President Donald Trump has become fed-up with the ineffectiveness of law enforcement in their attempt to stifle the riots that have raged on for 86 consecutive days in Portland, Oregon. He suggested that the National Guard be sent in to put a stop to the mayhem, urging Oregon state officials and Portland city officials to request that he do so, the Daily Wire reported.  

Trump took to Twitter to let off some steam, tweeting: “Another bad night of Rioting in Portland, Oregon. A small number of Federal troops there to protect courthouse and other Federal property only (great job!). Wanting to be asked by City & State to STOP THE RIOTS. Would bring in National Guard, end problem immediately. ASK!”

The Daily Mail reported that “tensions between cops and protesters reached a boiling point early Saturday, with police declaring a riot after crowds gathered outside the Portland Police Bureau’s north precinct and began throwing projectiles at officers.” The outlet continued by saying “about 200 demonstrators had gathered at Irving Park before marching a mile down to the police station in protective gear including helmets, gas masks, body armor and homemade wooden shields.”

Toward the end of July, Trump threatened to send the National Guard into Portland after nearly two months of unrest. He was asked during a press conference: “Are you confident, sir, that the State of Oregon will be able to quell the protests in Portland and if the violence does continue, would you consider re-deploying federal troops?”

Trump responded:

“The Governor and the Mayor, we’ve been dealing with them and we think they don’t know what they’re doing because this should not have been going on for 60 days. It’s not our job unless in case of emergency, which I consider now to be an emergency. It’s not our job to go in and clean out the cities. That’s supposed to be done by local law enforcement.”

“Yesterday, the Governor worked a deal where they’ll do it. We’ll stand by, they’ll do it. And that’s good. That was very good, but she didn’t report it that way. What she reported was totally different. She said, “I think Trump wants to take over the country.” It’s crazy. So what happened is our people are staying there to see whether or not they could do it today and tomorrow. And if they don’t do it, we will send in the National Guard and we’ll take care of it.”

“And we’re telling them right now, these protesters, and many should be arrested because these are professional agitators. These are professional anarchists. These are people that hate our country. We’re telling them right now that we’re coming in very soon. The National Guard, a lot of people, a lot of very tough people, and these are not people that just have to guard the courthouse and save it, these are people that are allowed to go forward and do what they have to do.”

“And I think that makes the Governor’s job and the Mayor’s job a lot easier. So they’re working today and probably tomorrow to clean out this beehive of terrorists. And if they do it, I’m going to be very happy. And then slowly we can start to leave the city. If they don’t do it, we’ll be sending in the National Guard.”

Portland has been at the center of violence and destruction since the death of George Floyd—a criminal whose death ignited a slew of assaults and murders against innocent people in the name of social justice. Recent reports allege that Floyd was perhaps not killed by the knee of Derek Chauvin, but by an overdose of fentanyl.

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