Instagram model, influencer, and swimwear designer Joselyn Canohas has purportedly died after a surgery gone wrong.

The family of the 30-year-old “Cano” has yet to officially confirm the influencer’s death. Her fans, however, say that her funeral is presently viewable on YouTube and was uploaded on Wednesday by the Akes Family Funeral Home in Riverside, California, an hour outside Newport Beach, where Canohas was said to have lived. 

The post of the funeral footage has a caption that reads: “Joselyn entered this life on Wednesday, March 14, 1990. She entered into Eternal Life on Monday, December 07, 2020.” 

News of the reported death got out on Tuesday via Twitter in a post made by fellow model named Lira Mercer.

“Omg Joselyn Cano died in Colombia getting surgery, that’s wild,” Mercer wrote. “She looked so good already wow prayers for her family she was so sweet,” she continued in another tweet.

Outlets have tried to contact Mercer and the model’s respective brand representatives as well as her family, all whom have yet to officially confirm her death. 

The swimwear designer, sometimes called the “Mexican Kim Kardashian,” had recently made a trip to Colombia for plastic surgery, specifically a procedure known as a Brazilian butt lift, a few weeks ago. Her personal Instagram account was last updated on Dec. 7, and her swimwear brand‘s account page made a post on Thursday for the first time since the 8th.

Cano has a large following of over 12 million on Instagram and a successful line of swimsuits called Joselyn Cano Swimwear. Her LinkedIn profile also claims that the model had studied microbiology at San Diego State University before entering the career path of becoming a social media influencer and model. 

Her fans are now distraught over the influencer’s unconfirmed death at a young age.

Others are left questioning why representatives for Cano’s brand will not confirm or deny the news of her death. One fan complained, “Considering the brand is hers (maybe?) at least it carries her name, y’all should make a statement. I mean she had over 12m followers after all.”

Brazilian butt lifts, which involve removing fat from one area of the body and relocating it to the posterior, have been a point of controversy after several premature deaths in patients recently, with many more reports of operations gone haywire.

Last year, according to The New York Post, a “shocking” amount of black-market butt lifts were on the rise. They have been at least partly influenced by what has been designated Snapchat dysmorphia, a condition where a person is experiencing a delusion about their own body because of continual overexposure to touched-up or modified bodies that they see on social media accounts. 

“It’s particularly popular with millennials,” Dr. Matthew Schulman, the board-certified plastic surgeon in New York who created the expression said of the people influenced by the augmented images on which people fixate online. 

The elective procedure is quickly on the rise among cosmetic surgeries in the U.S., where its demand shot up over 250% since the year 2000, according to 2015 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The same organization also claims that one in 3,000 patients who went under the knife for the risky operation have died from it.

“It has the highest mortality rate of any surgical procedure tracked by the ASPS,” stated Dr. Daniel Maman, a board-certified plastic surgeon who works at 740 Park Plastic Surgery, and will not perform any manner of butt surgery.

“Butt implants are not meant to be sat on,” Maman added. “And when they are, they cause pain, move around, and create scars.”


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