We are offering one-year free membership to anyone who can recreate this poster and make it better. We realize you already have a subscription but you can gift your prize to a friend (or your lover!)

All we need is the same info and a good pic of Larry and Trinidad. Don’t use these pics they suck. It’s pretty difficult to find old pics of Larry so recreating them with a painting or quality drawing is probably your best bet (you listening Brian Spencer?) We are only including this poster so you can see what they look like and what information it has to include. To be clear: this poster sucks – which is why we’re holding this competition.
PS: don’t include that “send a tee” thing at the bottom.

6 thoughts on “Fighting With Larry Barnes Competition

    1. If you win. Imagine a talented artist spending at least five hours (probably more like ten) working on something that might pay a hundred dollars if you’re lucky. Gavin sometimes says that Scotts are cheaper than Jews. I believe it.

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