Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted Silicon Valley tech overloads for election tampering and information suppression in his monologue during Monday evening’s broadcast.

On his show “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Carlson lashed out at well-documented claims of Google suppressing search results from conservative news outlets and social media companies censoring news stories that were highly damaging to Democrat candidate Joe Biden.

Carlson specifically called out claims from Breitbart News that traffic to the site from Google plummeted in the weeks leading up to the 2020 general election, suggesting that Google had tampered with algorithms to limit the flow of information from news organizations critical of candidate Biden.

CARLSON: One of the first things that we should be honest about is one of the worst forms of election tampering took place far from polling sites. It wasn’t votes from dead people. Those are bad, but they weren’t the worst thing. The worst things are more obvious than that.

The worst thing was Silicon Valley.

The tech monopolies spent the final weeks of the presidential election suppressing the voices of Trump supporters and hiding damaging information about his opponent Joe Biden. That happened. We saw it firsthand. We experienced it. You may have, too.

In August, Facebook banned the pro-Trump super PAC committee To Defend the President from buying any campaign advertising. What? What election has that happened in? None.

Just a few weeks ago, as you well know, The New York Post published true and accurate details of the Biden family’s lucrative and damaging overseas influence-peddling operation, which was real, which Joe Biden knew about.

Facebook, in turn, limited the distribution of this article, and Twitter blocked people from posting it. In other words, they censored it. They kept people from knowing about it, and on what basis? Nothing in those articles was untrue, but they censored it anyway, along with any content that was critical of lockdowns and mandatory mask-wearing. Why? Because Biden supported those.

A recent study from Media Research Center also claims “Big Media and Big Tech stole” the 2020 election through suppression of stories from mainstream news outlets, like the New York Post, that were highly damaging to Biden. In that study, 36% of Biden voters said they had never heard of allegations that Biden was involved in corrupt financial dealings with the Chinese Communist Party and his son Hunter’s various business ventures.

In that study, 4.6% of Biden voters reported they would not have voted for the former vice president had they been aware of the corruption allegations.

On Monday, Carlson also called out a host of Big Tech executives and lawyers who are being eyed by the Biden campaign for top-level positions in his administration should he win.

Carlson also appeared to snap back at his own network, Fox News, during the monologue when he called out networks and journalists who cut away from coverage they don’t like. Earlier Monday, Fox News host Neil Cavuto cut away from a White House press conference addressing investigations into widespread voter fraud and irregularities.

The move caused a roaring backlash on social media against the already embattled network whose target viewership is turning away in droves after Fox prematurely called Arizona for Biden on election night. Fox has still not recanted its call that Biden won the election and is president-elect, despite several key swing states currently undergoing recounts and voter audits.

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