Experts in China are puzzled by hundreds of birds found dead from apparent suicides outside a section of Chinese apartment buildings.

The beat-up bodies of tiny waxwings are stacking up daily in Baotou City, Inner Mongolia, according to media reports.

Shocking and disturbing video reveals the birds motionless on the ground, dying or dead, reports HK News.

According to the outlet, the majority of the birds have crashed themselves straight into transparent glass windows before falling to their deaths in large numbers onto the pavement below, directly in front of the brick housing complex.

A few of the windows are stained with blood because of the kamikaze birds.

Chinese scientists are still bewildered about the reason for the birds crashing themselves into the glass in such large numbers.

The avian mass suicide mystery has been turned over to the care of the experts at the Wildlife Protection Office of Baotou Ecological Wetland Protection and Management Centre.

Authorities collecting samples from the dead birds’ bodies to suss out the source of the unusual behavior have already ruled out disease.

Local representatives told the press that the area has plenty of food and water for the local wildlife.

A few of the lucky surviving birds, who were stunned after ramming themselves into the glass windows in Mongolia, were relocated to a rescue center to recuperate.

Some of the birds have been rescued with assorted injuries, including broken wings or necks.

However, one proposed possibility is that the timid creatures are so easily scared by the loud noise of the city that the stress can cause them to fly straight into the glass to get away from what they believe to be potential danger.

Another theory is that their sight is affected by sunshine that reflects from the glass.

Disturbed members of the community have taken to shutting their curtains or covering the inside of their windows with newspapers to attempt to stop the birds from killing themselves.

According to Yahoo!, the birds’ diet is primarily fruit from trees in the local area.

One line of reasoning asserts that after the birds drink water, the fruit may swell in their stomachs and cause the birds discomfort.

Another argument is that the social creatures migrate in large numbers and are merely flying together too quickly to be fully conscious of potential obstacles such as the glass windows.

Specialists also informed Yahoo! that the window glass reflects the sky and adjacent woods, which possibly could mix up the nervous birds.

Two years ago, Bird Watching Daily reported that “drunk birds” were supposedly flying into windows, acting confused, and being run down by cars in America.

Bird expert Julie Craves claims that waxwings eat in flocks and possibly flew directly into the windows or against buildings after being frightened.

She continued: “Or the berries may have fermented, turning their sugar into alcohol.

“Believe it or not, the waxwings could have become intoxicated after eating the berries, collided with the building or a window, and died from their injuries.”

“A more unlikely explanation is that the trees were treated with a chemical that the birds ingested when they ate the fruit. Hollies, however, are rarely sprayed. They’re hardy plants, and the pests that sometimes infest them are of minor importance. To be sure, ask the landscaping service at your office what pesticides and herbicides they use. Then investigate the environmental impacts of the products at the Pesticide Action Network,” she said.

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