"DERKA DERKA. Mohammad Jihad."

In Violent Brooklyn, ANOTHER trans individual is charged with MURDER. Nikki Secondino proudly tells cops, Dad was on the couch, and I busted his head with a hammer. Then, "I stabbed the shit out of him." And when Liliana tried to stop him, he fck'd little sister up pretty bad too. Gruesome, bloody attack from a twisted individual.

A recently radicalized Derka Derka Mohammed Jihad named Trevor Bickford, 19, traveled to nyc from Maine with a machete and broke the skull of a rookie officer on his first night on duty. He hit another cop, too, before NYPD shot him in the shoulder. Though he was on an FBI watchlist, federals authorities and NYPD are investigating whether or not it was a "terrorist" attack. The asshole has plans to go to Afghanistan and fight alongside Jihadi Derka Derkas, but they're not sure.
And the first legal recreational weed dispensary has lines around the block, New Yorkers apparently curious to try smoking weed and see what all the fuss is about.

Jan 02nd, 2023

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