Though former Vice President Mike Pence has been staying out of the political spotlight since leaving office, he has made efforts and connections to have a substantial impact in 2022, according to Fox News.

Pence made headlines Thursday when he announced that he is going to join the Heritage Foundation as a distinguished fellow, and again on Friday with the announcement that he is entering into a partnership with the Young America’s Foundation.

The Heritage Foundation is one of the oldest and most influential think tanks on the conservative spectrum, and Young America’s Foundation is a well-known half-century-old conservative youth organization.

The announcement came quickly after Wednesday’s word that the former vice president launched a transition office, Fox New reported.

These moves come ahead of what are expected to be more announcements in the coming days on affiliations with other well-known conservative organizations.

The announcement by Pence—a likely contender for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination—comes as early moves are already underway heading to the 2022 midterm elections, when Republicans are aiming to win back majorities in the House and Senate.

Marc Short—a close aide of Pence who served as the then-vice president’s chief of staff for the past two years—shared with Fox News that Pence will likely be “very active” in trying to help fellow Republicans on the campaign trail over the next two years.

Short also noted that initial conversations with House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and his team are attempting to determine how Pence may be useful going forward, as well as with the Republican Governors Association. Pence served on the RGA’s executive committee during his tenure as Indiana governor and has a relationship with Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, who recently took over as RGA chairman. Gubernational elections are being held in 38 states over the next two years, according to Fox News.

A Republican source in Pence’s orbit predicted: “I think you’ll find that candidates will be remarkably welcoming to Mike Pence coming and campaigning on their behalf.

“It’s a strategy that a number of presidential candidates have used over the years, traveling to early primary and caucus states ostensibly to help Republicans but really make friends, lay the groundwork for White House campaigns,” noted longtime GOP strategist Jim Merrill.

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