A shipment of “damning” documents linked to Hunter Biden and his father mysteriously disappeared in transit to Los Angeles, according to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who revealed the information on his Wednesday night segment.

“There is always a lot going on that we don’t have time to get to on the air,” Carlson told his audience, “but there is something specific going on behind the screens that we did feel like we should tell you about. 

“On Monday of this week, we received from a source a collection of confidential documents related to the Biden family,” Carlson went on. “We believe they are authentic, they’re real. and they’re damning.”

Fox News reported that Carlson was contacted by the source while in Los Angeles preparing to interview Tony Bobulinski—a former business associate of Hunter Biden—who detailed Joe’s supposed knowledge of his son’s foreign dealings on the Fox News show Tuesday evening.

Carlson tweeted on Tuesday:

Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner Tony Bobulinski: “I remember looking at Jim Biden and saying how are you guys getting away with this? Aren’t you concerned? He looked at me, and he laughed a little bit, and said ‘PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY.'”

But the documents never arrived in Los Angeles, Carlson said.

“Tuesday morning we received word from the shipping company that our package had been opened and the contents were missing. The documents had disappeared.”

“We texted a producer in New York and asked him to send those documents to us in L.A, ” Carlson explained. “And he did that, so Monday afternoon of this week, he shipped the documents overnight to California with a large national carrier, a brand-name company that we’ve used, you’ve used, countless times with never a single problem.”

“They went far and beyond, but they found nothing. Those documents have vanished,” Carlson concluded. “As of tonight, the company has no idea and no working theory either about what happened to this trove of materials, documents that are directly relevant to the presidential campaign just six days from now.”

The host added that executives at the company were “baffled and deeply bothered by this, and so are we.”

There have been suggestions that Fox News intentionally planted this story as a way to somehow tilt the scales in President Donald Trump’s favor in the upcoming presidential election.

Lisa Matassa took to Twitter following the event, tweeting: “Pretty obvious that someone AT FOX NEWS knew exactly what was being shipped and made sure the package was intercepted. Your thief is INSIDE FOX NEWS NETWORK.”

Others are dumbfounded at the idea that no one seemed to have made copies of the “damning” documents in the first place, calling into the question the existence of the pieces of paper from the outset.

One Twitter user tweeted: “And no one made copies. No one took photos with their phone. No thumb drive, just apparently pieces of paper. In an office, no one made copies? How are you believing any of this??”

Another Twitter user suggested that the documents did not exist in the first place: “Or “it” never existed in the first place.”

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