Thanks for your eyes and ears, Censored. I love doing this show, and I'm grateful it lives on here.

This week:
The Daily News gets my goat, exploiting relatives in grief from the loss of loved one, for an "exclusive" story that's just so maudlin.

A boxer, stabbed to death on the train, his killer's at large.

A dude, walks into a woman's house, sexually assaults the 73-yr-old resident. Many questions.
A panhandler goes nutzoid, rapes a woman who doesn't give him money, punches the woman when she won't do more sex stuff. He's at large.

An 83-yr-old man, just out of the hospital for his pacemaker, stabbed to death in the elevator of his building, murdered by a (much younger) whacked-out neighbor.

A very special video closes the show. If you're cool, you'll want to see it, I'm sure of that. Fans of The Cramps, enjoy!

Joined by regular co-host, Douglas Nelson

Apr 10th, 2023

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