A New York social studies teacher at an all-girls public school in Queens traveled to Tampa, Fla. to try to have sex with a female minor he had been in contact with online for three months, according to authorities on Sunday.

After grooming the teenage girl in online chats for months, Zeshaan Naqvi, who was a history teacher at the Young Women’s Leadership School in Jamaica, Queens, bought a plane ticket to Florida to act out his perverse fantasies, as reported by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

“It never ceases to amaze us the lengths predators will go to, to get what they want,” Sheriff Chad Chronister explained in a statement. “In this case, a middle school history teacher booked a ticket, boarded a plane, and traveled across the country to meet with a minor who he had been chatting with for about three months.”

Thirty-one-year-old Naqvi reportedly took the minor from her parents’ home in Tampa at about 1:30 a.m. on Saturday and they went to his hotel room, as outlined in a statement put out by Chronister’s office.

After a few hours of Naqvi’s alone time with the teen, he brought the young girl back to her house, but the teacher wasn’t finished and allegedly picked her up a second time around 1 p.m., according to authorities.

The pair went back to Naqvi’s hotel room, where they are said to have engaged in illegal sexual acts, officials reported.

Local police caught up with Naqvi at the hotel around 2 a.m. on Sunday, and he supposedly confessed to deputies that he was well aware that the victim was a minor, according to authorities.

Investigators were first tipped off about the alleged illegal acts when the victim’s mother noticed she was missing and called the police.

The New York teacher is now facing seven counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor as well as traveling to encounter a minor after employing computer services to perform certain illegal acts.

It has not been made clear if Naqvi stayed in police custody on Sunday or had appointed legal services to speak on his behalf.

He has not responded to questions and comments through emails sent to a publicly listed address on the website of the school where he worked.

”No! No! Go away!” shouted a woman who answered the door this past Sunday afternoon at a Queens Village apartment that was registered in the public records as being Naqvi’s home.

The woman supposedly slammed the door in the face of journalists and would not identify herself or respond to any questions.

A spokeswoman for the city Department of Education confirmed that the teacher has already been reassigned from his job at the all-girls’ school. Naqvi is said to have never had a disciplinary action against him since he began his most recent job in 2014.

“These allegations are extremely disturbing and we have zero tolerance for this behavior,” the spokeswoman, Danielle Filson, stressed. “The teacher has been immediately reassigned from his current position pending the outcome of the criminal investigation.”

However, Chronister warned that the alleged incident should put parents on notice to be cautious and observant about whom their children could be meeting online.

“This behavior is deeply disturbing and serves as a grim warning to parents to monitor their child’s online activity,” he stated.

Naqvi is listed as a social studies teacher in the staff directory on the official website of the school, which teaches girls in grades six through 12.

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