Parents of an 11 year old black child are shocked after discovering their little entrepreneur has been selling “N-Word Passes” to his white friends in school. The mother of the child posted the family’s story in Slate‘s advice column for parents called “Care and Feeding.”

The anonymous white mother, who signed the post “Mortified Mom,” said she and her husband adopted a 16-year-old and 11-year-old black brother and sister, who she calls “Taylor” and “Martin” in the letter. Mortified Mom and her husband strived to raise their new children of color with firm progressive values.

She writes, “Dear Care and Feeding, Eleven years ago, my husband and I started fostering a sister and brother, ‘Taylor’ and ‘Martin,’ and we adopted them a year later. Our daughter was 5, and our son was an infant, but they are now 16 and 11 and are smart, kind, and mostly well-behaved kids. My husband and I are white, and they are Black, but we’ve done our best to have honest, age-appropriate discussions on race, our privilege, and how messed up the systematic oppression and racism in our country is. I thought we had done an OK job … until yesterday.”

Unbeknownst to the woke parents they were raising the stuff of their nightmares–a capitalist. They apparently also raised a stool pigeon: Martin’s sister ratted him out. Taylor told her parents that her 11-year-old brother had been selling the non-black children in his class “N-Word Passes.”

Using Venmo, the little mogul collected anywhere from $20-$50 per pass and his sister claims he made more than $1000 (presumably before taxes).   

“Taylor asked us after dinner if she could talk to us in private and showed us screenshots a friend had sent her. Apparently, Martin has been selling ‘N-word passes’ to kids at his middle school for $20-50! It’s been going on for weeks, and he had offered it to Taylor’s friend’s sister, who screenshot it and sent it to Taylor. They go to diverse schools for our area, but there are still a lot of white/non-Black kids there. Taylor told us that kids have been sending Martin money via Venmo, and she thinks he’s made almost $1,000,” Mortified Mom writes.

She went on to say they’d like to punish the boy, but don’t know how “extreme” to be.

“My husband and I are shocked and angry, and we don’t know what to do. Martin’s actions must have made his fellow Black classmates upset and uncomfortable, and I feel like a horrible mother and person. I thought we did a good job, but we must have done something wrong. We need to give him consequences, but I don’t know how extreme to go. Right now, I’m leaning toward taking away device privileges for a long, long time and confiscating the money.”

“What else can or should we do? How do we confront him about this and apologize and tell other parents?” the dejected momther continued. 

The progressive parenting community glued to Slate got to work trying to fix the ambitious and misguided student’s language pass empire. 

A user named Jamilah Lemieux responded with the advice, “The current socio-political climate offers no shortage of examples as to why white people do not deserve the privilege of using the N-word, nor the ability to decide that Black people should not be able to use it. You have every right to ban it in your home and to teach your kids that it is an ugly word with an ugly history; however, Black people have an infinitely more complex relationship to the term, and he’ll have to learn how to grapple with that without doing something that could cause harm to other Black folks and/or his friends who were ‘waiting’ for permission to use it.”

Adding, she hoped “…there is a Black adult in Martin’s life,” to better advise him in a way she believed a white household is unsuited for.

The commentator suggested the parents should force the boy to “donate the money to a bail support fund for Black Lives Matter protesters or another organization that is doing anti-racist work.”

That’s one way to redpill a child before high school: hand over his hard-earned money to undeserving Marxist criminals and rioters in the name fighting his own oppression.

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