Full Mental Retard S1E02: The UnHerd

Have you ever smelled your own brand in a public toilet but it wasn't your shit? Cody reads some mail about the Aussie accent, moving to Calgary, doing a Gav impression, a question on Cody's shitting/masturbation theory, and asking about a co-host. Cody talks some shit about dog owners and gives an update on the AIDS in the Gavin McInnes Telegram Chat. Tom Petty shows how he perseveres to reach good ideas, and Cody shows an example of when he pushed through and succeeded. The YEG United crew joins Cody to talk about their upcoming documentary, zoomer shit, and dating as a right winger. We check out a Saskatchewan Point of Interest. Trans surgeries are total BS and a clip is shown why chopping a dick off is unnecessary. We watch a woman get "equality'd" and don't know how to feel about it. Lastly, we see a perfect example of kids being a democrat and republican.

Mar 11th, 2023