SILENCED with Tommy Robinson: E02: Gavin McInnes

Gavin McInnes is a media mogul and provocateur who had created VICE in 1994. Gavin helped define "hipster" culture of the early 2000s and he was a strong influence on the magazine's vulgar humor, biting tone, and conscious rejection of political correctness.

Once VICE Media had forged a corporate relationship with communications giant Viacom ties between McInnes and VICE were soon severed over what Gavin called "creative differences."

Since his departure from VICE, Gavin has worked with various media and advertising companies such as Infowars, Fox News, The Greg Gutfeld Show, The Sean Hannity Show, Rebel Media, Rooster and more.

He has written several books including: "The Vice Guide to Sex & Drugs & Rock and Roll," "DOs & DON'Ts," "Street Boners," and "Death of Cool." He starred in movies such as "Creative Control" and "One More Time" and has created many of his own films including, "A Million in the Morning," "The Brotherhood of the Traveling Rants," and "How to be a Man."

Gavin has always courted controversy with his slapstick humour and his views on immigration, Islam, feminism, transgenderism, and pretty much anything the woke political left advocates.

Gavin left his position as chief creative officer at his ad agency Rooster Worldwide after penning an article titled "Transphobia is Perfectly Natural."

He currently runs his own network located at Censored.TV.

Jul 24th, 2023

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