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Cody talks about electric shavers, picking up mail in rural places, the Alberta election, and a reminder that the UCP are the ones who de-personed unvaccinated people. A viewer asked whether Cody washes his hands after pissing to save water. Cody talks some shit about pooing, peeing, and dog shit. We check out a stone faced cool bassist in the band Indeep, as well as check out some Rush and Marillion for Saskatune Time. Some Djabouti's are caught exploiting teens in Calgary, interestingly enough the one guy was in the news a few years ago for beating his wife. Talking about LMNOP shit for pride month, the Saskatchewan Roughriders include feather Indian's into their rainbow logo. There is a rainbow featured in the bible and there is a distinct fuck you to Christians, much like the Satanic Bible is, which Cody goes into. We check out some Ancient Chinee, and a dude spraying water out his ass; this led to checking out some porn with a broad smoking out of her pussy.

Jun 04th, 2023

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