Linguini with asparagus and tomatoes
1 bunch of asparagus cut into 1" spears, discard bottom portions that feel tough and woody.
1 pint cherry or grape tomatoes, cut in half
1 lb jumbo shrimp, cleaned with tails removed.
4 big cloves garlic diced
1 yellow onion diced
4 tbsp olive oil
2 cups dry white wine - Sauvignon Blanc preferred

2 cups chicken broth
1/4 - 1/2 cup lemon juice / juice of 1 to 2 lemons
1 cup water from boiled linguini
2 tsp salt plus salt and pepper to taste
1 box linguini
Boil linguini, drain, and set aside - keep 2 cups of the water on the side for later
Pour olive oil into large saucepan and cook until hot, but not so hot as to toast the garlic.
Add garlic and cook until soft. Low to medium heat is key.
Add the onion and stir well. Salt it nicely and cover the nan to sweat the onions until

Add the onion and stir well. Salt it nicely and cover the pan to sweat the onions until translucent. Maintain low to medium heat.
Add the wine and cook uncovered until reduced to 1/3 liquid volume and you can't smell the alcohol anymore. Heat can be raised at this stage.
Add the chicken broth and bring to slow simmer. Add salt and pepper to taste. Heat will have to be turned down.
Add asparagus and cook until bright green.
Add tomatoes and cook 1 to 2 minutes.
Add the lemon juice until desired tartness is achieved- I always go 1/2 cup (2 lemons) if not more.
Add 1 cup of pasta water and shrimp. Cook on medium heat until shrimp are pink and snap nicely.
Combine with pasta and eniov.

In full disclosure, I rarely cook to strict measurements and most often go by eye / smell / taste. If you find something should be adjusted, by all means go for it! (Not that you need my ok for that). Also, the shrimp can be completely left out of this recipe which probably cuts the cost by at least half.

Jul 19th, 2024

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