Bush Tucker Bronchitis

Tucker Carlson is doing a down-under tour. Dusty and his mates hit it up and have a mad time. It was a top-tier event. God bless the Bush Tucker man.


- Senator Ralph Babet
- Benny "Australian talk"
- Damian Coory "ADH TV"
- Harry "British Australian Community

Clip from Tucker Carlson Network:

Tucker Carlson utterly demolishes brainwashed left-wing Australian "journalist" after she implied his views are "racist".

Watch the full speech and Q&A here: watchtcn.co/3VX8BXx

Check out Harry's write up of the Tucker event

Shout out to Clive Palmer the Aussie Billionare who made Tuckers tour possible. You are a champion!

Jun 28th, 2024

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