, it’s just not reported on. Our friends at Slightly Offensive did a show on it. You will see why it’s not widely known who killed her.

Imagine if the races were reversed.

God bless you both. Been a fan for a long time. You keep me inspired to keep fighting the good fight. Thank you.


Dear Censored,

I saw this very interesting graphic today that NPR put out to try to shame red states about their low vaccination rates. Check out which “blue” states are on the wrong side of the dividing line. The correlation between the vaccination rates and the number of Biden voters is obvious. It looks like there is a major discrepancy in AZ, GA, NV, MI and WI between the number of people vaccinated and the official vote count for Biden.


Dear Censored,

Portland. I gotta get outta here. Though I kinda like the aesthetic and Divine from pink flamingos being down there on the bottom. Are they suggesting they’re the filthiest people alive?. John waters world is FICTION. I dont want to live in mortville.

Dear Censored,

I went down the censored.TV rabbit hole and found your old episodes of Get off my lawn on CRTV And I agree about your views on fortnight and how it’s like a crack addiction. My nephew JJ has a Severe Fortnite addiction, it has gotten to the point that he is severely violent towards my sister-in-law and brother when they took away his gaming system because he was verbally abused his girlfriend. Considering that he is only 12 years old. I consider it worse than crack and it’s making him mentally obese And not tenacious. I am guessing that he has spent over $10,000 in the past 4 to 5 years on The game since it has been out. He even sold his motorbike that his dad bought for him on his birthday last year without them knowing. So, JJ went out and bought the new PlayStation 5. It was a $2000 motorbike In my mind he should’ve have gotten because I knew that he would either crash it or sell it.

I need your advice on what we need to do with my nephew!


Dear Censored,

Please do a “Special Episode” solely devoted to Ry Guy showcasing his uncanny impressions of:

Tim Pool

Donald Trump

Louis CK

Bill Burr

Samuel L Jackson

Tony Soprano

Jordan Peterson

George W Bush

Ben Shapiro

Gavin McInnes

And any other homo he can imitate

I swear to God he’s the best impressionist since Monet.

Put him in front of the green screen and let him shine for an hour.

(Yes, you can say my name on the show. Please do!)

Love always,

Danny, a longtime Gav-simp from Toronto who was born in Montreal but also lived in LA for 8 years.


PS: The “Gavin’s Mail Bag” theme song is more addictive than cocaine. Who wrote/performed it? I can’t go to sleep before I know.

Dear Censored,

I wanted to reach out to you and thank you for your service.

LAPD Story

I have been living in California since I was born, and both of my parents worked in LAPD ( Gang Division)  since the Rodney King riots.

Here’s a dark story…
My Mom’s first call while patrolling was of a screaming child in an upper apartments in downtown LA.
My Mother and four officers bust down the door to the apartment, and found an Black man holding his crying 4 year old (niece) on his dick. It
took all of the officers self control not to shoot this fucker right then and there. Immediately after taking down the door the suspect pulled the child off
his genitelia and shit poured out of the baby’s asshole. They apprehended the child, and arrested the man.. but before they put him in their cruiser. All
four officers took terns beating the shit out of the man. This was on her very first day on the force ( she served 15 years before it was too much and she became a nurse.)

I have many more stories like this one, that both of my parents have told me over the years.

My “Get Fired Story”

Unfortunately I’m stuck here in California, and your show is one of the only shows that keeps me from losing my mind.
I studied Illustration/industrial design with a scholarship Art Center in Pasadena California and graduated around the time Trump was elected.
To put my experience short.. I was one of two student in my class that was white. Every single day I would have posters put

on my locker and in the hallways saying things like:

“Check your privilidge, white people”
“This is not a White America”
“Brown/Korean Dance day”

My school was probably 88% Korean, 10% Chinese, and the rest where black, Latino and white.
It felt like a personal attack everyday. Ironically enough one of my best friends was a Black dude from Inglewood;
None of the other cultures would interact with him, they all remained in their cliques.
It was a incredibly lonely experience. My parents taught me to always finish what I started so I grinded through.

Since graduation, I’ve drawn up designs and storyboards for companies like NASA, Apple, and even Disney.
Disney was extremely diverse, and I was once again the only white artist in the building.. I was a contractor, and
edited storyboards for the (shitty) remake of the Lion King, Jungle Book, etc. Being the one of the only person in the building
who could actually draw with a pencil (not using a computer); I remember saying “ this shit has no heart, dude” every time I came into work.
I recommended it be a good idea to get more traditional artists to help out.
Then one day two jr. Korean designers were hired; and I was to train them and get them up to speed. I later recognized them as two students that
I TA’ed while in university. Eventually I got them both up to speed.

I found out that they were both being paid 20K more a year than myself, and this was their first time in the business. I then looked it up and found out on average

a storyboard artist/illustrator is paid more when they are female than if they were male.

Finally I heard from down the grapevine that they wanted to let me go because of something I did on Gay pride day.

Our company bought us rainbow shirts on during gay pride month and made it a requirement to where it all day and take a giant Instagram shot.
This happened to align with the 76th anniversary of DDAY. My grandfather stormed those beaches survived with a steel skull, a 8 inch and bayonet wound, and 3 bullet holes to the leg and abdomen.
He was awarded a silver star for taking out a German tank single handedly with these wounds. When he passed he gave my dad his Jacket that said “BIG RED, To Mean to Die” sown on the back ( he had a giant red beard when he was young ).

I’m immensely proud of my Grandfather, and decided to wear his jacket on that day instead of a gay pride shirt. Much of the staff thought that it was offensive for many reasons, and so HR ended my contract a month later.
To make matters worse I found out that the two Korean girls that I trained were the ones who lead the report to HR.
I’m looking for work, and have been picking up small jobs every since. I think of Big Red and wear that jacket anytime, I feel pity on myself.

I can tell you so much more, but that was definitely long enough for one email.

Segway Clip:

“ what’s better than this guys being dudes “


Newer hardcore:

“Here’s a newer hardcore band from 2012 you might like“; I guess they aren’t that new anymore.
Rival Mob

Thanks for your service,


Dear Censored,

hy are Scottish people so funny at placing their opinions?
Good day sir.
First time sending a mail.


Dear Censored,



Dear Censored

I understand your opinion on trannies but I believe it is heavily influenced by activist/SJWs and other annoying groups.

I have significant experience with trannies in real life. I have known and dated many in the past 10 years. Below are a few reasons to reconsider your views and some corrections to possible misbeliefs. 

  1.  They will literally milk your cock with their assholes. As you are fucking them they will tighten and relax their assholes. I have not yet met a female who would even consider doing this and it feels amazing.
  2. Not all of them are crazy and in my experience most are more emotionally stable than the average woman, which actually makes sense considering they have a brain that is at least partially male in nature.
  3. They do not smell like men contrary to what you might believe. At least not the ones on hormones and I have known many who are legitimately indistinguishable from women (aside from the cock & balls).
  4. Obviously it is not possible to have children with them (at least in the traditional sense), however, until someone is ready to truly settle down, what’s the difference?
  5. AIDs, it is now possible to take pREP which completely eliminates the possibility of contracting HIV. You could also use condoms (as you would with a female who is not on birth control) and be extremely safe. 

In conclusion, reconsider thinking so negatively about trannies and understand that many if not most are actually really fun and interesting people. In private, few agree with the politically correct nonsense you see everywhere.

I have watched your show since day 1 on Cumia’s website and I think Ryan is incredibly funny/talented even beyond his impressions, hopefully you keep him around for a long time.

Attached are images of a German trans model.



Dear Censored

It’s a sad, sad video


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