INTRO: 50,000 Years of Failure (0:00-11:44) • MUSICAL JUSTICE: Neil Diamond (11:44-1:02:13) • HARDBALLER HALL OF FAME: Don Frye (1:02:13-1:24:44) • VOICEMAIL: Paul From Chicago Seems Like He Seriously Wants Me to Perform His Wedding in May; Luke From Seattle Wonders if I'd Ever Have "Hammer" From Blood Tribe on My Show; Mad Mike Asks Why the Military Changed its Tune on Trannies; What Was My Favorite Part of This Year's Black History Month? (1:24:44-1:40:38) • WE KNOW THEY'RE LYING: Google A.I. Paints History in Blackface (1:40:38-2:30:50) • CLIPFEST: What is This Exotic Urban Creature That Runs on All Fours?; Jazz Jennings: "My Vagina Is Unraveling"; Florida Dad Kills His Son, Then Chats With His Wife About it on Ring Camera; Urban Girl Lights Fireworks on an Urban Bus; Another Urban Girl Causes Havoc at an Urban Airport; How to Make Someone Sound Anti-Semitic Even When They're Not Trying (2:30:50-2:49:44) • USE THE NEW PROMO CODE "BALLS" FOR A 20% DISCOUNT (2:49:44-2:50:59)

Feb 26th, 2024

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