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Dear Censored,

I know you mentioned in the show that 5% of cops are genuine assholes and of those there are legit malicious people and as an example you gave Justin Volpe. My grandfather served in the NYPD with and was a close friend of Volpe’s father, so I wanted to give you the full story, the part that never got covered.
Abner Louima was a deranged psychopath from haiti who was arrested for rioting (and I believe attempting to burn down a building but don’t remember). He then proceeded to resist arrest and continued to fight (even after he was handcuffed) the entire time to the station. The usual biting spitting kicking that no one cares about because it is directed at cops.
Once brought into the station, after a little while he calmed down and when he asked to go to the bathroom he was allowed. After taking a shit he told the officers he is ready to go back to his cell. Once they approached he immediately reached into the toilet and started throwing his poop back at the officers and attacking them once again(now with hands free and feces covered). The officers tired and exhausted from dealing with this “mostly peaceful citizen” all night, lost it and started fighting him back much more aggressively culminating in Volpe losing it and shoving his baton up Louima’s ass.
I am not trying to defend Volpe, what he did was unacceptable and he should have been fired and maybe gone to jail for a little bit. Instead he was lynched by the media, Louima was made a hero and a rich man, and Volpe was sent to prison for 30 years with NO chance of parole. Actual rapists don’t get it that bad. Most murderers get out in 20 years. 
To top off the story, Volpe’s father a strong principled man who had devoted his life to serving the city that lynched his son, so heart-broken from having to visit his boy in prison had a heart-attack and died alone on the highway in the car on the way back from the federal supermax.


P.S. When i was a kid I used to have a temper and my dad used to tell me this story to remind me that you can never lose your cool. Little intense for a 8 year old no?

Dear Censored,

regarding that video you showed of the cop who had to use his gun real fast I think it was titled “this is how fast it happens” ….. can u imagine if the cop had his taser on the other side of his belt like that black guy suggested the other day … he would’ve been holding the perps gun with his left hand and his right arm would’ve pulled out the taser!! Fucking moronic idea from a fucking retard!!! Love the show


Dear Censored,

 I want to thank Gavin for recommending to stand up for what you believe in and not be a pussy. I’m a college student at the University of Illinois and I’m in a gen Ed class about the show Babylon Berlin(decent show about Berlin after WWI but pre hitler, a lot of weird German shit in it though). And my professor had us read an OP-ED comparing a coup in the show to January 6th. She asked for our reaction to the article and I said “I disagree. I think what happened that day was wrong but to compare to a coup is so far wrong. I think a lot of those people were just people following the crowd and a lot of it was just silly. For example, taking selfies in the capital building and stealing the podium are way different then trying to actually assassinate a mayor. Also I’m pretty sure they were unarmed when they “stormed” the capital.” I said it and my professor and classmates were bewildered. Yet I could tell by some of their faces they agreed but were too scared to agree. And nothing bad happened, I just felt better about myself for speaking the truth. Just this pussy guy in my class said, obviously trying to get some feminist points, that he was deeply ashamed by our country and he couldn’t tell the difference between then and the nazis in the show. 
Fuck that pussy and fuck all of the other cucks.
Thanks again king 🤴🏿 
I like you more than a friend,


Dear Censored,

I remember you discussing Lily Allen in that sailor suit once and you described her as something like the epitome of smokeshow. I agree but I think I can do one better. The sailor suit thing reminded me of this:

This is Alizée, a french singer popular in the early 2000’s and in this clip she HAS to be at least a 9 right? (Specifically at around 3:03).
Cheers gov’na,


Dear Censored,

What up guys – check out this dude I discovered on youtube today.  If you thought Ryan’s music video was cringe, just wait until you hear Brabo Gator.  Enjoy.


Dear Censored,

I have 3 quick items for you as I know you are a busy guy. 1st is meh and 3 is a solution

1) What do you think about “The Hollywood Conservative” Amanda Head? I think she is pretty damn hot.
2) I know you like DYI stuff so you might enjoy Matt Jordan. He has an amazing Youtube page and it is a good pallet cleanser after a long day of wackaloons.

And Finally, Do you remember is the 80’s and 90’s how TV shows would swap out actors mid-series and the show would continue with out a hitch? I found a replacement for Ryan. His name is Justin Whang, and half Asian fella from Queens who is great at editing and competent. Plus, Ryan and him sound eerily similar and enjoy weird interests (except Justin’s detective skills are amazing as he solves online mysteries)

Thank You for your time, Gavin

– Vinny

Dear Censored,

Gavin mentioned on his show today that he expects a lot more attacks on the Hasidic community in NY. I though I would supply you with another Sopranos video drop for any Hasidic mention on your show. 


Dear Censored,

Yesterday, you talked about a woman who adopted a 19 year old. I almost always agree with your takes, but I think you’re way off on this one. She’s actually helping stop crime and saving the taxpayer tons of money, about $300,000 probably.
Over 23,000 kids per year age out of foster care in america when they turn 18, and aged out foster kids end up contributing to almost all of America’s problems at some point.
A few examples:

  • The average aged out youth ends up costing the taxpayer over $300,000 to take care of later
  • In some states, up to 75% of inmates were aged out kids  
  • Over 20% become instantly homeless they day they age out
  • Many human trafficking victims are aged out youth
  • The majority of kids in foster care had parents who were in foster care and aged out

So, this woman who adopted the aged out 19 year old is actually breaking the cycle of crime, abandoned kids, using up taxpayer money, and a bunch of other stuff.

Also, Ryan is gay.


Dear Censored,

Watch the vaxxed woman in the background as she drops dead. I believe this is at a place where people are getting their vaccinations, and they have to wait 15-30 minutes after their injection to see if they have side effects.

The latino lady is very wide, so you can’t see the woman until the point where she just drops.
I like you more than a friend,


Dear Censored,

With all the new DNA research happening, some new facts about humans are coming to light. Very quietly of course. 
“Neanderthal DNA makes up approximately 2 percent of the genomes of present-day people of non-African descent (researchers believe that Neanderthals intermingled with modern humans after they emerged from Africa). “


Dear Censored,

Good Things To Know About The Tin Foil and Tin Pot Dictators Of The Left, Far Left and Extreme Left

Grand Shaman Achi/Acki@shamanacki


Dear Censored,

Trump Speed Dating – Gilly and Keeves


Dear Censored,

When you’re feeling unmotivated, watch this:


Dear Censored,

This program explains sewing machines:

 My own is a ’69 Sears Kenmore in mint green.      My goal is to make a pair of jeans then a vest and shirt. I have not yet because I had to pack it up soon after buying it because I am moving to attend a woodworking trade school.      Check this dude out if you could watch stuff being made all day like I can. (242) Making a Pair of Jeans: 1 by 1 Paul Kruize Tailoring Jeans, Shirts and other Garments, PART 2 – YouTube He makes tailored jeans. I did the math and he is making at least six figures sewing jeans. I get scoffed at a lot for doing entrepreneurial stuff. Like I made a pair of boots recently. I grow things. Your show helps to keep my economic libido going.      I took your advice that Vans are unacceptable for anyone over 30 and bought myself a pair of white Chuck Taylors. Nita Fashions is too expensive for me but I want to wear suits. I may be buying a pair of Clark’s. They look amazing with jeans. I’m 33 and trying to get married so I appreciate any fashion advice. I just bought a Casio.  (240) I’m Retarded? HD – YouTube I’m basically a watch snob now. What kind of watch do you wear on the show?


Dear Censored,

I get so annoyed by Chip Chipperson, never got it either. Really good comedian character I’ve seen is Bob Mortimer’s train guy. There’s loads but this is my fav

It’s funny shit


Dear Censored,

Some semi automatic pistols can be taken out of “battery” (the state where a gun is capable of firing)by pushing back slightly on the slide of the pistol. Best way to explain it is that the internal mechanisms in the pistol are forced slightly out of sync by doing this, preventing the trigger from dropping the firing pin/striker.

Law enforcement are taught about it but it is a last-ditch maneuver.


Dear Censored,

I think I may have found the inspiration for Caitlyn Jenner’s horrendous new voice. The villain in ‘Hannibal’, Mason Verger, has the same groggy, post-throat-surgery sounding, mumble-growl. I’ve attached a link below. If you close your eyes and listen to it, you won’t be able to tell if you’re hearing an insane and mutilated monstrosity… or hearing Mason Verger. I’d love to get your advice (Gavin, obviously) on a budding relationship. I’m 27 and looking to date for potential marriage and not just for fun. I’ve started seeing a girl I see a lot  of potential in: she’s tall (5’8.5), quirky, outgoing, comes from a good family, middle/upper-middle class, yada yada… and a real deal breaker/maker for me is kids. I don’t know why, (probably listening to you, though) but I want lots of kids: at least four, ideally five but if money wasn’t an issue, seven. I’ve subtly brought up the subject and she doesn’t seem enthusiastic about going beyond two or three kids. What advice would you have to bring her around to the idea of having a big family? Also, I’ve often heard you say you have “The Horrors” when talking about feelings of impending doom during a hangover, in an Irish accent. I’m from Ireland and I’ve never heard the phrase being used. We refer to it as “The Fear”, I think it may come from ‘The fear of God’. I like your new BIG FUCKIN’ TITS. 


Dear Censored,

The really cool chase shots, like the Navy guy with the arm jets, are recorded using 360 degree cameras.  Some automatically remove the mount or selfie stick from the video or you can do it in post.
I’m a commercial drone pilot, and even the best pilot couldn’t be that solid, that close.  I’ve used the 360 cams mountain biking and paramotor flying, they are pretty badass:
Tell Ryan to stop fucking with his gay hair,


Dear Censored,

I know you’ve had him on the show before, but this clip is an exquisite bit of excellence. Concise and inspired.


Dear Censored,

Not only are you the greatest person to ever live Gavin the latest GOML showed you are an amazing husband because when you phoned your wife and she didn’t answer the call back time was class so you must be doing something right my man you fuckin rule 



Dear Censored,

The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Clearly a 10.


Dear Censored,

I remember the days when your waiter served you. Now it seems your, ‘servers’ takes your order (mostly wrong) and now the person who cleans your tables is serving you and does all the fucking work and the server comes back to get the tip for all the hard work someone else was doing.

Sometimes we feel like slipping the tip to the person whose actually working but we know the server would have a bitch fit. 


Dear Censored,

When you become so woke that you turn into a segregationist.


Dear Censored,

My vote is no to having content that caters to women. That would be like a woman coming in to your old man bar and asking it to hold a celebration for all the NASA black female hidden figures because they don’t get enough representation. On the flip side, if I were interested in Oprah’s book club, I wouldn’t feel excluded if they don’t have content that’s specifically targeted to men, but I also can’t imagine asking them to make changes to how they run things just because there’s a handful of male fans. There are plenty of podcasts just for women, they don’t need GOML as well.Just my thoughts,I like you more than a friend,


Dear Censored,

On a previous episode Ryan mentioned Flat Earth and David Weiss he comes up with some stuff that guy.I don’t know if any of you remember he had a podcast with two other guys called Deep Inside the Rabbit hole. on one of the episodes of that show he claimed he drank turpentine and the health benefits of drinking yeah wouldn’t read to much into him saying the Earth is flat Ryguy. Also Gavin could you get Ryan to drink turpentine on the show to see if the health benefits are true or not for a joke it’s a joke.


Dear Censored,

Maybe Cumia would like this better, but this existed.


Dear Censored,

Was Gavin in a gay music video in the 80s?

Check out Elton John at 3:47. That “Yeah” is spot on Gavin.

What was I doing listening to a Dionne Warwick song? Well, um…hey quick, look over there!
Love you more than a friend,


Dear Censored,

I found it:it’s timecoded.  Dice is the origin of “big FUCKIN TITS”


Dear Censored,

This is from some grassroots organization called the Sierra Club and it was addressed to my mother. Not sure how it got to my email but this particular email was quite interesting. I kept the most savory parts here.
They are not a giant organization but do have a good amount of members in what seems to be a focus on climate change.
I’d like to write back but wondering what I should say??____________________________________________________________Dear ___________
George Floyd should be alive.

We remember George Floyd and how his life mattered. The conviction of Derek Chauvin, made possible because of the recording of a bystander, is a small step towards accountability. But it is not justice.

The structures of oppression and white supremacy are set up to exhaust, divide, and frighten us. During the verdict announcement, sixteen-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant was brutally murdered by police in Columbus, OH, reinforcing why our fight for justice can’t stop here, as our nation mourns another Black life taken by police.

Justice requires long term structural change to extract the racism embedded into every aspect of this country and truly upend these systems of hate.

White supremacy is a necessary precondition for big polluters’ agenda. To protect the planet, we must dismantle systemic racism wherever it exists. We must dismantle harmful police systems and replace them with real investments in people and communities. Margaret Levin
State Director
Minnesota Sierra Club, North Star Chap


Dear Censored,

’m 26 and currently single but looking to get back out there.  I live in California and I’m looking to move out of state soon. Definitely be not in a rush to get hitched but I do see myself getting married and having kids some day. 
 I just had the gayest moment… was clicking through recommended YouTube vids and ended up watching pregnancy announcement videos where the couple will surprise their parents.  While most of them were pretty cheesy there was something about the grandfathers being happy for their sons that was undeniably wholesome.  Made me wonder if I’ll be able to have that moment with my dad before he passes away.  He’s already in his 60s (35 years older than me) and I’m not looking for anything serious anytime soon.  I enjoy not having to worry about kids right now and save and spend my money how I want.  
So yeah, super gay moment of me watching content that’s intended for 40+ year old women.
I like your new sunglasses,


Ps here’s two quick links to the type of vid I’m talking about if you’re interested: 

Dear Censored,

I’m a 31 year old female who absolutely loves everything you do, so thank you for that.  TV sucks, YouTube sucks, but you guys don’t, and I appreciate that!  Just wanted to say that I discovered you back when Trump was first running for President, and I fell in love immediately.  I even developed a picture of you, Gavin, and put it on one of the bulletin boards in my classroom as inspiration while I was a high school teacher.  Anyway!  I’m no longer a teacher (thank God) and I’m now a stay at home mom to a beautiful little girl.  It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.  I want to say thank you for inspiring me to be what I was designed to be.  It truly has changed my life.

Also, I saw so many posts yesterday saying Happy Mother’s Day to women with “fur babies”.  What the fuck? 
Much love!


Dear Censored,

Gay for men without the sex


Dear Censored,

My friend’s ex found a cute new way to water her plants! (Yes this is real, she actually does this)

Dear Censored,

I discovered this shitshow over the weekend while shopping for a Mother’s Day card. There are now “woke” Hallmark greeting cards, and I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please see the attached images.
My takeaways:
• I’ve seen a lot of pandering, but this might take the cake.
• The “You matter and always will” messaging convinces me that liberals really do think that blacks are on the level of mentally handicapped individuals.

• The cards are right next to the “sympathy” and “get well soon” cards, meaning that liberals also think that being black is an affliction on the level of a death in the family or getting cancer.
• I can’t imagine receiving this and not feeling anything but mortified. White coworkers already think you’re an affirmative action hire, and now they’re leaving sympathy cards on your desk? What are we doing??
• I’d bet a million dollars that this line of cards was pitched by caucasians, designed by caucasions, copy written by caucasions, etc.
Is there a true market for this, or is this just another lame attempt at virtue signalling?
Love you guys.


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