MURDER OR ACCIDENT? 1% of Hockey Players Commit 100% of ON-ICE EXECUTIONS

FULL EPISODE ONLY AVAILABLE HERE ON CENSORED...FREAK Accident or Manslaughter? That's the question everyone is asking online right now when it comes to the on-ice death of one of UK's star hockey players. We are breaking down what happened, discussing how the media made the entire event about race, and how we are fighting back against the narrative. My producer, Mike Mendoza, guests tonight for a crazy episode. Plus, we are discussing all the craziness that went on during Halloween & how it shows the decline of America, some insane videos of crazy leftists turning into puppies, and a wild stories of gen Z losing their damn minds. The first livestream broke so we re-launched the live, stitched them both together only for you guys, and made a crazy stream exclusive for SOBS on this platform. Hope you enjoy the ad free experience. We are experimenting with making sure that shows like this (which we took down on Rumble & YouTube) will still be accessible by you epic MoFos. Enjoy

Nov 02nd, 2023

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