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Dear Censored 

Fucking nonsense- JP Morgan Chase email for George Floyd


Dear Censored 

A couple weeks ago y’all were looks for some monkey-human hybrid and it just ended up in some embryo cell. You said to tell you when there was something actually walking around…
This is the second piece of news this week that’s literally made me gag. This and that fucking Darriynnnn Brown black kid who murdered that 4yr old. Atheism Unstoppable started a recap of the baby cam video….couldn’t fucking watch it. I’ve got 4 kids under 4 and as soon as that piece of shit walked into the camera, my fucking stomach turned. Couldn’t watch it. 

Anyway, this shit is the second piece. They’ve grown skin cells they got from a 20 week aborted baby into a fucking rat to “study human skin diseases”. This made my stomach turn too….THERES LITERALLY SOME FUCKING MOUSE IN A LAB THATS ALIVE AND WALKING AROUND WITH SKIN FROM AN ABORTED HUMAN CHILD. God ain’t gonna forgive this shit dude…what the fuck. 


Love you both more than friends and thanks for helping us try to keep a smile on our faces. 


Dear Censored 

I saw your bit on the Compound Censored where you and Anthony were talking about the black lady’s appraisal that supposedly doubled when she asked her white friend to stand in for her, and it’s complete bullshit. 
I work as a realtor in the area this occurred in, and every realtor I talked to about it knew there had to be more to the story. If you read into it, after her first two low appraisals which happened in 2019, she pumped a bunch of money into her home to up its value, and sold it in late 2020 when the market around here was exploding with new buyers, and much better home prices. 
As for the “My white friend stood in for me”, homeowners are not there during 99 percent of appraisals, and we as realtors should be doing everything possible to hide the identity of whomever lives there so that there can truly be no bias. It’s simple, she put a bunch of money into her home between the appraisals and now the media has a story to run with about race, but it’s all completely bullshit.
I want to perform coitus on you in my stilletos.


Dear Censored 

In regards to groups with historical grievances and responses to them, my ancestors were thrown out of the United State. My ancestors, the Mormons, were forced out of multiple states in the country. Until they finally left, wandered for several miles and found a spot in the middle of the absolute desert where they thought they were safe. In Missouri it was legal to kill a Mormon back in the day (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mormon_Extermination_Order) a law that technically wasn’t rescinded until 1976. Even when out in the middle of nowhere, the United States sent an army to attack the Mormons (the Utah War). All the Mormons abandoned Salt Lake City, filling all their homes with straw, leaving men to torch the entire city to the ground if the U.S. military entered the city. Fortunately it was diffused. But for the first 50+ years of their existence the mormons were constantly being attacked and having their homes and assets stolen, often by the government. Yet despite that, I have never heard an LDS/Mormon person even imagine the idea of reparations. Mormons are about the most patriotic people there are, who basically include the U.S. constitution as part of their scripture, and believe that George Washington is essentially a saint. 

Anyways, noticed that with my group… but more broadly, the groups that have had major issues in/with this country (Japanese/mormons/irish) those who didn’t constantly use it as a crutch have succeeded and thrived, while other groups who are constantly harping back to 100 year old grievances never seem to be able to move past them and succeed. 


Dear Censored 

 don’t think this will surprise anyone, but IBM is joining the chorus of global corporations, condemning things that are popular to condemn.  I have not yet clicked on any of those links, but I’m teetering on the edge of taking your advice to “Get Fired” reading this garbage.  I don’t have any entanglements, I have plenty of savings, and I could easily find another job, so I’m seriously considering joining one of these struggle sessions and just drop as many facts as I can before they jettison my blanco ass.  That would be my “authentic self”.  None of it’s required except the diversity training, which everyone has to take and it’s pretty easy, just fill in all the multiple choice bubbles that proclaim the most fervent allegiance to The Cause as possible.

Dear Censored,

Another lady fan here! 

This was pretty funny, happened recently in PNC Park, Pittsburgh.

Been watching you for almost a year and it’s my favorite part of the day… no I’m not married or have kids (that I know of) I don’t know why it never happened, traveling a lot for work….it wasn’t a priority but…..You make it pretty clear I royally fucked up and there is no hope! 
I’m 38 and all my friends are having babies, one just had her 3rd at 43, So when you shit on the idea of older women having kids (I do get there’s more risk) you have hurt me today. 
Please do a show on Fridays! 



Dear Censored,


Dear Censored,

This is in Manitoba, Canada


Dear Censored,

This is the dude you showed with face tattoos the other day.
He’s some annoying BLM drama queen on Instagram.And yep, looks like he’s half white with an absent father loll.


Dear Censored,

S03EP111 At 1:23:04 you showed a clip from Twitter where they say “it’s wonderful to have white allies… but if  those white allies are speaking for black people who have not asked them to do so then thats problematic” 
But at the same time if we choose not to speak about them were labeled as racist for not “standing with them”
Also aren’t the left/ anti jews doing the same thing by speaking for Palestinians? When Palestinians didn’t exclusively ask them to?
Might just be me but the left seems to be acting a bit…problematic

– Maximilian

Dear Censored,

On yesterday’s show you mentioned how you could tell Muslims were inculcated to hate Jews since an early age. Here is a clip of comedian Kumail Nanjiani talking about learning about Jews growing up in Pakistan. (The clip should be timestamped at 8:44) 

Kumail Nanjiani on Being an Immigrant Comedian in America (feat. Margaret Cho) 


Dear Censored,

’m a hyper traditionalist to say the least.But i will also like the opinion of men about my fashion.I like this very classical fashion (specifically certain types of classic Lolita, I swear it isn’t a pervert thing, it’s just the name is just a dumb choice I swear). While i know your opinion on old fashioned things, it’s just something I like only when it’s romanticized in moderation. But as a man what do you think of this type of outfit? What would you say if a girl in her 18-20s wore something like this? Theses women are all tiny asians I should really put that out there they look super young.-love your new sunglasses 

Dear Censored,

Hello, I love hearing about your pet peeves. I agree with 95% of them. Here’re mine.Comics try and sell their story to us by ending it with, am I right, ya know, etc. They want us to relate, to go along and help sell their joke. I get it, it only works if we all play along.I have noticed ALL the lying, BSers (and nearly every black person) I’ve ever spoke to do the same thing. Ending explanations/stories, with a, ya know, right, okay, ya see and “does that make sense” (most annoyingly obvious, BTW), anything to get us to agree with and validate them, their lie. Annoying as heck, right? (ha ha). Whenever anyone does this while talking to me I shrug and look bewildered, forcing them to become flustered and stumble on their words…hilarious for me.Another pet peeve: When someone is telling a story and they look to the person next to them who was “there” after they’ve spouted off some detail/crucial point, expecting the other person to back them up. If you’re telling me the truth, why do you need to validate any of it? Even worse if you are telling me the truth. I think it makes a person look very weak. Sometimes you do that with Ryan, especially if you’re sharing a thrice rehashed story. We all know you’re waiting for Ryan to do his part and help sell the story…it’s OK. I still love you.Doing a show 4 days a week and now 2 live ones, that’s a lot of material. There aren’t many people who can do that and increase viewership the way you way. I tip my hat to you both.Please, do not stop, EVER!I wouldn’t be against a f-fo-for-for-forty, forty two, f-f-fo-forty five minute long Friday Ep. Take care men.


Dear Censored,

This story keeps getting weirder and weirder. See the attached images. 


Dear Censored,

Gav and Ryan the ultimate gays of darkness,
I was checking out the show tonight, and happened to be about a million beers deep and had smoked a cig a bit before. Every once in a while the smoking will get me gagging a bit, so just after the intro I start worrying I might puke. I totally did, and headed to the part of my basement over the tiled floor.
Between heaves and spews, I could still hear the show, and was like,
“Oh, he’s talking about the bigotry of low expectations. Oh, and he’s also talking about black on asian hate crimes.”
All while burbling up some horrific acidic bile vomit. Was difficult, but my attention was being held. Good job!!
You goddamned bastards
Peace homies


Dear Censored,

I found the Black version of you.  Not a comparison on politics, but instead culture.He has a background in PR, ya’ll match on these values below and your fashions are crispy 💯 .  Check it out!


Dear Censored,

Canada is fucked. Meanwhile here in Ottawa..


Dear Censored,

check out this disgusting short clip of an Islamic preacher retelling how listeners of Muhammed would literally rub his phlegm on themselves


Dear Censored,


This crazy fucker had a poster on the back of his car that says..
“Black people are the tool used to maintain racism.”
What do you think of this?
The picture is about halfway down the article. Oh yeah and he was shot by the cops next to it.


Dear Censored,

My wife watches that Seeking Sister Wives show and the black couple is infuriating. These fucking muppets are just making shit up as they go, taking little pieces of random cultures and throwing them into their, “this is the religion we just made up” bag.
The woman wears a fucking bindi which, as you know, is the dot in “Indian dot, not feather” and indicates that a woman is married. Fine. But this poser clearly just thinks it looks cool, since she’s throwing bindis on her kids (male and female), the new “sister wife” – shit, the fucking dog probably has one. 
There’s a whole other part where she decides steaming her clam is a thing and forces the sister wife to do the same. There’s even a whole thing about washing each others feet, which I thought you’d find particularly appetizing. She also won’t let the chick fuck her husband (of NINE YEARS) until they’ve all been on the same kook diet for a month. “Depraved” doesn’t begin to describe these vapid hippie weirdos. 
They remind me of the pachuli blacks in high school who did slam poetry and exclusively listened to Arrested Development and Common. Ewww. My wife had to stop watching it in front of me because I would just rant the whole time. 
Vanessa and Ashley Do a Yoni Steam Together | Seeking Sister Wife

Vanessa and Ashley Do a Yoni Steam Together | Seeking Sister Wife
CB4 – I’m Black Y’all

CB4 – I’m Black Y’all0:04
Stay Black Y’all! 


Preview YouTube video Vanessa and Ashley Do a Yoni Steam Together | Seeking Sister WifeVanessa and Ashley Do a Yoni Steam Together | Seeking Sister WifePreview YouTube video CB4 – I’m Black Y’allCB4 – I’m Black Y’all

Dear Censored,

Don’t know if this is what you think is a difficult  would you rather but here goes:

Would you rather fuck a man every time before you fuck your partner, but while with her you can completely put it out of your mind or fuck a man once but remember every detail and feeling of what you’re doing to her happening to you.

I added some pics of classic Scottish cartoon strip character Grandpa Broon just in case you’ve never heard of him, do you think there is any resemblance between him and Gav or the vastly funnier Sir Jimmy McInnis?


Dear Censored,

I have noticed that you struggle as I do with the labels Right and Left
I have included two graphs to demonstrate a new way of looking at this problem.
Graph A shows the usual Right/Left graph I have included some ideologies and where they lie on the graph.The problem with this graph is that you have ideologies that share nothing in common beside each otherFor example a libertarian has very little to do with a monarchist or dictator.I think this is used on purpose to associate groups who have nothing to do with each other.This is the usual argument “ oh you are right wing you are almost Hitler.

Graph B is a much more realistic way to look at thingsHear we see the ideologies from “More government to less government “In this graph everything makes sense libertarians and dictators are now at opposite ends of the scale

So in conclusion I think less government is a better term than rightwing
Thanks for your time


Dear Censored,

Funny dude, social and political commentary 


Dear Censored,

I work for a fairly large company that provides online training.   Been here a little over 3 years and have watched 2 things happen.
1) Critical Race Theory and Woke-ism being inserted into american companies and being provided as required training at those jobs.2) Construction companies selling out for foreign labor.
The woke training is happening and is being presented in large companies.   Here’s a listing of some of the amazing titles:

Anti-Racism: Colorblindness Doesn’t Work
The Respectful Workplace: Diversity, Inclusion and Equity
The Respectful Workplace: Turn Microaggressions into Micro-Inclusions

We also provide quite a bit of OSHA training and I have worked with quite a bit of construction companies and ALOT of them are hiring a majority of foreign people who can’t speak english and are not americans.
I feel like we’ve been sold out by our government with all of the laws and policies that contributed to all of this, but I also find myself quite disgusted with the american companies that are adding to the problem by not hiring american.   I also feel like if this is to get turned around, it would take quite a bit of time because this shit has infected all types of industries now.    We routinely get emails about our online training now saying that we need to update it all to be MORE woke than it already is.   Most of the emails are vague threats and statements that make our company out to be racist if we dont update it.
Thanks for everything, and thanks for bringing Lotus in on Censored TV!  I thought she was gonna suck, but now I totally watch all of her stuff.  It’s gggggggreat! *tony the tiger voice*


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  1. My Pet Biden error:

    “My Mom ushed to have to besht she’d say”

    You are half right, he did add the word “best” too early in the sentence, but what I think he meant to say was “My Mom used to have an expression; she’d say…”


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