Virgin boy eggs

Dear Censored,

The show is great, the banter, the mailbag, the calls, the news, the stories from the past, the gym, the family, the pub, all top notch. The only issue I have is the green screens. They are probably great for recently red pilled people or people one might be trying to red pill but for, I assume, the majority of subscribers, it must be boring. 
Granted, some of the info is new but the general sentiment you are getting across in each green screen segment is already well understood by anyone who has been a conservative for more than 12 months which, again I assume, is most subscribers. I find them tedious and long. 
I love the news sections however and the brief commentary on each bit of news that are like short versions of the green screen segments. I love your analogies to put the news in perspective – you have serious talent for coming up with them off the cuff. The green screens are usually based on relevant news which is great and again some of the commentary is great but unlike the news section it goes on for so long as you are trying to convince us of ideas we are already on board with – at least the vast majority of us. 
I really do love every other bit of the show, I listen to it every day. 


Dear Censored,

This is fun (and relevant to last show)


Dear Censored,



Dear Censored,

Loved the woke episode. It helped me realize my subconscious biases. I had just watched it after grabbing some tacos from a food truck in midtown. I was so perturbed, I immediately went to the nearest bathroom to purge. This was done in an effort to distance myself from cultural appropriation. YES, indeed, the truck was operated by a seemingly Mexican family. But you can never be too sure. Better safe then sorry. 
And please do us all a favor and update the app, you cheap Scottish son of a bitch. Allow a 10 sec rewind. Shit, you’re pretty close with Cumia, pick his brain dickhead. 
Like you more than a friend,


Dear Censored,


Dear Censored,

I suggested two weeks ago that 4th and 5th gen fighters are done with dog fighting, but this C explained something cool.
Maybe not mailbag, but fascinating in my opinion. 
The CCP is stealing our F series designs, but their builds are not made with the same materials.
Basically, china is “ass-hoe.”
They can’t even rip up off well. Lol.
Enough with the Commies!!! Perhaps we make a virus that is gene specific as they are doing.  Since they won’t stop, let’s solve this and we win.
Fuck Chicoms. 
But, since I’m not a monster, let’s have the CIA do it and then the cool Chinese people can do things to shift our vector. 
Your sunglasses are made in China,


Dear Censored,

Take a look at how this narrative shifted throughout the day.
Local sports radio guy posted this.  Sad story and possible hate crime I suppose.


Plenty of posts like this about it (without knowing any details)

This retard also knew nothing about the “protestor run down and killed” either but whatever.

The news starts reporting that a man has been arrested but they don’t want to release his name which is weird because the cop that accidentally shot that guy when she meant to taze him (in Brooklyn Center, right next to Brooklyn Park) had her info released immediately.  Of course only one arrest for “vehicular homicide” showed up in the Hennepin County jail records yesterday so you could easily figure out his name.  
Then the tweets slow down a bit and suddenly the news starts pointing out “a history of mental illness” and that it was not a hate crime. Strange that the narrative would shift so quickly.   I wonder why that would be? 
This morning they released all his info.  Don’t be too shocked by this but…..

Dear Censored,

I think this would help you more then boxing with your stress. Drop it anywhere and you will see something emotionally moving

Ps I sent you a lumberjack video from the 40s it insane that you should check out 


Dear Censored,

Have you ever noticed the map of modern day slavery is basically the inverse of the map of where white people live?


Dear Censored,

I unfortunately took the advice of the old you and now my cis female life partner through christ is now with child what should I do? I don’t think I’m quite woke enough just yet to end the pregnancy. Should I Nuka Zeus the baby or maybe just raise the child as an underprivileged youth? I really just don’t want my future child to be saddled with white privilege like I am. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks,


. P.s. just kidding just typing that email made me feel retarded but thanks for the baby making advice anyway.

Dear Censored,

 wish I knew where I heard this summation of Critical Race Theory so I could credit it.  Perhaps it was your show, in which case you summed it up perfectly:  Critical Race Theory is nothing but envy dressed up in rhetoric.



Dear Censored,

This lady was recommended to me on youtube.
I think she has the sprinkles.
oh and she is fine as hell!


Dear Censored,

, you mentioned once while receiving phone calls that you’re surprised that you have a female fanbase because of your misogynistic views. Well I’ll explain why that’s not a deal breaker for me and I assume the rest of your female fanbase. It’s sort of like my boyfriend, good looking and funny enough that I’m willing to tolerate the subtle misogyny. Also, I’m Mexican so I’m used to the traditional machismo that isn’t malignant (for the most part). So, similarly to my boyfriend, I don’t have to agree with you on EVERYTHING, but just enough. Lots of love from Las Vegas.I like you more than a friend. 



Dear Censored

Your show tonight was trash. The Pretending to be woke Schtick got old real fast. Do a normal show on Monday’s. This was a weak episode, could barely even get through it.


Dear Censored

Pay attention as the guy on the right side of history in the red hat lays into this fascist. Powerful stuff


Dear Censored,

Woman uses makeup to transform from a 1.8 to a 7.5

What. The. Fuck.



#duet with @princxssglitterhead you are NOT going to see this coming. AT ALL.

♬ Celebrate the Good Times – Mason

Dear Censored,

You both are so right about woman writers, look at this shit. It just goes on and on and on!!!


Are restaurant dress codes racist and no longer relevant? Black patron calls out double standard after incident (

Dear Censored,

Can we please take June 16th to recognize the contributions Ryan had made to Men everywhere. While it’s funny to laugh at his shortcomings; being a closeted homosexual who likes children’s movies, leader of the Fag zone, terrible at producing and engineering  (while at the same time being paid for being a producer and engineer). When Ryan defended Gavin’s Honor, film captured on Gavs home security camera, we all saw what he’s capable of. He can be brave, never quit and never stop fighting. His Spanish Conquistador and Slope DNA, came out in full force. June 16th I recognize his honor. Mutt lives matter.

Eauts a Juuly fuushh,


Dear Censored,

I watched this movie I Care a Lot a couple months ago, it’s a Netflix original that one a Golden Globe with Diane Weist and Peter Dinklage (the midg from Game of Thrones). The main character is a strong, lesbian woman that is a con-artist who finds wealthy elderly people with no family and forces them to become wards of the state, puts them in a corrupt retirement home that is in cahoots with her and takes a cut of the money. She also of course is a lesbian with a hot young girlfirend. This particular old lady who she is targeting (Diane Weist) is not one to mess around with, as her son (the midg) is a Russian mafia lord who spends the whole movie trying to save her from captivity. 
Later on the old lady is starved and treated terribly in the retirement home while her son tries to rescue her. Her son has a hit put out on the con-artist lady and she ends up tied up in a car and pushed off a bridge… but she escapes by kicking in the windshield underwater wearing her heels and enacts revenge on the mobsters… like Liam Neeson. At the end, the mobster gives up and asks to go into business with her. The movie ends with her becoming famous and successful. 
There is no justice done in this film. The message (especially to gay women) is that it is kill or be killed, and it doesn’t matter who you screw over or how shitty of a person you are in life as long as you do what’s best for you. When the film was over I felt like I had overdosed on 100 black pills. 


I Care a Lot – Wikipedia

Dear Censored,

This better make your next list re Reasons Why China Sucks Shit. I’m linking you the Wikipedia article on the Virgin Boy Egg because me describing the horror that is this supposed “honored tradition” of Dongyang in this email would wreck the LMAO factor that sets in as you realize this is very very real. I promise you this isn’t “homework.”

I miss the You / Vice days that were dedicated to exposing weird shit happening in plain sight. This fits nicely into that revolting realm and I think a good move going forward would be chasing the Antifa / Race / Politics stuff with a healthy dose of the fucked up quotidian shit that our adversaries do in plain sight — like the Virgin Boy Egg. I imagine it would Americans feel better. If this was happening in the States you know we’d hear about it. Anyway here’s a Reuter’s piece if Wikipedia didn’t sell you on its authenticity — I think they include a video.
God Bless you fuckers!

– Rich

Dear Censored,

Just imagine if Trump said this…

– Hugh

Dear Censored,

White comedian in all Black audience


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