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Dear Censored

This looks like an interesting documentary about a band with 3 Orthodox priests. Check it out! 


Dear Censored

Men in dresses with beards can’t find some one to fuck


Dear Censored

I found the “Level three Antifa super solider” that called in at the end of your reddit AMA


go to 1:54:00 for context 

Here is the level three super solider of the revolution. They are not sending their best…… 

Dear Censored


I have no idea if you plan on doing a Memorial Day episode or not. When you are cracking open a beer this coming holiday, please have one for Sergeant Dale Russell Griffin. He was killed by an IED in the Arghandab Valley, Afghanistan on October 27, 2009. He was riding in a Stryker when it was hit. Six other men I knew were killed in the same blast. Only the driver survived. He suffered 3rd degree burns over his whole body.

Dale was the best friend I’ll ever have. A native of Terra Haute, Indiana, his parents had his body brought home to be buried in a family plot. He was built like a brick house, strong but couldn’t run for shit. He liked to drink Newcastle, smoked Marlboros when he got drunk, and dipped Grizzly Wintergreen. 

When Dale’s parents were notified, they requested that the media show their son being carried off the plane in his casket. Obama made it happen and saluted his casket as it was carried off. Dale was the first soldier killed in the Global War on Terrorism to be filmed being carried home in a casket. Vice President Biden came and spoke at the memorial service at Fort Lewis, WA for the men killed.

Don’t mention my name because this letter isn’t for me. I just want everyone to remember Dale.  Below are some links about that day, the wrestling tournament that was held in his honor, a bike park named after him, and a few words from his parents.

Dear Censored

I know you are always on the hunt for new chicks to simp, but I thought we should have a look back to a vintage simp girl in Kate Bush. I somehow got into a youtube vortex watching some videos of her, she was so hot back in the day. Am I wrong?  Check out this video and tell me you don’t get a coconut smasher.
PS: speaking of chick singers, I sent you an email talking about the movie Magnolia, and the reason I was reminded of the movie was because I heard a song by Aimee Mann. Now, she isn’t particularly good looking, but she is a mega leftie as far as I know. I started thinking to myself, I bet Gavin has crossed paths with her in the past, and I bet she despises him. I also imagine there would be a great story about it from the ol’ Gav dog. 

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Dear Censored

Check out this sweet African short film.

Love ya 


Dear Censored

You have to read this article from the WSJ:

Absolutely insane the details in this. Basically tells us that China new about the virus back in 2012 – a bunch of miners cleaning up bat guano got sick and three died and they have been studying and experimenting with this shit ever since. Numerous other details about what China was up to in labs purposely trying to inject coronaviruses into human cells and they shutdown a database with all of this work in late 2019/early 2020. Also exposes a bunch of contradictions in top Chinese scientist statements and the absolute hack job of an investigation the WHO did in China.

Must read in my opinion, I hope you will cover this on the show.



Dear Censored

Weird Songs

Mr. Bungle: 

Rubber bandits (in gaelic)

Shut up Ryan


Dear Censored

USA has found a black male not guilty of all charges for his admitted murder of a random 77yo White man–because it was an “act of frustration” when he couldn’t get a lift.

3rd world shitholes like USA are incapable of justice and necessitate lynch mobs.

Of course this is too real for your faggot show and you’re not gonna show it because you’re a neocon zionist faggot.


Dear Censored

I just wanted to tell you that the way you summed up last FRI talking about Memorial Day was one of the most epic and brilliant endings to any show of all time. I sent it to everyone, all my psychotic liberal fam and friends and said… founder of the Proud Boys is such a piece of shit. Right? Wrong, you speak the truth and that’s why people like me tune in and defend you at all costs. 
Tangent here, but if my brother and I were at the pool with the college guys in FL giving you the stink eye and talking shit while you were with your family! I would have climbed the roof or nearest balcony in order to dive off and spear the cunts in two.
I’m in the Navy and in Japan, always a day ahead and standing by to listen to GOML and some other shows. Jacob and Goad are money too, but no one holds a candle to you and the gay hair rice ball. Thank you for your service Captain! 
Very Respectfully,


P.s. Milo show stunk, he is an awesome interviewee, not interviewer. Thank god you cut him loose, I bet that guy was costing you a fortune. 
P.s.s. Not sure if you have seen Outlaw King, (Netflix) but this is the best scene and speech of all time. Starts at 45 seconds. You should do a reenact and make a bumper with it. 

Dear Censored

Another female fan. Thanks for making me feel sane.

I like your new sunglasses.


Dear Censored

Hey Gavin and useless poofta, I hope you haven’t covered this before but there is an Australian tv mockumentary called “Angry Boys” came out in 2011 made by, and staring Chris Lilley it involves twin brothers in a rural setting (one is deaf), a black rapper named smouse who creates a song named squashed nigga (which is a fuckin jam) a Japanese skateboarder whose tiger mum (played by Chris) tells everyone her son is gay to increase his popularity in the Japanese skateboarding scene, a juvenile correction officer lady and a surfer dude who’s in a surf gang and gets his nutsack shot off in a gang brawl against the opposing gang. All of these characters are played by the same guy. It’s a god damn masterpiece! Incredibly hilarious and a great show to watch with the kids, he’s made a myriad of shows all high quality and the most recent one he plays a South African lesbian who gets her dog a sex change. Anyways sorry for the long synopsis I’m not doing the show justice, I would tell you to check it out but it’s been banned on Netflix because of obvious reasons in today’s day and age but you might be able see a few clips on YouTube. Much love from Australia keep up the good fight.
Here’s a link and a little context: the twin brothers try to get smouse’ attention with a fake story of an aboriginal boy who died when a truck crashed through his room.


Dear Censored

What if all these alien sightings are just space dudes taking a short cut to work? They’re probably just wage cucks on their way to space burger donalds. You always talk about those airplane cult guys on that island. We’re like them to the aliens. Those black tribal guys look up in the sky seeing planes fly over not knowing wtf they are. Who the fuck would spend their free time going to visit them and teach them about science and shit? They’re happy fishing and living in huts. 
Why the hell would space burger flippers stop and teach us about their advanced space car they bought second hand. To them, we’re just stupid happy retards living in wood boxes.
Secondly, you talked about how if there’s intelligent life you’d lose your faith. Bro, read Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis. God could’ve made all kinds of creatures everywhere in His image. There is no limit to His creation.

Peace and love,


Dear Censored

I am a cop who recently attended a training at my state’s Police Academy. One of the classes was titled, hate crime laws. This slide was the first one they showed in the list of hate organizations according to the SPLC. I had to chime in and debunk the SPLC and point out all of their recent problems and the fact that you are suing them. 
An officer next to me, that I do not know and who is from another agency started singing proud of your boy from Aladdin and said we should have worn our matching shirts!
Proud of your fucking boys?


Dear Censored

I made a list of LBGTQ murders in 2020 similarly to how you made the X, O, ✔ show covering the cases of dead Black people.  I was motivated after Biden discussed “too many women of color are being murdered” in the event he tries to correlate white supremacy with LBGTQ homicides.

Link of Biden talking about LBGTQ homicides (1min50sec):  

Hope this helps transparency on the situation!

Very respectfully,


Dear Censored

I pray to god you haven’t seen this before 

Dear Censored

I recall Gavin saying he’s the world champ at this musical phenomenon but I think home boy gives you a run for the title. I seem to only find a live version of  “who knows” by “the band of gypsies” but that’s what makes it so tits out for the boys. 
Theirs been a lot of Jimi Hendrix talk on this show so I think highlighting this is very important and something that I should have addressed a long time ago. First off, great track, highly underrated. Most people have never even heard it. Always a crowd pleaser at the juke box. 
Midway thru the song @ 4:09 jimi breaks a guitar string and quickly falls to his knees and starts to fix it. The White male backup singer realizes the situation and takes command of the show and puts on perhaps the best solo ever performed.

After doing the chorus and realizing that he needs more time… using nerry an instrument he belts out Hendrix’s upcoming face melter with his own voice. Shortly after, once the string is fixed, jimi and the crew close out the show making it one of coolest moments in live music history. 
“Could you imagine if the time in music were reversed?” They don’t make em like they used to. 

I wanna fuck you with my shower shoes and diesel jeans on,


Dear Censored

Weird Nigerian comics


Dear Censored

What you say about Mexican boxers is 100% accurate. I used to train in Tijuana and would get tuned up by fucking 15 year old’s! No matter what time of the year the gyms were blazing hot. No A/C or ventilation. Ever! Coach told me it wasn’t allowed. It was torture for my Irish paddy ass!
I used to hate wearing head gear because I would feel so damn claustrophobic and would have mild panic attacks between rounds. Coach would yell at me because I would try to rip off my head gear. 
Or it could be that I am just a big giant pussy.
Jaime Munguia, a famous boxer from Tijuana, also trains at a facility west of Mexico City at a very high elevation. I’m sure that helps when he comes back to sea level to fight.  
Anyway, I want to fuck Ryan with my Perry on.


Dear Censored

Here’s something the media will never report: Hamas political chief Ismail Haniyeh’s niece has been in an Israeli hospital for a month now, treating her rare cancer. During the recent war. 
Another interesting fact – when Hamas military chief Yihye Sinwar was in Israeli prison, he had a brain tumor, and his life was saved by Israeli doctors.
All of this on the Israeli taxpayers dime, while Hamas spends its billions in foreign aid on terror attacks. So who exactly is the war criminal?
Much love to you from Tel Aviv – come back soon!

Dear Censored

ndian joker face with Gavin sweatshirt

am I crazy or is this dude doing the joker thing wearing a Gavin sweatshirt?

Stay gay,


Dear Censored

You have got to get this dude to shut the fuck up.  He is suffocating your pretty young right wing libertarian goddess in the rough.  I am certain if you give her her own show than it will be crazy successful and also way better than how this show is currently.  This guy is ok for a podcast but he doesn’t give her annny air time.  Its actually disrespectful and if I was her I would be looking elsewhere for work siunce my employer thinks so little of me.  Just saying.  Show her some respect and promote her into the spotlight.  You have a real winner with this one.  Uhuru.


Dear Censored

Just happened at the yankee game!


Dear Censored

You talking about that tribe that worships a plane reminded me of another tribe that worships Prince Philip. They believe he is their ancestor and that he came out of a volcano after two women had intercourse together. They used to believe he would move to their island when he turns 89. It obviously didn’t happened but since he died today at 99 we can wonder if maybe they were just off ten years in their estimation. Is it possible that he’s finally arrived on the island ? Here’s a video about them

You also talked of a woman that eats cushions and it reminded me of another one that is addicted to eating and snorting cleaning products 

Lastly, I remember you talked about girls in the 80’s that used to look older than their actual age. A good example of that would be Frank Zappa’s daughter. Believe it or not she was 14 in that interview.

That’s it for today


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  1. Dear Gav and Lord of The SAD Zone (formerly the RAD zone, Geezus Ryan, get it together what an atrocity that place is)

    Please check out the new docu just added on HBO MAX called “The Vertigo Years” if you haven’t already. Holy shit, it shows how the WEST buttfucked the rest of the world just between the years of 1900-1914 with it’s ingenuity in technology, industrialism, art, globalization, inventions, etc. The rest of the world just sat by in their mud huts and lean-to’s still hunting and gathering. THE WEST IS THE BEST, FUCK THE REST

    Vice City Proud Boys

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