Parents of trans kids tell us gender isn’t real, Joe Biden tells us the jobs report went great, and the New York Times wants us to know there is no gas shortage. We’re not just living under a medical tyranny. We’re living under a fake news tyranny.

Opening songTEKE::TEKE11https://youtu.be/90j72DhZ5jQ
BOOKThe Great Revolt – Salena Zico and Brad ToddGun rights and Obama apologizing
Larry Barnes competition11Bhttps://censored.tv/news/fighting-with-larry-barnes-competition/
I showed the wrong Canelo knockout yesterday12https://www.instagram.com/p/COu7KahLt87/?igshid=1ikihvafd850tThat’s not his skull in the bottom right
gas shortageleft says it doesn’t exist13https://www.instagram.com/p/COvQwJrDjEo/?igshid=1xupseq6namja
ISRAEL IS ON FIREFuck PalestineIron Dome is working out nicely14https://twitter.com/Ostrov_A/status/1391835837898313731
I don’t get thisHedonism 2 megafile15https://de.xhamster.com/photos/gallery/14076839/392080608“clothing is optional” Negril, JamaicaYou let a giant black guy rail your wife? Why? 
I don’t get blue collar liberals. That accent being pro Hillary makes my brain hurt. Here are 10 other things I don’t get…

10- WW1I realize I’ve said this before but what? Why? https://youtu.be/XS1gROq5iZ8Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. So? Throw the bad guys in jail and get on with it. https://youtu.be/fi1OyVB2laY
9- SEWING MACHINESThey are voodoo. It doesn’t make sense.https://youtu.be/1pWtQBjbrPY
8- HOLDING HANDSIf you love each other so much, stop, hug and get it over with. Why do you need to be touching while you walk? https://youtu.be/3OZ6wXhlEs0
7- DAVE PORTNOY’S PIZZA REVIEWSThere are almost 100,000 pizza joints in America. The odds of him doing the one near you are infinitesimally small. I’m not going to Nicky’s Pizza in Miami Beach. I don’t care. https://youtu.be/b1ILLTS8ol0?t=7
6- CALCULUSDrives my dad nuts. “The rate of change”? WTF does that mean? I took it in college and even solved 3x + y cubed spun about the z axis. No idea what I was doing. I get algebra. The basic concept says you can still solve an equation without knowing all the variables. Makes sense. Calculus is alien talk. https://youtu.be/-j2eKo84Ef8?t=82
5- GIGANTIC MANSIONSWhy have 27 rooms? If you had 27 guests, your dinners would be absurd. You’re just eating in a really long restaurant and living in a hotel. Oh, it was a hotel? Cool, now it’s an empty hotel.https://youtu.be/NdMUOSCQhGI
4- GUYS WHO GET GIRLS PREGNANTWhy did you cum in her? It felt good? OK, do you also shit your pants? https://youtu.be/ymCIH-m30s0?t=101
3- FAKE TITSHow can you just forget that they’re man made? https://youtu.be/j-p9z6K42cY?t=19
2- CHIP CHIPPERSONSo, it’s a comedian who is not funny. How is that funny?https://youtu.be/cHBxkSRFX28
1- LIKING BIDENI get that people hate Trump but how can anyone be happy Biden is president? How can they watch him? He “stutters”? Are you Fucking kidding me. https://cnsnews.com/blog/craig-bannister/biden-suffers-four-second-mental-meltdown-struggles-move-next-question-during

FEMINISMMyt 2-year-old is a boy16https://twitter.com/thismorning/status/1391708707805929473?s=11This is the cunt who ruined his wife’s life by hiding in closet17https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/10913065/phillip-schofield-gay-this-morning-announcement/he’s still married18https://www.dailystar.co.uk/tv/phillip-schofield-still-married-wife-23551654

Fat bitch is dying of starvation19https://www.dailystar.co.uk/real-life/model-tess-holiday-bravely-opens-24034837
Insane backlash for saying, “I had babies early and I don’t regret it”20https://twitter.com/aaronsibarium/status/1391882257422487552?s=11Satan made her have a baby!21https://twitter.com/ebruenig/status/1391590014543351810?s=11
They want her dead. “My worth is not defined by my ability to give birth” is like Superman saying, “My worth is not defined by my being able to fly.” Okay, but why not fly? Remember when you removed your powers and Lois Lane almost died? 
Here’s the article. Could devote an entire show to this. It’s perfect22https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/07/opinion/motherhood-baby-bust-early-parenthood.htmlOne of the things they don’t tell you about having babies is that you don’t ever have a baby; you have your baby, which is, to you, the ur-baby, the sum of all babies. The moment they laid her damp rosy body on my chest, I knew she would envelop my world. I had worried about that very thing. In Sheila Heti’s novel “Motherhood,” the narrator, a cynical writer contemplating whether to have kids before it’s too late, laments the absence of new parents from their friends’ lives, a phenomenon she calls “that relieved and joyful desertion.” “When a person has a child,” she writes, “they are turned towards their child.” The risk of falling off the world haunted me. When you have a baby, you do turn toward your child — that “relieved and joyful desertion” may eventually affect your friends, but it first affects yourself.What I didn’t understand — couldn’t have, at the time — was that deserting yourself for another person really is a relief. My days began to unfold according to her schedule, that weird rhythm of newborns, and the worries I entertained were better than the ones that came before: more concrete, more vital, less tethered to the claustrophobic confines of my own skull. For this member of a generation famously beset by anxiety, it was a welcome liberation.Being young, or young enough still not to know yourself entirely, and then feeling the foundation of your nascent selfhood shift beneath you — perhaps that’s exactly the sort of momentous change that makes the whole enterprise so daunting. Yet there I’ve given up the game: With the exception of — perhaps — a few immutable characteristics, you are not something you discover one day through trial and error and interior spelunking; you are something that is constantly in the process of becoming, the invention of endless revolutions. You never know who you are, because who you are is always changing.

RACISMUh oh. Matty Yglesias is getting red pilled23https://twitter.com/mattyglesias/status/1391750039026941952?s=11He’s the guy who was booted from Slate for not towing the lineBTW how is he not white? Why does he check off a diversity box? He’s a Spanish aristocrat from a wealthy artistic family.
Defunding St. Louis police means crime24https://twitter.com/ChaskelBennett/status/1391586233688670208DUH!
COVIDArtur Pawlowski25https://twitter.com/therealkeean/status/1391912610224766976?s=11Things could be worse. We could be BritainUK in a nutshell26https://twitter.com/OrwellNGoode/status/1391831578607865862

Celebs want you to get a $10k stamp that a rich guy created27https://twitter.com/jasonrantz/status/1389729670157926400?s=11we are CHYNA28PIC OF JOE ROGAN VS BILL GATES


MY PET BIDENThere are 7m jobs available but nobody wants them because it’s actually cheaper if you’re making $35k a year. 29https://twitter.com/cspan/status/1391820796440584198?s=11The left is thrilled with his jobs report. I don’t get it. 
Pipeline hackedgas shortages abound. NYT in denial30https://www.instagram.com/p/COvQwJrDjEo/?igshid=1xupseq6namja
Jacob Wohl said we live in a socialist country. It’s mathematically impossible to become rich because you drift into a 60% tax bracket. That’s it. The ceiling is upper middle class.
Deep State is real31https://twitter.com/repmattgaetz/status/1391791389856444427?s=11I really hope Matt Gaetz survives this teen scandal
Bitches pounce on NY senator Elise Stefanik32https://www.mediaite.com/politics/elise-stefanik-gets-trashed-by-ex-pals-for-her-trumpian-turn-she-sold-her-soul-to-the-devil/Bitches turn on her for supporting Trump. She sold her soul to the devilShe dared to question king Cuomo
Does HE know what he’s talking about?33https://twitter.com/stillgray/status/1390035397363699712?s=11My silly pet
Two years ago he said “china’s gonna eat our lunch? C’mon man!”0:4634https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dew9qqoAM9A
Today he said “China’s eating our lunch”1:3435https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=y9szzCnPir0

Here’s Trump saying “china ate your lunch, Joe”36https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KKwbWmWJ-ck0:54
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FINAL VIDEO37https://www.reddit.com/r/ActualPublicFreakouts/comments/n8evpb/hit_and_run_in_san_jose_the_other_night/


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