Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg announces charges against Subway Hero 2, meanwhile $1.2 million has been raised for the legal defense of the former marine - whose quick action made the New Yorkers present on the train that fateful day CHEER. They really should be awarding SH2 the key to the city, but the Sanctimony City status guarantees the door is always open anyway, no key required.

In fact, the grand old Roosevelt Hotel will be used to house some of the illegal aliens pouring into the City That Never Thinks, Mayor Addams announced. Conveniently located across from Grand Central Station, the hotel will soon be reopening as a sort of illegal alien headquarters, to make sure all the aspiring architects and scientists from China, Central America and Wherever-the-fk have safe, comfortable places from which to sponge and plot their way towards fulfilling their destiny - to piss on everything we value and reinvent America in service of the invisible masters.

In Violent Brooklyn, a woman was found in her apartment, stabbed all to shit, deader than hell. No suspect is in custody, and if you're the guy who did it - or think you might be - call Crime Stoppers at 1-800 577- TIPS.

An unhinged guy slams a woman's head into a tree at the park after she fails to respond to his attempts to chat her up. The woman is more-or-less ok, but the tree suffered moderate damage.

My guest on this show is Seth Barron (Managing Editor, American Mind) so we detour briefly to a weird crime in his neck of the woods, in which a guy kidnaps a woman in a U-Haul, strips her naked and uses a pocket knife to individually stab each of her fingers. A weirdie fo' sho'.

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May 15th, 2023

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