A 31-yr-old woman gives birth in a friend's bathroom, then tosses it in with her dirty laundry before bringing the bag to her mother to wash, dry and fold as usual.

Transit cops bust a guy jumping the turnstile and find a loaded semi-automatic pistol with an extended magazine and 27 rounds ready to shoot.
Zero tolerance for fare-beating is back? NO! Mandatory minimum sentence for the weapon. NO! He's released without bail.

A convicted rapist, who was also charged with an attempted rape that occurred 9 months earlier, was arrested for stealing a man's iPhone after the man asked for directions. Though he failed to report his change of address, and was a convicted rapist, he was released both on his own recognizance and "supervised release." How the fck does any of this make any sense?


Douglas Nelson joins Pat Dixon.

Feb 08th, 2024

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