Thank you USA and happy late 4th of July. Chinese communist party has a demonic birthday party. Australia has a plan to increase our population by 15 million. The 40 year plan will see an increase in fast food, cat mums and dog dad's. Get ready for the cold war with the CCP goblins and enjoy the episode.

-In a speech before a crowd of 70,000 in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, Xi praised the ruling party for lifting China out of poverty and humiliation.
-The Australian federal government has released the latest Report. On how Australia could look in the next 40 years.
-Farmers need backpackers, but backpackers might not need farmers after visa changes
- Fast food giants KFC and Taco Bell in Australia has aggressive plans to open many more restaurants.
- Australians could soon be allowed to take their furry friends with them when they travel on commercial planes.

Jul 09th, 2021

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