How I found you

Dear Censored 

Please find attached a video drop/clip I saw that made me chuckle. Time code 3:03 – 

Background of the show – DAP is a group of pedophile hunters who trap potential predators. It’s like when you ask for Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC at the shop and your mum says “we have Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC at home.”

Take it sleazy.


Dear Censored 

actually found Censored TV and your show by total accident in May 2020 – I was trying to show my wife a Milo circa 2016 video so I Googled “Milo Yiannopoulos” (in quotes, Ryan, goddammit), and I stumbled on an article about how he was currently working for some dude named Gavin McInnes I’d never heard of.
Ultimately I subscribed to see Milo’s new show, but I got bored one day while fixing my car and turned GOML on in the background. I haven’t missed an episode soon.
Wanna fuck you with heels on,


Dear Censored 

Watch as these two liberals struggle with the reality of their ideologies. It is easy to be progress until its your city and your home.
Go to 2:33 in this video you will be rewarded with one of the best lines I have ever heard from a liberal.

I want to fiddle with your aiglet,


Dear Censored 

Dear Censored 

Dear Censored 

‘m female, 29, from Brisbane Australia, married, pregnant with kid number 1. A few years ago, when Milo toured Australia, a conservative Facebook group I follow posted a video of his. Looking into his videos I found Steven Crowder, then I found you. 
Like you more than a friend, 


Dear Censored 

his rapper Blueface seems to be running some kind of all womens fight club in his harem. Its like the Flava Flav show without the oversight of professionals. He’s got women lined up staying together on bunk beds in a big dorm, and they all get mandatory tattoos on their neck and hands to declare their loyalty to him. This last video is him home invading somebody while his wife screams that she’s pregnant. Charming fellow. I’m pretty sure hip hop is kept alive at the small to medium level as a money laundering game.

My question is, do think its a possibility that “abolish the police” really means “abolish the police department” and that for the federal level politicians going along with this nonsense it really means “federalize police”? So abolish the LAPD, abolish the NYPD and bring in Biden’s Bobbies?

Dear Censored 

Have you seen these short video clips with restored audio from the early 1900s of street life in NYC, SF, Tokyo, Paris posted by Jack Posobiec?
Everyone carrying themselves with dignity. Da fuq happened to us?

Dear Censored 

Im a little skeptical about sending you this because I don’t want this fella to get erased from society for being on your show but he never fails to deliver great comedy. He’s got the “sprinkles” as a great man once said. . Check him out… Unfortunately on YouTube. Have a good one fags.
“You Betcha”
My Favorites
Guys going on a “WALK”Dads Going for a “Walk” 🏻‍♂️Dads Going for a “Walk” 🏻‍♂️

Small town bar:Guys in a Small Town Bar Guys in a Small Town Bar 

Husband’s of target:Husbands of Target Husbands of Target 


Dear Censored 

So I have three boys no girls and I am wondering is this what it’s like having a girl?


Dear Censored 

In 2016 when Trump campaign was happening social media and media overall were on his back. And I was a typical 17 year old who saw the tweets and insta posts about trump’s racism and misogyny and believed all of it. At the beginning.
2016 was particularly peculiar because then people like you, Gavin, and Milo were on TV and YouTube. You were invited to give interviews and etc. I saw one video with you and it was labeled Racist Gavin McInnes or some garbage like this. But whatever you said intrigued me and I put your name in YouTube and google and I’ve been on the Gavin train ever since. I could not look back, Rebel Media, you, Milo and many others have opened my eyes too wide. My views were changed forever. I followed you to Censored and you are the most valuable source of information in the media I have. 
I know it’s getting long but I got to say, apart from the facts that I’m getting from you, I’ve also learned a lot about structuring my arguments and applying critical thinking in any area of life. Your content has advanced me as a person, and even as a woman. I feel lucky to have discovered you. You are a living rock star. 


Dear Censored 

he reason cops give murderers McDonald’s is because you catch more flies with honey. They desperately want not only a confession, but a motive, too. I think it’s typically used with suspects who have been isolated and don’t have a lot of human connection. Dylan Roof was a loser who was looking to fit in to some gay racist group, so the cops gave a small gesture to say “We are your buddies. You can tell us exactly why you shot those people (and we can punish you).” Cops did the same thing with Brian Nichols, who is black, after he murdered four people in 2005. It wasn’t because it was a sweet crime spree, or because he murdered black people. Fun fact: Nichols escaped from the Atlanta courthouse by overpowering the lone female guard watching the 6’2”, 230lb. rape suspect. Cue Katy Perry’s “Roar.”I just came back from a neglected weapon convention and boy, are my arms tired. Write back soon,

-Dr. K

Dear Censored 

I am a 29 year old female attorney in South Carolina. I was recommended a “Miles” video on YouTube years ago. Which led me to yalls podcast on spotify. Which led me to your website. I enjoy listening to yall at work and often am asked what I am laughing about in my office. We are all wading through a sea of pussies now days and so your show’s topics and the candor with which you approach them is refreshing. 
Love you guys!


Dear Censored 

timestamped link (7:01 time if you need it)
she (i oddly dont feel weird at all calling her that) discusses her transition, calls out online trans fad bs for being so obsessed with pronouns and crap and being such victim crybabies.
she is very reasonable, and i was shocked at first when i found this video from her because i have watched her channel for a while now and had no idea.
from about 7 mins in (timestamped) through the next 5 minutes or so she really lays it all out and sounds super reasonable to me. quite a nice surprise seeing as at first when i saw this video on her channel i thought i was going to have to stop watching her channel because i would find out she was some insane trans sjw dickhead.
anyhow, thought you guys might find it interesting to see such a reasonable take on trans from someone.


Dear Censored 

his video is old so you have certainly seen it. 
But I hadn’t, and it gives a man the warm-and-fuzzy-ice-cold-bubblies. 
How to open 8 beers simultaneously with a masonry ruler.


Dear Censored

Uhh why the fuck does the media see this as worthy news? It’s literally a video praising Biden for putting on his mask after the SOTU speech where he implied major civil liberties violations were coming. They treat him like they’re fawning parents of a dying kid on a Make A Wish Foundation trip. This isn’t kid-gloves any more, it’s an active blowjob. 
And it’s a video from fucking Forbes, a supposedly libertarian outlet. What good are our rights and freedoms when everyone I know just uses them to run defense for the empire? Kim Jong Un is probably sitting at home watching with pure envy.
Anyway, check out the funny comments and ratios for restored faith in humanity. I do not like you more than a friend, because I, much like Ryan, am not a closeted homosexual. 

Dear Censored

Hey Gavin and Ryan!  I am a 39 year old housewife with two daughters.  I first discovered you on Redeye many years ago.  You were always my favorite guest.  I briefly subscribed to your old show (I think it was with Compound), but you said “fuck” too many times.  It turned me off.  In 2019 I decided to give censored a try after listening to some of the free shows on YouTube.  Thanks for all that you do.  You help me keep my sanity in this crazy world.


Dear Censored

I work for an extremely popular restaurant chain in the UK. This is the type of shit they want us to learn about. Check out this retarded video about microaggressions.

Keep up the great work.

Love the show.


Dear Censored

Yesterday you asked the viewers: “how did you get to know Gavin’s content?”
As far as I am concerned, it’s the magic of algorithms.
Around 2013, I went down a rabbit hole from a Roosh V article on his website a friend of mine shared.
After a while your Rebel Media clips began to be suggested on my youtube feed. I knew at one point that I would have to pay to get my Gav content because you were behind a paywall. After you got fired from Crtv I listened to all your podcast content,and all free stuff I could get ahold of… and to be honest it was becoming increasingly interesting when you hired Ryan. So it was a no-brainer when you launched

I listen while I’m working mostly GOML and Gary. I’m also subscribed to Compound, that I discovered through Censored



Dear Censored

Heard you talking about the Rezillos “Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight” recently. Sorry if this is ancient Chinese secret, but did you know it’s a cover of the original Fleetwood Mac band with Peter Green? They have quite a few songs that people made famous covers of but don’t know the original, like Black Magic Woman. I find it weird that no one talks about their early blues/rock n roll stuff, but everyone knows their shitty later songs when the band changed. Probably not your cup of tea but Ryan might like it.

Anyway, let me fuck you with my thongs on, and farewell


Dear Censored

I’m a housewife from Austria near Vienna.I listen to your show daily while cleaning an cooking.  Big fan for years.
I’m even canceling my daily wire sub now because I just can’t stand Bens annoying voice anymore an he lacks your great sense of humor.
I found you in the “Milo”-Years on YouTube before he was canceled. I’m an anti-feminist and saw one of your videos from Fox News. You destroyed that dried up old cunt with truth and she was just speechless and asked other men for help. It was perfect!
Since then I love the way you speak the truth. Unapologetic und funny! 
– And it hits close to home because we have our own Gav in Austria who might be on Canada’s terrorist watch list soon. His name is Martin Sellner and you should definitely have him on the show. They do the same thing to him as they did to you. You are the founder of the Proud Boys and Martin founded the IB „Identitarian Movement“. They stand for no open borders and more vetting of asylum seekers and that makes him a nazi and gets him a place on a terrorized list. WTF is Happening 
– Check out that crazy bitch that got a very successful man canceled and she is ruining that mans life right now and is obviously badshit crazy! Her open letter to the SCALA-Community (programmer shit my husband is involved in) is worth your time! She had a 3 year friend and relationship and calls it harassment! That man is done because of that cunt! Look into it, that’s material for a special.

Liz from Austria aka Housewife – no one can cancel me

Dear Censored

You were wondering about the demographic of your female subscribers.

I have been following you for a few years now on all the different platforms that you have used in the past years.

I am a widow, probably closer to your dad’s age and your show is the only one that I subscribe to.  I live in Sydney Australia.  Here the entire media is revoltingly left-wing and militant feminism is prevalent in all institutions, particularly universities.  I cannot express my opinions on any of the social media platforms without getting immediately ostracised.  I only access closed groups as part of the job interviewing now includes the potential employer asking to see one’s media presence.

The Labor party here has now practically turned into a chicken coop, enforcing gayness into law and education.  No more women’s bathrooms (you get the gist).

I work at a private law college and since last year we have had to rewrite the entire curriculum to exclude gendered pronouns and take unconscious bias training.

But, the fact is that I absolutely love your content and your male banter. Miss it so much. There used to be many fun radio programmes in previous decades where you could get into your car and listen to two guys cracking each other up.  Perfect starter to the day.  Well, not anymore.  Now, there has to be the obligatory chick on every morning programme to give her opinion and ruing the mood.

You grew up pretty much during the same era as I.  We both enjoy similar punk music (except reggae).  The time of Punk was also very cool because we were a bit hopeless and the best way to get through a tough time was to crack jokes.  You certainly are someone who has continued to develop.

You are my perfect programme during work hours. 

Love you both.


Dear Censored

Holy Cleansing Cow Piss Batman!
Laddies and Gents…
The Turd World.


Dear Censored

I’m happily married, live in Northern Michigan, and have one toddler with another babe on the way. You asked how “normal housewives” heard about you. 

My husband first told me about you about 5-6 years ago. I think he showed me a YouTube segment of you speaking Canadian French because I speak French and he thought I’d find it interesting.

Later, I clicked on another suggested video of yours, and that’s the one that really hooked me on you.

It was you dissecting a BuzzFeed video about how “every woman is hot in a bathing suit/at the beach!” or something. According to BuzzFeed, even obese man-mutants are hot in bikinis — in fact, especially them.

It was so lovely to hear you honestly explain who was attractive and who was not because it was just so … rational. It’s my contention that men never tell women the truth about what’s beautiful and sexy in everyday life.

In high school, only the waif-thin seemed to be dubbed “hot”. In college, it seemed to be supermodel types. After wokeism hit, men started lying that super overweight and obese women were “so great-looking!”

Where the hell does that leave the rest of us with a perpetual extra 5-15 lbs. hangin’ on? Perhaps this is an odd frustration, but I had seriously never heard a man praise the normal female body type before. Sure, men will say we’re “okay”. “But I never heard anyone say we’re the best, and that just made me feel good. (My husband is an exception!)

I’ve kept watching you all these years because you’re honest and a good entertainer. And you can be insightful too, in really … weird ways. You do talk about some gross man things sometimes that I’m not into. But I realize I’m not a representation of your average audience, so I just fast-forward. 

Keep up the good work. Love the show.

Very best from Michigan,


Dear Censored

Sam and I worked at a Christian ministry together for a couple years. I hate to see this happen to such a great guy. My take on the situation is that Sam was inebriated. I just don’t see him confronting someone who is obviously mentally ill when he is sober. Either way you can’t dress like an idiot and then be surprised someone calls you out on your appearance. This reminds me of the saying “Bad times make strong men, strong men make good times, good times make weak men, weak men make bad times.” This was a clash with a strong man who actually adds value to the world vs a weak man in a dress. I hope Sam does not apologize.


Dear Censored

Gavin you have shaped me as a man, thank you sir.


Dear Censored

I first heard your GOML podcast from my husband a few years ago. I walked into the room when he had it on and thought it was funny, so I started listening to all your old shows, became obsessed, and then he bought me an annual subscription to for my birthday.

I think housewives like listening to you because you’re funny and edgy, and we miss laughing at inappropriate humor. There’s not really a place for it in our day-to-day life anymore, since we spend our days with little kids. Women are not funny, therefore, our friends are not funny. Our only funny friends from our younger years were men, and we dropped them when we got married. Even if we’re married to a funny guy, he’s at work all day. Podcasts, TV, and radio shows that are geared towards women aren’t funny, and the content is mind-numbing. Your show reduces the humor deficit in our life.

It’d be interesting to know how many female subscribers grew up with brothers and are close to their dads. That’s me, and I have a feeling that’s the majority of the women who listen to your show. The people I’m closest to are ultra-masculine, intelligent, successful males, so I’m used to male humor and am not easily offended. The quality of humor that comes out of a group of men shootin’ the shit is not even on the same planet as when women get together and think they’re being funny. My mom-friends who only have sisters and aren’t close to their dads do NOT see the world the same way and do NOT have the same sense of humor. They’re very sensitive. You’re the opposite. You’re like our brothers, our dads, and our husbands. You remind us of the people we love most! That’s my theory anyway.


Dear Censored

I’m a newlywed housewife, no kids yet, but I listen to your show everyday. I heard about you through Sam Hyde. Sam called into Tim Heidecker’s podcast in 2016/17 to bitch him out for participating in getting MDE cancelled from adult swim. Then I started listening to Sam, and he talked you up. So I checked you out (mostly listening to the podcast via apple) and in 2020 became a subscriber.

It’s possible you and Sam red pilled me but at the same time my sister got pregnant and I realized abortion was wrong. It hit me like a ton of bricks and I haven’t been a liberal since.

I’m still a fan of all three of you guys. Despite Tim Heidecker being a leftie, he is funny.

Love ya,


PS Ryan is hot. Can he take his shirt off?

Dear Censored

 I am a wife &  loyal listener, in the midwest.  Not a housewife though-  I enjoy making my own money. 
I was introduced via my Husband, he started slowly with more light hearted youtube videos, which I enjoyed immensely. 
And slowly we got into the deeper stuff.. to the point where we now watch GOML together with a few drinks, after the kids are in bed. 
However, I have to admit the visual element helps immensely. You are incredibly well dressed and handsome .  
Please do more shows topless, love your tattoos


Dear Censored

This pathetic excuse for a man thinks it’s funny that he left his family to die


Dear Censored

Since you picture Kevin Spacey during sex, are you at all worried you’ll get boners when watching a Kevin Spacey  movie?
I love your new sunglasses

Dear Censored

Your dear resident orth jew fan here. I have actually been a fan of yours since the 10 things i hate about the jews video (interesting that you being mini-hitler didnt call it ten reasons i hate the jews or 10 reasons to hate the jews). It always bothers me that morons bring it up as a sign of you being an antisemite. Well, following todays black privilege look at the things Travon Free wrote about the chosen people which are about a thousand times worse than anything you have probably said or would even imagine saying.

Like you more than a friend


Dear Censored

Wow this is a long and boring article complaining about you.


Dear Censored

I bet it isn’t long before Spotify takes this episode down or makes him give a statement on this.Fuckin bunch of queef retards.


Dear Censored

Check out this body cam footage from a Chuck E. Cheese brawl.

Another reason to thank God we don’t live in Cleveland!


Dear Censored

Check out this video explaining why white people are racist. I discovered this from my white liberal friends Brazilian immigrant wife. Can white liberals be racist too?🤡

You have hurt me today.
I like you more then a friend.Kyle

Dear Censored

I have been listening to you since you were on Compound.  I am a lawyer in Minnesota.  I had a legal education course today and the attached PDF was one of the courses— on white fragility.  It is the most ridiculous document I have ever read.  I figured you might get a kick out of it. 


Dear Censored

Chinese media outlets being more honest than American ones


Dear Censored

Lumberjacks cutting down redwoods in the 50s. If you don’t want to watch all of it start around 1 min 50 sec.


Dear Censored

I was passively listening to Tim Pool yesterday while I was working, who was going on another one of his strangely impassioned and overacted rants and said something that made me stop immediately and rewind the video to make sure I heard it right. He randomly pulled out this shit about Ted Wheeler and an attempt to make a play on police boot licking I guess? Anyway he might have said the weirdest/funniest shit I’ve ever heard on a successful mainstream podcast. I think it’d make a pretty good video drop.  
Video starts at around 24:00 and lasts till about 24:11. I’ll attach a shittier quality version if something goes wrong with the link. Keep holding the line boys there’s work to be done. 
Last note, I promise I’m not on adderall. Gavin your advice on marriage, getting your life together and dealing with adversity has changed my life for the better. I recently decided to quit fucking around and put a ring on it and am now engaged to the love of my life. I couldn’t be happier, thanks for opening my eyes. 

Dear Censored

Former Staind lead singer and solo artist Aaron Lewis wrote a new song I think will resonate with a lot of people once it’s recorded and released, although I’m not sure how David Cross and the like will feel. Thanks for all you guys do.  7:35


Dear Censored

I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed the similarities with the Game of Thrones characters “Faith Militant” and the reality of Clown World’s BLM & Antifa?

At what point and who will be responsible for stopping their crimes?

Police officers have been murdered in Texas and NY along with countless others injured/assaulted. The FBI seems compromised. I see a long battle with these self proclaimed Marxists. The Biden Crime wave just feeds their agenda.


Dear Censored

Im the same age as Gavin, we’re only a couple weeks apart I think.  I was familiar with VICE in the late 90s but it was hard to find anywhere. I was delighted to find VICE Guide to sex drugs and rock nroll  at Tower Records (2003?) so I could finally catch up on what I’d been missing. From what I understand you wrote almost the entire thing but under different pseudonyms.  Then I got How To Piss In Public (2012?)  I’ve read it a few times and I still have it even though I got rid of most of my books when I moved recently.  You fell off my radar for a while there but a few years ago I started looking up Youtube clips of you and about a year ago I started subscribing to Censored. I’m kind of addicted now.


PS  Ryan…I don’t care what anyone says…You’re cool.

3 thoughts on “How I Found You

  1. Found Gavin via his videos for the Rebel on YouTube… around 2014 I guess.
    Looked for more Gav videos on YouTube… was very impressed. Subscribed to Compound for TGMS, then Crtv, now censored.
    The man is a comedic genius and the best story-teller I’ve ever heard.

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