A school dean of a Pinellas County charter and his spouse in Palm Harbor, Fla. are suspected of giving drugs and alcohol to their juvenile babysitter on a number of occasions.

WFLA in Tampa reports Florida charter school dean Adam Thayer and his wife Misty Mitchell-Thayer are accused of providing their 17-year-old babysitter with beer and cannabis whenever they left her to watch their house and children.

The couple also urged the teenager to get high and drink while she worked, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

“Get drunk! Pass the fuck out! … If you want to smoke, Adam has weed there,” a text which was allegedly sent to the teen said. 

According to deputies, the Florida couple is said to have supplied the babysitter with drugs and alcohol at least 30 times, and perhaps as many as 40 times, over two years.

Thayer and Mitchell-Thayer are also said to have provided drugs and alcohol to the teen’s friends for parties in their home. 

The underaged girl was employed as a babysitter for the pair’s twins since the age of 15, the teen reported to investigators. The twins are now seven years old.

“The juvenile informed detectives she consumed alcohol every time she babysat for the Thayer’s children (approximately 30-40 times) since she was 15-years-old,” CBS in Atlanta wrote. The teen also reportedly said to police that she would usually get so intoxicated she would have been incapable to assist if an emergency with the children occurred on her watch. She said to detectives that she would get “pretty drunk” and have slurred speech as well as blurry vision after a night of babysitting for the Thayers. 

It is reported that the minor would sit in the house and drink alcohol while the couple went bar-hopping at local pubs.

Thayer, 38, was taken into custody and charged, while the teenage babysitter has not been named in public reports to protect the anonymity of a minor.

Mitchell-Thayer, 39, was also arrested but will not yet be formally charged until later time, local authorities said.

The Tampa Bay Times reported the couple is accused of letting the underage girl drink vodka and whiskey as well as carbonated alcoholic drinks. She told police that the couple once poured her a glass of whiskey before they left for a night on the town.

They are even said to have drank with her after coming back from their own night of drinking, usually around midnight, according to the babysitter. 

The Sheriff’s office has yet to comment on how they caught wind of these accusations or when their investigation began, but Patch reported that authorities may have been looking into the Thayers as early as Dec. 29, 2020. 

Reports say that Thayer was employed as dean of students at Pinellas Academy of Math and Science in Florida before his arrest. He is now facing charges of child neglect in connection to the incident with the teenage girl and his employment status is unknown.

The school declined to comment on the issues with their dean when contacted by the Tampa Bay Times. The Pinellas County School District noted that the school has been contacting parents about the situation, and that it will verify everything with the school to ensure it reports the arrest to the state Department of Education for an expected disciplinary action.

Patch reports Mitchell-Thayer will likely be facing her own charges of child neglect as well.

Thayer posted bond shortly after being taken into custody last Thursday, and there is no word if the pair had hired attorneys who could be reached for comment.

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