An airline is accused of having staff members who perform acts that are a far cry from “virgin” while at work.

A flight attendant from a British airline has spelled out a tale regarding mile-high hook-ups, steamy jaunts with pilots, and celebrity flings that happen amongst the chic staff onboard.

The air hostess, who wants to maintain her anonymity, says that the culture on the airline is just as shocking as the list of famous celebrities she has encountered, according to the New York Post.

She started working with the airline “to travel the world, meet new people and get paid for living the lifestyle.”

The stewardess as been in the skies for 15 years and says she is now ready to spill all the secrets she’s seen in her time, divulging that at least two of her coworkers last year were making cash on the side by having sex with first-class and business-class travelers.

She claims: “A stewardess was caught getting [business] on board as a prostitute. She was caught business-carding it — trying to drum up [business] on a flight.”

“She only got sacked because she changed hotel rooms but she hadn’t informed her [customers] that she had — and they were turning up looking for her. Another stewardess did the L.A. trip, and she had a nice little business down there of people coming to her hotel room and having sex with her.”

“It was perfect as she was meeting really high-end people, business class and first class, meeting the real, real rich guys where money is nothing and they are willing to pay for it — for a young bit of [a babe] with a small bum and a tight skirt.”

“One girl got paid working as a dominatrix.”

After food had been served and there is a quiet period on the flight, the staffer claims, she often hears the crew having sex with each other in their break room.

During one of these mile-high trysts, it was said a pilot would have sex with a stewardess during the flight in the rear of the cockpit.

The airline worker said: “On a 747 [jet,] the pilots have bunkbeds at the back of the cockpit and the captain was seeing a stewardess and there were two pilots taking over for the captain to have a break.”

“They let him and the girl go into the bedroom mid-flight, it was all safe, but I believe the bedroom was rocking and it wasn’t turbulence!”

In the meantime, one brazen pilot was cheating on his wife, who was also onboard at the time. He fooled around with his stewardess girlfriend in midair and never got busted. 

Others are less discreet, the air hostess claimed.

She said: “It’s common for pilots to go out with stewardesses, especially the younger stewardesses that join fleets.”

“The girls sometimes believe stupidly and naively that they are something special. The majority of the pilots have partners and families back home.”

“One story I heard was a pilot who had a wife at home who got a stewardess pregnant — and she now lives with them in their home. Whatever floats their boat.”

That’s just the fun that happens in the air. More depravity goes on once the crew lands in a foreign country and checks into the hotels.

“The younger fleet are aged under 21 so they can’t go out and drink, so many of them have room parties,” she said.

“This is where many of the pilots will get their claws into them, basically. There’s been a couple of threesomes.”

The crew would sometimes also blow off steam by sneaking certain jokes, words, or phrases into their PA announcements.

She claims: “We used to say to the captain, ‘In the speech you have to get in words like clitoris.’ So they’d be flying back and say, ‘So now we are just flying past the island of Clit-oris.’”

Another time they challenged the captain with getting George Michael song lyrics into his speech.

She explained: “He said things like, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, tonight baby I’m your man and I’ll be flying you in a careless whisper.’”

After over a decade on the job, the air hostess says she is in a long-term relationship so she doesn’t participate in the wild sex escapades. She said airlines have become tougher in recent times, so sexual antics on the job don’t have the same luster as they once did.

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