The Larry Barnes competition is over and we have a winner. His name is Dave and he based it on the old Cassius Clay posters from the 50s/60s. We’re not sure if we’re allowed to post Dave’s full name because we are living in a world where you cannot make a poster for a black Welterweight champion because the guy running the competition is rumored to have started a hate group. This is called Clown World. Congratulations, Dave. We’ll be presenting this to Larry shortly and will post his response.

5 thoughts on “We Have A Winner!

    1. Shut up you fucking baby. How many times are you going to post this in the chat? How about you go ahead and find me a high-quality photo from before the fight instead of bitching everywhere. Send it to me. uroboris77@gmail.com

      1. Easy Dave. This is how comments work on the internet; people who don’t do things criticize people who do.

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