Doctors in Russia removed a four-foot-long snake from a woman’s throat after it crawled inside her while she was sleeping. 

The young woman visited the hospital after awaking from a nap in her garden and feeling unwell, reports The Mirror. The unnamed woman, who lives in the tiny village of Levashi, population 11,500, in the Dagestan region of Russia along the Caspian Sea in the North Caucasus, woke with a pain in her stomach. She arrived at the hospital, where perplexed doctors placed her under general anesthetic to investigate the cause of her extreme discomfort. 

They soon discovered a snake writhing around inside her and got to work to remove the reptile through the patient’s mouth using a tube.

Video of the shocking procedure shows a male doctor removing the snake from the woman’s mouth with a tube and saying off-camera “Let’s see what this is.” A horrified female nurse jumps back, grabs the snake once it’s freed, and plops it into a bucket. Another disgusted woman laughs nervously off-camera. 


It is unclear whether the snake was alive or dead when removed. It appears to writhe slightly after being yanked from the patient’s mouth. Some viewers of the disturbing video remarked the creature looked partially digested. 

Other commenters suggested the snake might be a parasite or giant worm, but it appears too large for this. Others wondered how a person wouldn’t notice a snake slithering down one’s throat. “How drunk do you have to be to not notice a snake going into your mouth? And the how much more drunk not to feel it slithering down your throat? Unbelievable,” one person wrote online. 

“What alcoholic beverage do snakes find irresistible?” asked another. 

Locals say such incidents happen infrequently, but older citizens in the area advise young people to not sleep outside because of the risk of snakes crawling inside their mouths, reports The Daily Mail. The type of snake is not known and the Ministry of Health in Dagestan has not commented. 

Patimat Abdurashidova, the chief doctor of the Levashinsky district hospital, told the New York Post she was unaware of such a procedure being performed at the facility. 

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