When an accused hate criminal is indicted for multiple counts of assault and harassment against white women, much more is revealed about this violent black man.

He's not just a hate criminal, he's a failed (so far) politician. He claims he was shot to death at age 19, and was returned to life in the form of the greatest musician the world has ever seen.

Ok, pretty standard bullshit, right? Sure. But Skiboky Stora isn't your typical loudmouth POC who can't control his emotions. He's one who has his wild swings of mood and temper pointed upward.

Also in this episode, Doug Nelson's New York Post Stories brings us the latest on a poor guy who was set on fire by a random nutjob/demon on the subway. Plus we discover the sexual side of The Dalton School (it's hetero).

Pat Dixon
Doug Nelson

May 31st, 2024

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