Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) went nuclear over the $2.3-trillion government spending bill which allotted $900 billion to a so-called COVID-19 relief package.

The senator blasted Republicans for voting to print money with no accountability and advised that Congress is in essence sustaining the lockdowns by giving money to states with leaders instituting rules that he called “arbitrary and unscientific.”

Both the House and Senate voted to pass the 5,593-page pandemic relief and spending bill on Monday, which Paul criticized for making “modern monetary theory look like child’s play in comparison,” labeling the legislation a “deficits don’t matter disaster.”

“This bill is free money for everyone,” Paul said, detailing how “free money” is not the solution to the country’s current economic problems.

“And yet if free money were the answer, if money really grew on trees, why not give more free money? Why not give it out all the time? Why stop at $600 per person? Why not $1,000? Why not $2,000?” Paul added, questioning when someone will notice that the dollar “no longer has value.”

“Maybe these new free money Republicans should join the everybody-gets-a-guaranteed-income caucus. Why not $20,000 a year for everybody? Why not $30,000? If we can print up money with impunity, why not do it?” he asked.

“The treasury can just keep printing the money. That is, until someone points out that the emperor has no clothes and that the dollar no longer has value,” Paul added.

“To so-called conservatives who are quick to call out the socialism of Democrats, if you vote for this spending monstrosity, you are no better. When you vote to pass out free money, you lose your soul and you abandon forever any semblance of moral or fiscal integrity,” Paul said, illustrating that the difference between the parties is “less Adam Smith versus Marx and more Marx versus Engels.”

The senator from Kentucky went on to explain his take on the nation’s financial situation, citing the country made $3.3 trillion last year and spent $6.6 trillion. He called the deficit a “record-busting $3.3 trillion,” going further to say there is no more COVID stimulus money and that such tremendous spending patterns have been “going on for decades.”

“Today’s money is gone, so Congress is spending tomorrow’s money,” he noted, saying that the US finds itself $27 trillion in debt today with no cuts, counterbalance, or prioritization in our Congress.

“Spend all this money and leave the future to figure itself out,” Paul stated before pointing out that Congress is fundamentally prolonging the lockdowns by supporting states establishing guidelines and laws that are “arbitrary and unscientific.” Paul warned that governors are deciding which businesses will and will not survive while small businesses are dying.

“The need for help is real … but it’s clear that government has worsened the economic damage and acted as the biggest obstacle to economic recovery,” Paul continued.

Joe Biden reacted to the package’s passage by effectively calling to spend more:

“I applaud this relief package, but our work is far from over. Starting in the new year, Congress will need to immediately get to work on support for our COVID-19 plan. My message to everyone out there struggling right now: help is on the way,” Biden tweeted.

The package in question will spend much of its budget overseas and will give everyone who filed taxes in 2019 and is eligible a mere $600 each for essentially being kept from making money and put under house arrest for the past eight months. People receiving unemployment due to pandemic-related firings stand to get an additional $300 a week for 11 weeks; however, most unemployment benefits are set to run out in the next couple of weeks with no further extensions being discussed and no end to the lockdown in sight. 

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